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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.15 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Feb. 2004


 ·  Thermal decomposition of (h6-Benzene)tricarbonylchromium(0) inside the a-cages of the Na56Y zeolite
Forner, Ricardo; Vichi, Eduardo J. S; Pastore, Heloise O

 ·  2-Mercaptobenzoxazole pentacyanoferrate(II/III) complexes: UV-Visible, Mössbauer, electron paramagnetic resonance, electrochemistry and molecular modeling
Luiz, Juciane B; Andrade, Fabiano M. de; Sá, Eduardo L. de; Friedermann, Geraldo R; Mangrich, Antonio S; Barclay, J. Elaine; Evans, David J; Hasegawa, Tai; Nunes, Fábio S

 ·  The water decomposition reactions on boron-doped diamond electrodes
Suffredini, Hugo B; Machado, Sérgio A. S; Avaca, Luis A

 ·  Evaluation of lipases in the desymmetrization of meso-exo-3,5-dihydroxymethylenetricyclo[ 2,6]decane and the synthesis of chiral derivatives
Costa, Valentim E. U; Pohlmann, Adriana R; Sordi, Marli L. T. de

 ·  Evaluation of the mixtures ammonium phosphate/magnesium nitrate and palladium nitrate/magnesium nitrate as modifiers for simultaneous determination of Cd, Cr, Ni and Pb in mineral water by GFAAS
Amorim Filho, Volnei R; Fernandes, Kelly G; Moraes, Mercedes de; Gomes Neto, José Anchieta

 ·  Studies of semiquinone free radicals by ESR in the whole soil, HA, FA and humin substances
Saab, Sérgio C; Martin-Neto, Ladislau

 ·  Simultaneous in-line concentration for spectrophotometric determination of cations and anions
Rocha, Fábio R. P; Martelli, Patrícia B; Reis, Boaventura F

 ·  Principal component analysis of molecular geometries of Cis- and trans-C2H2X2 with X = F or Cl
Silva, João Bosco P. da; Ramos, Mozart N

 ·  The ion exchange properties and equilibrium constants of Li+, Na+ and K+ on zirconium phosphate highly dispersed on a cellulose acetate fibers surface
Borgo, Claudemir Adriano; Lazarin, Angélica M; Kholin, Yuriy V; Landers, Richard; Gushikem, Yoshitaka

 ·  Reduction of trace quantities of chromium(VI) by strong acids
Pezzin, Sérgio H; Rivera, José F. Lugo; Collins, Carol H; Collins, Kenneth E

 ·  Surfactant and counter-ion distribution in styrene-butyl acrylate-acrylic acid dry latex submonolayers
Keslarek, Amauri José; Leite, Carlos Alberto P; Galembeck, Fernando

 ·  W+Rh as permanent chemical modifier in simultaneous atomic absorption spectrometry: interference studies on As, Cd, Pb and Se determination
Nomura, Cassiana S; Correia, Paulo R. M; Oliveira, Pedro V; Oliveira, Elisabeth

 ·  Synthesis and characterization in solution and in the solid State of the palladium aryl bromide complexes [Pd(Ar)Br{(S)-BINAP}]: formation of cyclopalladated complexes and direct observation of a C-N reductive elimination to form heterocycles
Monteiro, Adriano L; Davis, William M

 ·  Determination of lead by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry employing a novel sampling strategy of polyurethane foam impregnated with thiazolylazo-p-cresol (TAC)
Sant'Ana, Otoniel D; Jesuino, Luciene S; Cassella, Ricardo J; Carvalho, Marcelo S; Santelli, Ricardo E

 ·  Evaluation of Perna perna (Linné, 1758) as a tool to monitoring trace metals contamination in estuarine and coastal waters of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Francioni, Eleine; Wagener, Angela de L. Rebello; Calixto, Reinaldo de C; Bastos, Gildo C

 ·  Gran method for end point anticipation in monosegmented flow titration
Aquino, Emerson V; Pasquini, Celio; Rohwedder, Jarbas J. R; Raimundo Jr, Ivo M; Montenegro, M. Conceição B. S. M; Araújo, Alberto N

 ·  Chromatographic comparison of self-immobilized and radiation-immobilized poly(methyloctylsiloxane) stationary phases on various silicas
Anazawa, Tania A; Collins, Kenneth E; Jardim, Isabel Cristina S. F

 ·  Application of multivariate statistical analysis to superficial soils around a coal burning power plant
Godoy, Maria Luiza D. P; Godoy, José M; Roldão, Luis A; Conti, Luis F

 ·  Evaluation of organic load measurement techniques in a sewage and waste stabilisation pond
Fadini, Pedro Sérgio; Jardim, Wilson F; Guimarães, José Roberto

 Short Reports
 ·  Simultaneous high performance liquid chromatographic analysis of vitamins B1, B2 and B6 in royal jelly
Presoto, Ana Elisa F; Rios, Magda D. G; Almeida-Muradian, Ligia B. de

 ·  Three new natural cyclopentenedione derivatives from Piper carniconnectivum
Facundo, Valdir A; Sá, Amanda L; Silva, Silane A. F; Morais, Selene M; Matos, Carlos R. R; Braz-Filho, Raimundo

 ·  Luxenchalcone, a new bichalcone and other constituents from Luxemburgia octandra
Carvalho, Mário G. de; Alves, Cassia C. Fernandes; Silva, Kedma G. S. da; Eberlin, Marcos N; Werle, Alceni A

 ·  An environmentally friendly preparation of iodohydrins from alkenes mediated by clay-minerals
Villegas, Raul A. S; Aguiar, Mônica R. M. P. de; Mattos, Marcio C. S. de; Guarino, Alcides W. S; Barbosa, Lilian M; Assumpção, Luiz Carlos F. N

 ·  Spectrophotometric determination of chromium in steel with 4-(2- thiazolylazo)-resorcinol (TAR) using microwave radiation
Carvalho, Luciene S. de; Costa, Antônio Celso S; Ferreira, Sérgio L. C; Teixeira, Leonardo S. G