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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.17 no.5 São Paulo Sept./Oct. 2006

Pinto, Angelo C.

 ·  Lanthanide dithiocarbamate complexes: efficient catalysts for the cyanosilylation of aldehydes
Vale, Juliana A.; Faustino, Wagner M.; Menezes, Paulo H.; Sá, Gilberto F. de

 ·  Azo dye degradation by recycled waste zero-valent iron powder
Pereira, Wellington S.; Freire, Renato S.

 ·  Membrane-based extraction of nickel(II) using the mixture Acorga M5640 and DP-8R as carrier
Alguacil, Francisco José; Alonso, Manuel; López-Delgado, Aurora

 ·  Characterisation of Prosopis juliflora seed gum and the effect of its addition to k-carrageenan systems
Azero, Edwin G.; Andrade, Cristina T.

 ·  Partial molar volume of mefenamic acid in alcohol at temperatures between T=293.15 and T=313.15 K
Iqbal, Muhammad J.; Siddiquah, Mahrukh

 ·  Anion recognition: fabrication of a highly selective and sensitive HPO42- PVC sensor based on a oxo-molybdenum methyl-salen
Ganjali, Mohammad Reza; Norouzi, Parviz; Hatambeygi, Nader; Salavati-Niasari, Masoud

 ·  Multiresidue determination of herbicides in environmental waters from Primavera do Leste Region (Middle West of Brazil) by SPE-GC-NPD
Dores, Eliana F. G. C.; Navickiene, Sandro; Cunha, Marcelo L. F.; Carbo, Leandro; Ribeiro, Maria Lúcia; De-Lamonica-Freire, Ermelinda M.

 ·  Development of MSPD method for the determination of pesticide residues in tomato by GC-MS
Menezes Filho, Adalberto; Navickiene, Sandro; Dórea, Haroldo S.

 ·  Thermal decomposition of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid in the presence of 1,2-phenylenediamine and hydrochloric acid
Chen, Jingwen; Gao, Jinhao; Wang, Xiaoyong

 ·  Gaseous and particulate atmospheric mercury concentrations in the Campinas Metropolitan Region (São Paulo State, Brazil)
Fostier, Anne H.; Michelazzo, Paula A.M.

 ·  Spectrometric and electrochemical investigation of vanadium(V) and vanadium(IV) tartrate complexes in solution
Khan, Ahmad R.; Crans, Debbie C.; Pauliukaite, Rasa; Norkus, Eugenijus

 ·  Dependence of the thioxanthone triplet-triplet absorption spectrum with solvent polarity and aromatic ring substitution
Ferreira, Giovana C.; Schmitt, Carla C.; Neumann, Miguel G.

 ·  Oxygen reduction at a manganate electrocatalyst in KOH solutions
Sequeira, César A. C.; Santos, Diogo M. F.; Baptista, Walmar

 ·  Microwave assisted synthesis of 6-Substituted aminopurine analogs in water
Qu, Guirong; Han, Suhui; Zhang, Zhiguang; Geng, Mingwei; Xue, Feng

 ·  Determination of Hg and Se in biological materials by chemical vapor generation electrothermal vaporization inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry using isotope dilution calibration after microwave-assisted digestion with Aqua Regia
Vieira, Mariana A.; Ribeiro, Anderson S.; Dias, Lúcia F.; Curtius, Adilson J.

 ·  Novel anthraquinone derivatives produced by Phoma sorghina, an endophyte found in association with the medicinal plant Tithonia diversifolia (Asteraceae)
Borges, Warley de Souza; Pupo, Mônica Tallarico

 ·  Relationships between the curing conditions and some mechanical properties of hybrid thermosetting materials
Dias Filho, Newton L.; Cardoso, Celso X.; Aquino, Hermes A. de

 ·  Anionic surfactant aggregation with (Hydroxypropyl)cellulose in the presence of added salt
Martins, Ricardo M.; Silva, Carolina A. da; Becker, Cristiane M.; Samios, Dimitrios; Christoff, Marcelo; Bica, Clara I. D.

 ·  Synthesis and antiproliferative activity of novel limonene derivatives with a substituted thiourea moiety
Figueiredo, Isis M.; Santos, Luciane V. dos; Costa, Willian F. da; Carvalho, João E. de; Silva, Cleuza C. da; Sacoman, Juliana L.; Kohn, Luciana K.; Sarragiotto, Maria H.

 ·  Macroscopic interface self-motion of an oil/water liquid membrane
Gao, Jinzhang; Yang, Fuwei; Sun, Kanjun; Wang, Lei; Yang, Wu; Ren, Jie; Dai, Hongxia

 ·  Molecular dynamics of the interaction of pralidoxime and deazapralidoxime with acetylcholinesterase inhibited by the neurotoxic agent tabun
Gonçalves, Arlan da S.; França, Tanos C. C.; Wilter, Alan; Figueroa-Villar, José D.

 ·  A new approach to construct diffusion/permeation cell for use in flow systems: application in the spectrophotometric determination of bicarbonate ions
Oliveira, Paulo C. C. de; Masini, Jorge C.; Galhardo, Cristiane X.; Lima, José C. de S.; Sant'ana, Antonio E. G.; Vasconcelos, Ana M. G.; Nunes, Wanessa P.; Amaral, Osvaldo L. C.

 ·  Oxidation of tertiary homoallylic alcohols by thallium trinitrate: fragmentation vs. ring contraction
Silva Jr., Luiz F.; Quintiliano, Samir A. P.; Ferraz, Helena M. C.; Santos, Leonardo S.; Eberlin, Marcos N.

 ·  Sistematic study of benzo[a]pyrene in coffee samples
Badolato, Elza S. G.; Martins, Maristela S.; Aued-Pimentel, Sabria; Alaburda, Janete; Kumagai, Edna E.; Baptista, Gisleine G.; Rosenthal, Amaury

 ·  Tetramethylguanidine covalently bonded onto silica gel as catalyst for the addition of nitromethane to cyclopentenone
De Oliveira, Edimar; Torres, Jocilene D.; Silva, Carlos C.; Luz, Afrânio A. M.; Bakuzis, Peter; Prado, Alexandre G. S.

 ·  Probing interchain interactions in emissive blends of poly[2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethylhexyloxy)-p-phenylenevinylene] with polystyrene and poly(styrene-co-2-ethylhexyl acrylate) by fluorescence spectroscopy
De Andrade, Marcelo L.; Atvars, Teresa D. Z.

 ·  A structural conformation study of aquatic humic acid
Zara, Luiz F.; Rosa, André H.; Toscano, Ilda A. S.; Rocha, Julio C.

 ·  Spectrophotometric simultaneous determination of uranium and thorium using partial least squares regression and orthogonal signal correction
Niazi, Ali

 Short Reports
 ·  Chemical composition and larvicidal activity of the essential oils of Cordia leucomalloides and Cordia curassavica from the Northeast of Brazil
Santos, Renata P.; Nunes, Edson P.; Nascimento, Ronaldo F.; Santiago, Gilvandete Maria P.; Menezes, Gustavo Henrique A.; Silveira, Edilberto R.; Pessoa, Otília Deusdênia L.

 ·  Synthesis and reactivity of a-phenylseleno-b-substituted styrenes: preparation of (Z)-allyl alcohols, (E)-a-phenyl-a,b-unsaturated aldehydes and a-aryl acetophenones
Lenardão, Eder J.; Cella, Rodrigo; Jacob, Raquel G.; Silva, Thiago B. da; Perin, Gelson

 ·  Solid phase extraction and spectrophotometric determination of mercury in tobacco and tobacco additives with 5-(p-aminobenzylidene)-thiothiorhodanine
Yang, Weizhu; Hu, Qun; Ma, Jing; Wang, Liming; Yang, Guangyu; Xie, Gang

 ·  Copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate (CuSO4.5H2O): a green catalyst for solventless acetylation of alcohols and phenols with acetic anhydride
Heravi, Majid M.; Behbahani, Farahnaz K.; Zadsirjan, Vahideh; Oskooie, Hossien A.