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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
versión On-line ISSN 1678-4790


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J. Braz. Chem. Soc. v.18 n.1 São Paulo  2007


 ·  Traditional uses, chemistry and pharmacology of Croton species (Euphorbiaceae)
Salatino, Antonio; Salatino, Maria L. Faria; Negri, Giuseppina

 ·  A comparative evaluation on the oxidative approaches for extraction of humic acids from low rank coal of Mukah, Sarawak
Fong, Sim Siong; Seng, Lau; Majri, Norrafidah Bt; Mat, Haslinda Bt

 ·  Reuse of nitric acid in the oxidative pretreatment step for preparation of humic acids from low rank coal of Mukah, Sarawak
Fong, Sim Siong; Seng, Lau; Mat, Haslinda Bt

 ·  Comparative studies of the sample decomposition of green and roasted coffee for determination of nutrients and data exploratory analysis
Amorim Filho, Volnei R.; Polito, Wagner L.; Gomes Neto, José A.

 ·  EIS and microstructural characterization of artificial nitrate patina layers produced at room temperature on copper and bronze
Bendezú H., R. del P.; Gonçalves, R. P.; Neiva, A. C.; Melo, H. G. de

 ·  High-solid systems of partially hydrolysed waxy maize starch: rheological and structural characterisations
Lopes, G. K.; Azero, E. G.; Silva, M. Vázquez da; Gonçalves, M. P.; Andrade, C. T.

 ·  Isotropic and anisotropic NMR chemical shifts in liquid water: a sequential QM/MM study
Fileti, Eudes E.; Georg, Herbert C.; Coutinho, Kaline; Canuto, Sylvio

 ·  Oxidation of cashew tree gum exudate polysaccharide with TEMPO reagent
Cunha, Pablyana L. R.; Maciel, Jeanny S.; Sierakowski, Maria Rita; Paula, Regina C. M. de; Feitosa, Judith P. A.

 ·  Simultaneous voltammetric determination of dopamine and ascorbic acid using multivariate calibration methodology performed on a carbon paste electrode modified by a mer-[RuCl3(dppb)(4-pic)] complex
Santos, Poliana M.; Sandrino, Bianca; Moreira, Tiago F.; Wohnrath, Karen; Nagata, Noemi; Pessoa, Christiana A.

 ·  On-line LC/UV/MS analysis of flavonols in the three apple varieties most widely cultivated in Brazil
Tiberti, Luciana A.; Yariwake, Janete H.; Ndjoko, Karine; Hostettmann, Kurt

 ·  Natural and anthropogenic sterols inputs in surface sediments of Patos Lagoon, Brazil
Martins, César de Castro; Fillmann, Gilberto; Montone, Rosalinda Carmela

 ·  Aquatic contamination of the Turvo Limpo river basin at the Minas Gerais state, Brazil
Jordão, Cláudio P.; Ribeiro, Paulo Roberto da S.; Matos, Antônio T. de; Fernandes, Raphael B. A.

 ·  Inactivation of Escherichia coli in water by TiO2-assisted disinfection using solar light
Rodrigues, Cecília P.; Ziolli, Roberta L.; Guimarães, José R.

 ·  GC-MS determination of organochlorine pesticides in medicinal plants harvested in Brazil
Rodrigues, Marili V.N.; Reyes, Felix G. R.; Magalhães, Pedro M.; Rath, Susanne

 ·  Electrodeposition of polypyrrole films on aluminum from tartrate aqueous solution
Liu, Andréa S.; Oliveira, Maria A. S.

 ·  Atmospheric corrosion performance of carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and copper in the North Brazilian coast
Sica, Yuri C.; Kenny, Elaine D.; Portella, Kleber F.; Campos Filho, Djalma F.

 ·  A facile spectrophotometric method for the determination of hypochlorite using rhodamine B
Pasha, Chand; Narayana, B.

 ·  Kinetics and mechanism of hydrolysis of benzimidazolylcarbamates
Norberto, F. P.; Santos, S. P.; Iley, J.; Silva, D. B.; Corte Real, M.

 ·  Identification of impact aroma compounds in Eugenia uniflora L. (Brazilian Pitanga) leaf essential oil
Melo, Rosineia M.; Corrêa, Vivian F. S.; Amorim, Ana Carolina L.; Miranda, Ana Luisa P.; Rezende, Claudia M.

 ·  Phytochemical and antibacterial evaluation of essential oils from Ottonia martiana miq. (Piperaceae)
Cunico, Miriam M.; Lopes, André R.; Côcco, Liliam C.; Yamamoto, Carlos I.; Plocharski, Rubia C. B.; Miguel, Marilis D.; G. Junior, Albino; Auer, Celso G.; Miguel, Obdulio G.

 ·  Ammonium ion sensor based on SiO2/ZrO2/phosphate-NH4+ composite for quantification of ammonium ions in natural waters
Coutinho, Cláudia F. B.; Muxel, Alfredo A.; Rocha, Crystian G.; Jesus, Débora A. de; Alfaya, Rení V. S.; Almeida, Flaveli A. S.; Gushikem, Yoshitaka; Alfaya, Antonio A. S.

 ·  Effects of composted urban solid waste addition on yield and metal contents of lettuce
Jordão, Cláudio P.; Nascentes, Clésia C.; Fontes, Renildes L. F.; Cecon, Paulo R.; Pereira, José L.

 ·  Multivariate classification based on chemical and stable isotopic profiles in sourcing the origin of marijuana samples seized in Brazil
Shibuya, Elisa K.; Sarkis, Jorge E. S.; Negrini-Neto, Osvaldo; Ometto, Jean P. H. B.

 ·  Fabrication of a new samarium(III) ion-selective electrode based on 3-{[2-oxo-1(2h)-acenaphthylenyliden]amino}-2-thioxo -1,3-thiazolidin-4-one
Zamani, Hassan Ali; Ganjali, Mohammad Reza; Adib, Mehdi

 ·  Effect of the ion-protein dispersion interactions on the protein-surface and protein-protein interactions
Moreira, Livia A.; Boström, Mathias; Ninham, Barry W.; Biscaia, Evaristo C.; Tavares, Frederico W.

 ·  Novel method for determination of trace amounts of citalopram in tablets by fast fourier continuous cyclic voltammetry at au microelectrode in flowing solutions
Norouzi, Parviz; Daneshgar, Parandis; Ganjali, Mohammad Reza; Moosavi-Movahedi, Aliakbar

 Short Report
 ·  Mono and dibromo-5,5-diethylbarbituric acids for cleavage of trimethylsilyl ethers
Khazaei, Ardeshir; Zolfigol, Mohammad Ali; Tanbakouchian, Zahra; Shiri, Morteza; Rostami, Amin; Iloukhani, Hossein