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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.18 no.6 São Paulo  2007

 ·  Agricultural chemistry and bioenergy
Seiber, James N.

 ·  Sonovoltammetric determination of 4-nitrophenol on diamond electrodes
Garbellini, Gustavo S.; Salazar-Banda, Giancarlo R.; Avaca, Luis A.

 ·  Insect pheromone synthesis in Brazil: an overview
Zarbin, Paulo H. G.; Villar, José A. F. P.; Corrêa, Arlene G.

 ·  Clean-up of extracts for nitrated derivatives of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons analyses prior to their gas chromatography determination
Prycek, Jirí; Ciganek, Miroslav; Simek, Zdenek

 ·  New flavone from the leaves of Neea theifera (Nyctaginaceae)
Rinaldo, Daniel; Rodrigues, Clenilson M.; Rodrigues, Juliana; Sannomiya, Miriam; Santos, Lourdes C. dos; Vilegas, Wagner

 ·  Assessment of anthropogenic influences on copper complexation by aquatic dissolved organic matter using synchronous fluorescence
Sodré, Fernando F.; Grassi, Marco T.

 ·  Headspace microextraction of tin into an aqueous microdrop containing pd(II) and tributyl phosphate for its determination by ETAAS
Hashemi, Payman; Rahimi, Akram; Ghiasvand, Ali Reza; Abolghasemi, Mir Mehdi

 ·  Studies of electrochemical behavior of SWNT-film electrodes
Rahman, M. Muzibur; Jeon, I. Cheol

 ·  Electrochemical behaviour of Iron in chlorinated alkaline media: the effect of slurries from granite processing
Abreu, Carmen M.; Covelo, Alba; Díaz, Belén; Freire, Lorena; Nóvoa, X. Ramón; Pérez, M. Consuelo

 ·  Corrosion study of electrodeposited Zn and Zn-Co coatings in chloride medium
De Lima-Neto, Pedro; Correia, Adriana N.; Colares, Regilany P.; Araujo, Walney S.

 ·  Synthesis, herbicidal, fungicidal and insecticidal evaluation of 3-(dichlorophenyl)- isocoumarins and (±)-3-(dichlorophenyl)-3,4-dihydroisocoumarins
Qadeer, Ghulam; Rama, Nasim Hasan; Fan, Zhi-Jin; Liu, Bin; Liu, Xiu-Feng

 ·  Computer-aided prediction of 125Te and 13C NMR chemical shifts of diorgano tellurides
Emerenciano, Vicente P.; Diego, Dennis G.; Ferreira, Marcelo J. P.; Scotti, Marcus T.; Rodrigues, Gilberto V.; Comasseto, João V.

 ·  Photoelectrochemical cells based on emeraldine base form of polyaniline
Sergawie, Assefa; Yohannes, Teketel; Günes, Serap; Neugebauer, Helmut; Sariciftci, Niyazi S.

 ·  Trace metal contamination in mangrove sediments, Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Farias, Cassia O.; Hamacher, Claudia; Wagener, Angela de Luca R.; Campos, Reinaldo C. de; Godoy, José M.

 ·  Fe(III) hepthyldithocarbamate as a new collector for flotation separation and preconcentration of Cr, Cu, and Pb from fresh waters before their determination by ETAAS
Cundeva, Katarina; Pavlovska, Gorica; Stafilov, Trajce

 ·  Flow-Injection spectrophotometric system for captopril determination in pharmaceuticals
Suarez, Willian T.; Madi, Alexandro A.; Figueiredo-Filho, Luiz C. S. de; Fatibello-Filho, Orlando

 ·  Reaction of aromatic carboxylic acids with isocyanates using ionic liquids as novel and efficient media
Mallakpour, Shadpour; Yousefian, Hamed

 ·  Conventional and microwave-assisted reaction of N-hydroxymethylphthalimide with arylamines: synthesis of N-(arylaminomethyl)-phthalimides
Sena, Vera L. M.; Srivastava, Rajendra M.; Simone, Carlos A. de; Gonçalves, Simone M. da Cruz; Silva, Ricardo O.; Pereira, Mariano A.

 ·  Manganese determination by GFAAS in feces and fish feed slurries
Loureiro, Vanessa Rosa; Saleh, Mayra A. D.; Moraes, Paula M.; Neves, Renato C. F.; Silva, Fabio A.; Padilha, Cilene C. F.; Padilha, Pedro M.

 ·  Identification of defensive compounds in metathoracic glands of adults of the stink bug Dichelops melacanthus (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)
Marques, Francisco A.; Wendler, Edison P.; Maia, Beatriz Helena L. N. Sales; Ventura, Maurício U.; Arruda-Gatti, Iara Cintra

 ·  Further studies on the synergistic effect of Ni(II) and Co(II) ions on the sulfite induced autoxidation of Cu(II) penta and hexaglycine complexes
Carvalho, Luciana B.; Alipázaga, María V.; Moreno, Rubén G. M.; Coichev, Nina

 ·  Synthesis of macrocyclic polyazomethines
Elizbarashvili, Elizbar; Matitaishvili, Tea; Topuria, Khatuna

 ·  Mercury speciation changes in waters of the sepetiba Bay, SE Brazil during tidal events and different seasons
Paraquetti, Heloisa H. M.; Lacerda, Luiz D.; Almeida, Marcelo D.; Marins, Rozane V.; Mounier, Stephane

 Short Reports
 ·  Determination of rhodium and platinum by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry after preconcentration with a chelating resin
Sánchez Rojas, F.; Bosch Ojeda, C.; Cano Pavón, J.M.

 ·  Identification and antioxidant activity of several flavonoids of Inga edulis leaves
Souza, Jesus N. S.; Silva, Evaldo M.; Silva, Milton N. da; Arruda, Mara S. P.; Larondelle, Yvan; Rogez, Hervé

 ·  A mild procedure for a,a-dichlorination of cyclic aryl ketones using commercial bleach
Quintiliano, Samir A. P.; Silva Jr., Luiz F.

 ·  Synthesis and evaluation of 1-alkyl-4-phenyl-[1,2,3]-triazole derivatives as antimycobacterial agent
Gallardo, Hugo; Conte, Gilmar; Bryk, Fernando; Lourenço, Maria Cristina S.; Costa, Marilia S.; Ferreira, Vitor F.