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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.18 no.7 São Paulo  2007

 ·  Assessment and funding
Dupont, Jairton

 ·  Biotransformation of digitoxigenin by Cochliobolus lunatus
Pádua, Rodrigo M.; Oliveira, Alaíde B.; Souza Filho, José D.; Takahashi, Jacqueline A.; Silva, Maurício de Abreu e; Braga, Fernão C.

 ·  A Novel and highly selective conversion of alcohols, thiols, and silyl ethers to azides using the 2,4,6-trichloro[1,3,5]triazine/n-Bu4NN3 system
Akhlaghinia, Batool; Samiei, Sima

 ·  Synthesis of 6-(2-furyl) and 6-(2-thienyl)-4-trifluoromethylpyrimidinones and pyrimidines from 4-(2-heteroaryl)-4-methoxy-1,1,1-trifluoro-3-buten-2-ones
Flores, Alex F. C.; Pizzuti, Lucas; Brondani, Sergio; Rossato, Marcelo; Zanatta, Nilo; Martins, Marcos A. P.

 ·  C60-based ebselen derivative: synthesis by bingel cyclopropanation and enhanced antioxidative and neuroprotective activity
Liu, Xufeng; Guan, Wenchao; Ke, Wengshan

 ·  Preparation and characterization of carboxyl-group functionalized superparamagnetic nanoparticles and t he potential for bio-applications
Shan, Zhi; Yang, Wan-Shen; Zhang, Xu; Huang, Qian-Ming; Ye, Hui

 ·  Automatic flow analysis procedure for the determination of bromide in L-alanine by chemiluminescence detection
Borges, Eduardo P.; Reis, Boaventura F.

 ·  A general algorithm to solve linear and nonlinear inverse problems
Lemes, N. H. T.; Borges, E.; Braga, J. P.

 ·  Determination of trace amounts of copper in river and sea water samples by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS) after cloud-point preconcentration
Goudarzi, Nasser

 ·  Determination of thallium traces by ETAAS after on-line matrix separation and preconcentration in a flow injection system
Asadoulahi, Taherah; Dadfarnia, Shayessteh; Shabani, Ali Mohammad Haji

 ·  Enzymatic synthesis of glyceride esters in solvent-free system: influence of the molar ratio, lipase source and functional activating agent of the support
Freitas, Larissa; Perez, Victor H.; Santos, Julio C.; Castro, Heizir F. de

 ·  Elucidation of chiral Recognition mechanism of a-amino acids using ligand exchange high performance liquid chromatography
Senra, Jaqueline D.; Malta, Luiz Fernando B.; Ceva-Antunes, Patricia M. N.; Corrêa, Rodrigo J.; Antunes, O. A. C.

 ·  A Labdane diterpene from the aerial parts of Egletes viscosa less
Silva-Filho, Francisco Artur e; Lima, Mary Anne S.; Bezerra, Antonio Marcos E.; Braz Filho, Raimundo; Silveira, Edilberto R.

 ·  Molecular properties of coordination compounds of the croconate ion with first-row sivalent transition metals: a quantum mechanical study
Ferreira, D. E. C.; Dos Santos, H. F.; Almeida, W. B. de; Junqueira, G. M. A.

 ·  Chemical equilibrium in the complexation of first transition series divalent cations Cu2+, Mn2+ and Zn2+ with chitosan
Hernández, Raúl Bonne; Yola, Oscar Reyes; Mercê, Ana Lucia Ramalho

 ·  Density, degeneracy, delocalization-based index of aromaticity (D3BIA)
Firme, Caio L.; Galembeck, Sergio E.; Antunes, O. A. C.; Esteves, Pierre M.

 ·  A new antifungal phenolic glycoside derivative, iridoids and lignans from Alibertia sessilis (vell.) k. schum. (Rubiaceae)
Silva, Viviane C. da; Bolzani, Vanderlan da S.; Young, Maria C. M.; Lopes, Márcia N.

 ·  Microwave-mediated and customery synthesis of N-benzoyl- or N-substituted benzoyl-N,N'-dialkylureas from arylcarboxylic acids and N,N'-disubstituted carbodiimides under solvent-free conditions
Neves Filho, Ricardo A. W.; Oliveira, Ronaldo N. de; Srivastava, Rajendra M.

 ·  Studies toward the synthesis of Amaryllidaceae alkaloids from Morita-Baylis-Hillman adducts: a straightforward synthesis of functionalized dihydroisoquinolin-5(6H)-one core
Lopes, Elizandra C.S.; Coelho, Fernando

 ·  A home-made hybrid system for the simultaneous determination of ergotamine, dipyrone and caffeine in pharmaceutical preparations
Di Nezio, María S.; Pistonesi, Marcelo F.; Centurión, María E.; Palomeque, Miriam E.; Lista, Adriana G.; Fernández Band, Beatriz S.

 Short Reports
 ·  Pd-catalyzed Suzuki cross-Coupling reaction of bromostilbene: insights on the nature of the boron Species
Nunes, Carolina M.; Monteiro, Adriano L.

 ·  Basis set convergence in Hartree-Fock calculations of some diatomic molecules containing first and second-row atoms
Sagrillo, Paulo S.; Jorge, Francisco E.; Barbieri, Pedro L.; Fantin, Paulo A.