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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
versión impresa ISSN 0103-5053


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J. Braz. Chem. Soc. v.19 n.2 São Paulo  2008

Soares, Thereza A.; Gama, Arnóbio de S. da

 ·  My friend Ricardo Ferreira, an impressive natural philosopher
Tsallis, Constantino

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 ·  Quantum tunneling in biological reactions: the interplay between theory and experiments
Onuchic, José N.; Kobayashi, Chigusa; Baldridge, Kim K.

 ·  Membrane-translocating peptides and toxins: from nature to bedside
Rádis -Baptista, Gandhi; Kerkis, Alexandre; Prieto -Silva, Álvaro Rossan; Hayashi, Mirian Akemi Furuie; Kerkis, Irina; Tetsuo, Yamane

 ·  Meteorites: messengers from the outer space
Scorzelli, Rosa B.

 ·  Magnetism and electronic correlations in quasi-one-dimensional compounds
Coutinho-Filho, M. D.; Montenegro-Filho, R. R.; Raposo, E. P.; Vitoriano, C.; Oliveira, M. H.

 ·  The nature of the chemical bond
Nascimento, Marco Antonio Chaer

 ·  Factors influencing codon usage bias in genomes
Salim, Hannah M. W.; Cavalcanti, Andre R. O.

 ·  Bond indices in dihydrogen bonds
Giambiagi, Myriam M. Segre de; Bultinck, Patrick

 ·  Local magnetic moments and hyperfine fields at Ta impurities diluted in XFe2 (X = Y, Gd, Yb) Laves phases compounds
Troper, Amós; Oliveira, Nilson A. de; Costa, Marcus V. Tovar; Oliveira, Alexandre L. de

 ·  Three-nucleon potentials
Coelho, H. T.; Das, T. K.; Robilotta, M. R.

 ·  A new mechanism for the electrostatic charge build-up and dissipation in dielectrics
Soares, Lucas C.; Bertazzo, Sérgio; Burgo, Thiago A. L.; Baldim, Victor; Galembeck, Fernando

 ·  A theoretical study of the tautomerism and vibrational spectra of 4,5-diamine-2,6-dimercaptopyrimidine
Timm, R. A.; Bonacin, J. A.; Formiga, A. L. B.; Toma, H. E.

 ·  Geometric properties of crumpled wires and the condensed non-solid packing state of very long molecular chains
Gomes, Marcelo A. F.; Brito, Valdemiro P.; Araújo, Maycon S.

 ·  Comment on trivalent europium lifetimes in the presence of intramolecular energy transfer processes
Carlos, L. D.; Faustino, W. M.; Malta, O. L.

 ·  Electronic structure of fractionally nuclear charged atoms
Pavão, Antonio C.; Bastos, Cristiano C.; Ferreira, Joacy V.

 ·  Analyzing the n®p* electronic transition of formaldehyde in water: a sequential Monte Carlo/time-dependent density functional theory
Malaspina, Thaciana; Coutinho, Kaline; Canuto, Sylvio

 ·  Influence of the B-band O-antigen chain in the structure and electrostatics of the lipopolysaccharide membrane of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Soares, Thereza A.; Straatsma, T. P.; Lins, Roberto D.

 ·  Conformational analysis of protonated cyclo-[(S)-phenylalanyl-(S)-histidyl] and its complex with benzaldehyde within metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)
Braga, Claudia F.; Longo, Ricardo L.

 ·  Endogenous iron as a photo-Fenton reaction catalyst for the degradation of Pah's in soils
Silva, Paula Tereza de S. e; Locatelli, Marco A. F.; Jardim, Wilson F.; B.Neto, Benício; Motta, Mauricio da; Castro, Gabriela Ribeiro de; Silva, Valdinete Lins da

 ·  Quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) of 4-amino-2,6-diarylpyrimidine-5-carbonitriles with anti-inflammatory activity
Silva, João Bosco P. da; Ramos, Mozart N.; Barros Neto, Benício de; Melo, Sebastião José de; Falcão, Emerson Peter da Silva; Catanho, Maria Teresa J. de Almeida

 ·  Modified silicas covalently bounded to 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(2-hydroxy-5-nitrophenyl)porphyrinato iron(III): synthesis, spectroscopic and EPR characterization. Catalytic studies
Gandini, Maria Elisa F.; Neri, Cláudio R.; Vinhado, Fábio S.; Minorin, Tatiana Stedile; Nascimento, Otaciro R.; Serra, Osvaldo Antônio; Iamamoto, Yassuko

 ·  Fluorescent II-VI semiconductor Quantum Dots: potential tools for biolabeling and diagnostic
Farias, Patrícia M. A.; Fontes, Adriana; Galembeck, André; Figueiredo, Regina C. B. Q.; Santos, Beate S.