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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
versão impressa ISSN 0103-5053


J. Braz. Chem. Soc. v.19 n.7 São Paulo  2008

Editorial: desafios, planos e ação
Galembeck, Fernando

 ·  Triiodoisocyanuric acid: a new and convenient reagent for regioselective iodination of activated arenes
Ribeiro, Rodrigo da S.; Esteves, Pierre M.; Mattos, Marcio C. S. de

 ·  Synthesis of ferrocenyl oxindole compounds with potential anticancer activity
Silva, Bárbara V.; Ribeiro, Núbia M.; Pinto, Angelo C.; Vargas, Maria D.; Dias, Luiz C.

 ·  Nanochromics: old materials, new structures and architectures for high performance devices
Vidotti, Marcio; Torresi, Susana I. Córdoba de

 ·  Synthesis of racemic and chiral albicanol, albicanyl acetate and cyclozonarone: cytotoxic activity of ent-cyclozonarone
Delgado, Virginia; Armstrong, Veronica; Cortés, Manuel; Barrero, Alejandro F.

 ·  Microwave-Promoted synthesis of novel N-Arylanthranilic acids
Bueno, Mauro A.; Silva, Larissa R. S. P.; Corrêa, Arlene G.

 ·  Enantioselective synthesis of (R)-isocarvone from (S)-perillaldehyde
Gamba, Douglas; Pisoni, Diego S.; Costa, Jessé S. da; Petzhold, Cesar L.; Borges, Antonio C. A.; Ceschi, Marco A.

 ·  Black carbon contents and distribution in sediments from the southeastern Brazilian coast (Guanabara Bay)
Ribeiro, Letícia G. L.; Carreira, Renato S.; Wagener, Angela L. R.

 ·  Development of a digestion method for the determination of inorganic contaminants in polyvinyl acetate (PVAc)
Matoso, Erika; Cadore, Solange

 ·  Methodology optimization and application for measurement of gaseous elemental mercury in the amazon atmosphere
Almeida, Marcelo D.; Marins, Rozane V.; Paraquetti, Heloisa H. M.; Lacerda, Luiz D.

 ·  Physicochemical characterization of a hydrophilic model drug-loaded PHBV microparticles obtained by the double emulsion/solvent evaporation technique
Farago, Paulo V.; Raffin, Renata P.; Pohlmann, Adriana R.; Guterres, Sílvia S.; Zawadzki, Sônia F.

 ·  Time resolved emission spectroscopy of poly(2,5-dicyano-p-phenylene-vinylene) films
Garcia, Jarem R.; Gehlen, Marcelo H.; Oliveira, Hueder P. M. de; Nart, Francisco C.

 ·  Type II photooxidation mechanism of biomolecules using chloro (5,10,15,20-Tetraphenylporphyrinato) indium (III) as a photosensitizer
Silva, André Romero da; Ribeiro, Joselito Nardy; Rettori, Daniel; Jorge, Renato Atilio

 ·  A new guaiane mannoside from a Eutypa-like fungus isolated from Murraya paniculata in Brazil
Souza, Afonso D. L.; Rodrigues-Filho, Edson; Souza, Antonia Q. L.; Henrique-Silva, Flavio; Pereira, José O.

 ·  Determination of liquefied petroleum flame temperatures using emission spectroscopy
Carinhana Jr., Dermeval; Barreta, Luiz G.; Rocha, Cláudio J.; Santos, Alberto M. dos; Bertran, Celso A.

 ·  Rheology of decane/water and triglyceride/water emulsions stabilized by β-casein and sodium caseinate
Figueiredo, Eliane N.; Arêas, José A. G.; Arêas, Elizabeth P. G.

 ·  Rapid and low cost determination of cadmium in whole blood by hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry after ultrasound-assisted sample preparation
Li, Zhongxi; Zhou, Liping

 ·  Palladium polypyridyl complexes: synthesis, characterization, DNA interaction and biological activity on Leishmania (L.) mexicana
Navarro, Maribel; Betancourt, Adelmo; Hernández, Clara; Marchán, Edgar

 ·  Reaction of β-alkoxyvinyl halomethyl ketones with cyanoacetohydrazide
Martins, Marcos A. P.; Moreira, Dayse N.; Frizzo, Clarissa P.; Longhi, Kelvis; Zanatta, Nilo; Bonacorso, Helio G.

 ·  Theoretical study of the gas-phase reaction between formyl cation and aromatics
Ribeiro, André A. S. T.; Mota, Claudio J. A.

 ·  Detailed study of Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) oil micro-compounds: phospholipids, tocopherols and sterols
Chunhieng, Thavarith; Hafidi, Abdel; Pioch, Daniel; Brochier, José; Didier, Montet

 ·  Enhanced optical nonlinearities in push-pull organic systems with polyenic-mesoionic ring mixed bridges
Machado, Ana Elizabete de A.; Gama, Alfredo Arnóbio de S. da

 ·  Analysis of the chemical composition of the essential oils extracted from Lippia lacunosa Mart. & Schauer and Lippia rotundifolia Cham. (Verbenaceae) by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Leitão, Suzana G.; Oliveira, Danilo R. de; Sülsen, Valeria; Martino, Virginia; Barbosa, Ymira Galico; Bizzo, Humberto R.; Lopes, Daíse; Viccini, Lyderson F.; Salimena, Fatima R. G.; Peixoto, Paulo H. P.; Leitão, Gilda G.

 ·  HPLC determination of oxadiazon in commercial pesticide formulations
Guillermo, Quintás; Armenta, Sergio; Moros, Javier; Garrigues, Salvador; Pastor, Agustín; de la Guardia, Miguel

 ·  Multivariate analysis of metal contamination in street dusts of Istanbul D-100 highway
Yetimoğlu, Ece K.; Ercan, Özgen

 ·  Th(IV)-hexacyanoferrate modified carbon paste electrode as a new electrocatalytic probe for simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid and dopamine from acidic media
Farhadi, Khalil; Kheiri, Farshad; Golzan, Mirmaqsoud

 ·  The effect of using mixed initiator systems on the efficiency of photopolymerization of dental resins
Neumann, Miguel G.; Schmitt, Carla C.; Correa, Ivo C.; Goi, Beatriz E.

 Short Reports
 ·  Fluorimetric method for the determination of erythromycin using a photochemical derivatization approach
Finete, Virginia de L. M.; Arissawa, Márcia; Aucélio, Ricardo Q.

 ·  New flavonoids and other constituents from Ouratea hexasperma (Ochnaceae)
Carvalho, Mário G. de; Suzart, Luciano R.; Cavatti, Lorena C.; Kaplan, Maria Auxiliadora C.

 ·  Determination of oleanolic and ursolic acids in different parts of Perilla frutescens by high-performance liquid chromatography
Zou, Shengqin; Chen, Wu

 ·  MKTOP: a program for automatic construction of molecular topologies
Ribeiro, André A. S. T.; Horta, Bruno A. C.; Alencastro, Ricardo B. de