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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.20 no.10 São Paulo  2009

Vargas, Maria D.

 ·  Analytical chemistry in Brazil: healthy and growing
Rocha, Fábio R. P.; Pereira-Filho, Edenir R.; Nóbrega, Joaquim A.

 ·  Effects of temperature and chromium (III) ion on the structure of bovine β-Lactoglobulin-A
Divsalar, Adeleh; Saboury, Ali Akbar; Ahmad, Faizan; Moosavi-Movahedi, Ali Akbar

 ·  Stability indicating square-wave stripping voltammetric method for determination of gatifloxacin in pharmaceutical formulation and human blood
El-Desoky, Hanaa Salah

 ·  Development of a flow through photo-reactor to study degradation of organic compounds by Sequential Injection Analysis (SIA)
Santos, Allan C. V. dos; Masini, Jorge C.

 ·  Composition and antimicrobial activity of essential oils from Poiretia bahiana C. Müller (Papilionoideae-Leguminosae)
Araújo, Floricéa M.; Passos, Maria das Graças V. M.; Lima, Edeltrudes de O.; Roque, Nídia F.; Guedes, Maria L. S.; Souza-Neta, Lourdes C. de; Cruz, Frederico Guaré; Martins, Dirceu

 ·  Particulate matter (PM2.5) concentration and source apportionment in lahore
Lodhi, Arifa; Ghauri, Badar; Khan, M. Rafiq; Rahman, S.; Shafique, Shoaib

 ·  Cadmium sulfide photocatalysed reduction of malachite green by ascorbic acid and EDTA as reductants
Kothari, Shilpa; Kumar, Anil; Vyas, Ritu; Ameta, Rakshit; Punjabi, Pinki B.

 ·  Determination of L-aspartic acid by using the Cu(II)-catalyzed oscillating reaction
Gao, Jinzhang; Lv, Dongyu; Sun, Houtan; Yang, Wu

 ·  Evaluation of capillaries with different inner coatings for DNA analysis using dilute polymer solutions by capillary electrophoresis
Eugênio, Patrícia de F. M.; Carrilho, Emanuel

 ·  Study of the copper corrosion mechanism in the presence of propionic acid vapors
Echavarría, Alejandro; Echeverría, Felix; Arroyave, Carlos; Gil, Harveth

 ·  Solid phase microextraction - gas chromatography for the evaluation of secondary lipid oxidation products in chicken patties during long-term storage
Mariutti, Lilian R. B.; Nogueira, Gislaine C.; Bragagnolo, Neura

 ·  Bioactive compounds from several tropical fruits and correlation by multivariate analysis to free radical scavenger activity
Barreto, Gisela P.M.; Benassi, Marta T.; Mercadante, Adriana Z.

 ·  A sensitive simultaneous determination of epinephrine and tyrosine using an iron(III) doped zeolite-modified carbon paste electrode
Babaei, Ali; Mirzakhani, Somaieh; Khalilzadeh, Balal

 ·  Synthesis and antiretroviral evaluation of derivatives of zidovudine
Raviolo, Mónica A.; Trinchero-Hernández, Juan S.; Turk, Gabriela; Briñón, Margarita C.

 ·  Quantification of selenium species in petroleum refinery wastewaters using ion chromatography coupled to post-column isotope dilution analysis ICP-MS
Reyes, H. Laura; García-Ruiz, Silvia; Tonietto, B. Gisele; Godoy, J. Marcus; Alonso, J. Ignacio García; Sanz-Medel, Alfredo

 ·  Gunshot residues: screening analysis by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Silva, Maria José; Cortez, Juliana; Pasquini, Celio; Honorato, Ricardo S.; Paim, Ana Paula S.; Pimentel, Maria Fernanda

 ·  A green, inexpensive and efficient organocatalyzed procedure for aqueous aldol condensations
Abaee, M. Saeed; Mojtahedi, Mohammad M.; Forghani, Soudabeh; Ghandchi, Nafiseh M.; Forouzani, Mehdi; Sharifi, Roholah; Chaharnazm, Behnam

 ·  Determination of nitrofurazone in topical pharmaceutical preparations: comparison of the UV-Visible diffuse reflectance versus transmittance versus HPLC methods
Tubino, Matthieu; Vila, Marta Maria D. C.; Palumbo, Marcio N.

 ·  Encapsulation of blackberry anthocyanins by thermal gelation of curdlan
Ferreira, Daniela S.; Faria, Adelia F.; Grosso, Carlos R. F.; Mercadante, Adriana Z.

 Short Reports
 ·  Iodination of phenols in water using easy to handle amine-iodine complexes
Frota, Lívia C. R. M. da; Canavez, Raquel C. P.; Gomes, Sara L. da Silva; Costa, Paulo R. R.; Silva, Alcides J. M. da

 ·  Megastimanes and ergostane type steroid from leaves Cratylia mollis (Leguminosae)
Lima, Luciano S.; Lima, Marcos V. B.; David, Juceni P.; Giulietti, Ana M.; Queiroz, Luciano P. de; David, Jorge M.

 ·  A microdigestion procedure directly performed in the autosampler cups for the determination of trace elements in biological samples by GF AAS
Campos, Reinaldo C.; Jerez Vegueria, Sergio F.; Gonçalves, Rodrigo A.; Wagener, Ângela L. R.

 ·  New optically active and thermally stable poly(amide-imide)s containing N,N'-(Bicyclo[2,2,2]oct-7-ene-2,3,5,6-tetracarboxylic)-bis-L-alanine and aromatic diamines: synthesis and characterization
Faghihi, Khalil; Absalar, Morteza; Hajibeygi, Mohsen

 ·  Synthesis 12-Aryl or 12-Alkyl-8,9,10,12-tetrahydrobenzo[a]xanthen-11-one derivatives catalyzed by dodecatungstophosphoric acid
Wang, Hong-Juan; Ren, Xiao-Qian; Zhang, Yan-Yan; Zhang, Zhan-Hui

Amazonian biodiversity: a view of drug development for leishmaniasis and malaria
Calderon, Leonardo de Azevedo; Silva-Jardim, Izaltina; Zuliani, Juliana Pavan; Silva, Alexandre de Almeida e; Ciancaglini, Pietro; Silva, Luiz Hildebrando Pereira da; Stábeli, Rodrigo Guerino