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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
Print version ISSN 0103-5053


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J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.21 no.4 São Paulo  2010

Editorial: innovation in society and the basic sciences in the 4th NCSTI - National conference on science,technology and innovation
Mota, Ronaldo

 ·  Online isotope dilution and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry: from elemental to species quantification
Giné, Maria Fernanda; Packer, Ana Paula

 ·  Pt-Cu/C and Pd Modified Pt-Cu/C electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction in direct methanol fuel cells
Carbonio, Emilia A.; Colmati, Flavio; Ciapina, Eduardo G.; Pereira, Maristela E.; Gonzalez, Ernesto R.

 ·  Properties of (μ-Oxo)di-iron complexes and catalytic activity toward cyclohexane oxidation
Parrilha, Gabrieli L.; Ferreira, Sarah S.; Fernandes, Christiane; Silva, Giselle C.; Carvalho, Nakédia M. F.; Antunes, O. A. C.; Drago, Valderes; Bortoluzzi, Adailton J.; Horn Jr., Adolfo

 ·  Two new copper(II) complexes of 1-Butyl-1H-1,2,4-triazole: synthesis, characterization and electrocatalytic activity
Wang, Ke Fei; Jian, Fang Fang; Zhuang, Rui Rui

 ·  Calibration techniques and modifiers for the determination of Cd, Pb and Tl in biodiesel as microemulsion by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry
Silva, Jessee S. Azevedo; Chaves, Eduardo S.; Santos, Éder J. dos; Saint'Pierre, Tatiana D.; Frescura, Vera Lúcia A.; Curtius, Adilson J.

 ·  Direct determination of lanthanides in environmental samples using ultrasonic nebulization and ICP OES
Bentlin, Fabrina R. S.; Pozebon, Dirce

 ·  Evidences of siderophores synthesis by Grapevine Xylella fastidiosa, causal agent of pierce's disease, through instrumental approaches
Simionato, Ana Valéria C.; Silva-Stenico, Maria Estela; Tsai, Siu Mui; Carrilho, Emanuel

 ·  Pesticide residue determination in groundwater using solid-phase extraction and high-performance liquid chromatography with diode array detector and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
Caldas, Sergiane S.; Demoliner, Adriana; Costa, Fabiane P.; D'Oca, Marcelo G. M.; Primel, Ednei G.

 ·  Electrochemical removal of CuII in the presence of humic acid
Barbosa, Claudomiro P.; Malpass, Geoffroy R. P.; Miwa, Douglas W.; Gomes, Luciano; Bertazzoli, Rodnei; Motheo, Artur J.

 ·  Tropical peat as a versatile material for solid-phase extraction of pesticides from medicinal plant Cordia salicifolia
Carvalho, Pedro H. V. de; Jesus, Amanda M. D. de; Prata, Vanessa M.; Bezerra, Débora S. S.; Romão, Luciane P. C.; Navickiene, Sandro

 ·  New coumarins from Clausena lansium twigs
Maneerat, Wisanu; Prawat, Uma; Saewan, Nisakorn; Laphookhieo, Surat

 ·  Stripping voltammetric methods for determination of the antiparasitic drug nitazoxanide in bulk form, pharmaceutical formulation and human serum
El-Desoky, Hanaa S.; Ghoneim, Mohamed M.; Abdel-Galeil, Mohamed M.

 ·  Design, synthesis and In Vitro evaluation on glucosamine-6P synthase of aromatic analogs of 2-Aminohexitols-6P
Dias, Danielle F.; Roux, Céline; Durand, Philippe; Iorga, Bogdan; Badet-Denisot, Marie A.; Badet, Bernard; Alves, Ricardo J.

 ·  Arsenic determination in pharmaceutical grade barium sulfate using direct solid sampling electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry
Bolzan, Rodrigo C.; Moraes, Diogo P. de; Mattos, Julio Cezar P. de; Dressler, Valderi L.; Flores, Érico M. de Moraes

 ·  A comparative study of irradiation systems for photoinactivation of microorganisms
Paula, Lucas F. de; Santos, Renata O.; Menezes, Henrique D.; Britto, Jonas R. de; Vieira Jr, João B.; Gontijo Filho, Paulo P.; Oliveira, Carlos A. de

 ·  Determination of metallic contaminants in human recombinant erythropoietin (EPO) formulations by adsorptive cathodic stripping voltammetry and UV photo-decomposition of samples
Carvalho, Leandro M. de; Garmatz, Júlia C.; Spengler, Cristiane; Nascimento, Paulo C. do; Bohrer, Denise; Canabarro, Cibele M.; Garcia, Solange C.; Rosa, Marcelo B. da

 ·  Kinetics of deoxynivalenol degradation by Aspergillus oryzae and Rhizopus oryzae in submerged fermentation
Garda-Buffon, Jaqueline; Badiale-Furlong, Eliana

 ·  Effects of reaction conditions on the grafting percentage of poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate)-graft-poly(ethylene glycol) copolymer
Zhu, Guo-quan; Wang, Fa-gang; Liu, Yu-ying

 ·  Assessment of extractability of Cu, Cr, Ni, Pb and Zn in some chilean biosolid-amended soils by using BCR sequential extraction procedure
Ahumada, Inés; Maricán, Adolfo; Retamal, Mauricio; Pedraza, Cristina; Ascar, Loreto; Carrasco, Adriana; Richter, Pablo

 ·  Isolation, X-ray crystal structure and theoretical calculations of the new compound 8-Eepicordatin and identification of others terpenes and steroids from the bark and leaves of Croton palanostigma Klotzsch
Brasil, Davi S. B.; Müller, Adolfo H.; Guilhon, Gisele M. S. P.; Alves, Cláudio N.; Peris, Gabriel; Llusar, Rosa; Moliner, Vicent

 ·  Theoretical and voltammetric studies of 5-Nitro-heterocyclic derivatives with potential trypanocidal activities
Paula, Fávero R.; Trossini, Gustavo H. G.; Ferreira, Elizabeth I.; Serrano, Silvia H. P.; Menezes, Carla M. S.; Tavares, Leoberto C.

 ·  Differential metabolic and biological profiles of Lychnophora ericoides mart. (Asteraceae) from different localities in the Brazilian "campos rupestres"
Gobbo-Neto, Leonardo; Guaratini, Thais; Pessoa, Cláudia; Moraes, Manoel O. de; Costa-Lotufo, Letícia V.; Vieira, Roberto F.; Colepicolo, Pio; Lopes, Norberto P.

 Short Reports
 ·  Improving the computational efficiency of the successive projections algorithm by using a sequential regression implementation: a case study involving nir spectrometric analysis of wheat samples
Soares, Anderson S.; Galvão Filho, Arlindo R.; Galvão, Roberto K. H.; Araújo, Mário César U.

 ·  Counter-Current chromatography separation of isatin derivatives using the sandmeyer methodology
Almeida, Márcia R.; Leitão, Gilda G.; Silva, Bárbara V.; Barbosa, Jussara P.; Pinto, Angelo C.

 ·  Efficient and selective iodination of phenols promoted by iodine and hydrogen peroxide in water
Gallo, Rafael D. C.; Gebara, Karimi S.; Muzzi, Rozanna M.; Raminelli, Cristiano