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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
On-line version ISSN 1678-4790


Table of contents
J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.22 no.4 São Paulo  2011

 ·  The Brazilian Chemical Industry: challenges and opportunities
Wongtschowski, Pedro

 ·  Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography for Analysis of Volatile Compounds in Foods and Beverages
Welke, Juliane Elisa; Zini, Cláudia Alcaraz

 ·  Metal halide hydrates as lewis acid catalysts for the conjugated friedel-crafts reactions of indoles and activated olefins
Schwalm, Cristiane S.; Ceschi, Marco Antonio; Russowsky, Dennis

 ·  2D chemical drawings correlate to bioactivities: MIA-QSAR modelling of antimalarial activities of 2,5-diaminobenzophenone derivatives
Cormanich, Rodrigo A.; Freitas, Matheus P.; Rittner, Roberto

 ·  Quantification of essential fatty acids in the heads of nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fed with linseed oil
Aguiar, Ana C.; Cottica, Solange M.; Boroski, Marcela; Oliveira, Cláudio C.; Bonafé, Elton G.; França, Polyana B.; Souza, Nilson E.; Visentainer, Jesui V.

 ·  Determination of p-phenylenediamine by perturbation of a non-equilibrium stationary state in the B-Z reaction
Gao, Jinzhang; Ren, Xiaodong Chen Jie; Yang, Wu

 ·  Electrochemical feasibility study of methyl parathion determination on graphite-modified basal plane pyrolytic graphite electrode
Okumura, Leonardo Luiz; Saczk, Adelir Aparecida; Oliveira, Marcelo Firmino de; Fulgêncio, Ana Carolina C.; Torrezani, Larissa; Gomes, Paulo Eduardo N.; Peixoto, Rosana M.

 ·  Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of two novel cis-dioxovanadium(v) complexes: [VO2(L)] and [VO2(Hlox)]
Silva, Natália M. L.; Pinheiro, Carlos B.; Chacon, Eluzir P.; Resende, Jackson A. L. C.; Carneiro, José Walkimar de M.; Fernández, Tatiana L.; Scarpellini, Marciela; Lanznaster, Mauricio

 ·  EPR and magnetic studies of a carboxylate-bridged dinuclear copper(II) compound: [cu2(flu)4(dmf)2]
Nascimento, Otaciro R.; Napolitano, Lia M. B.; Torre, María H.; Peña, Octavio; Calvo, Rafael

 ·  Pre-concentration of lithium prior to its determination in honey by flame optical emission spectrometry
Stecka, Helena; Pohl, Pawel

 ·  QSPR Modeling using Catalan Solvent and Solute Parameters
Jouyban, Abolghasem; Fakhree, Mohammad A. A.; Shayanfar, Ali; Ghafourian, Taravat

 ·  Electrochemical Oxidation of Caffeic and Ferulic Acid Derivatives in Aprotic Medium
Salas-Reyes, Magali; Hernández, Javier; Domínguez, Zaira; González, Felipe J.; Astudillo, Pablo D.; Navarro, Rosa Elena; Martínez-Benavidez, Evelin; Velázquez-Contreras, Carlos; Cruz-Sánchez, Samuel

 ·  Binding Events of (S)-N-(3-Oxo-octanoyl)-homoserine Lactone with Agrobacterium tumefaciens Mutant Cells Studied by Saturation Transfer Difference NMR
Cabeça, Luís Fernando; Pomini, Armando Mateus; Cruz, Pedro Luiz R.; Marsaioli, Anita J.

 ·  Application of Pyrite and Chalcopyrite Electrodes for the Acid-Base Determinations in Nitriles
Simi, Zoran; Stani, Zorka D.; Antonijevi, Milan

 ·  Nanoporous of W/WO3 Thin Film Electrode Grown by Electrochemical Anodization Applied in the Photoelectrocatalytic Oxidation of the Basic Red 51 used in Hair Dye
Fraga, Luciano E.; Zanoni, Maria Valnice B.

 ·  A Low-Cost Portable Microcontrolled Nephelometer for Potassium Determination
Santos, Vagner B. dos; Guerreiro, Thiago B.; Suarez, Willian T.; Faria, Ronaldo C.; Fatibello-Filho, Orlando

 ·  Visible LED-Based Instrumentation for Photometric Determination of Electroosmotic Flow in Microchannels
Silva, José Alberto Fracassi da; Deblire, Ariane; Jesus, Dosil P. de; Coltro, Wendell Karlos T.

 ·  Chemical Analysis of Essential Oils from Ocotea gomezii W.C. Burger and Ocotea morae Gómez-Laur. (Lauraceae) Collected at "Reserva Biológica Alberto M. Brenes" in Costa Rica and their Cytotoxic Activity on Tumor Cell Lines
Chaverri, Carlos; Díaz, Cecilia; Cicció, José F.

 ·  Development of Nano Poly(3-methyl thiophene)/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Sensor for the Efficient Detection of Some Pesticides
Sundari, Palaniappan Abirama; Manisankar, Paramasivam

 ·  An Alternative Mechanism for the 1,4-Asymmetric Induction in the Stereoselective Addition of (R)-Pantolactone to 2-Phenylpropylketene
Silva, Alexander M.; Silva, Clarissa O. da; Barbosa, André G. H.; Fontes, Rosane A.; Pinheiro, Sergio; Lima, Marco Edilson F.; Castro, Rosane N.

 ·  Electrochemical Behavior and Determination of Fluconazole
Gil, Éric de S.; Cordeiro, Diogo D.; Matias, Ana E. B.; Serrano, Sílvia H. P.

 ·  Nutrients in Amazonian Black Earth from Caxiuanã Region
Lemos, Vanda P.; Meireles, Antônio R. de Oliveira; Fernandes, Kelly das Graças; Moraes, Milena C. de; Costa, Marcondes L. da; Silva, Any K. Terra; Kern, Dirse C.

 ·  Synthesis, Characterization and Photovoltaic Properties of Di-Anchoring Organic Dyes
Wu, Tzi-Yi; Tsao, Ming-Hsiu; Su, Shyh-Gang; Wang, H. Paul; Lin, Yuan-Chung; Chen, Fu-Lin; Chang, Cheng-Wen; Sun, I-Wen

 Short Reports
 ·  Exhausted Yerba Mate Leaves (Ilex paraguariensis) as Biosorbent for the Removal of Metals from Aqueous Solutions
Copello, Guillermo J.; Garibotti, Rodolfo E.; Varela, Florencia; Tuttolomondo, María V.; Diaz, Luis E.

 ·  New Adducts of Lapachol with Primary Amines
Santos, Mirelly D. F.; Litivack-Junior, José T.; Antunes, Roberto V.; Silva, Tania M. S.; Camara, Celso A.

 ·  Fast Analysis of Taurine in Energetic Drinks by Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Catharino, Rodrigo R.; Haddad, Renato; Godoy, Helena T.; Eberlin, Marcos N.; Santos, Leonardo S.

 Additions and Corrections
 ·  Evaluation of Snake Venom Phospholipase A2: hydrolysis of Non-Natural Esters
Pirolla, Renan A. S.; Baldasso, Paulo A.; Marangoni, Sérgio; Moran, Paulo J. S.; Rodrigues, José Augusto R.