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Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society
versión On-line ISSN 1678-4790


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J. Braz. Chem. Soc. vol.22 no.6 São Paulo jun. 2011

 ·  The importance of protection and transferring of academic research results
Toledo, Patricia Tavares Magalhães de; Lotufo, Roberto de Alencar

 ·  Turbidimetric determination of sulfate in rainwater employing a LED based photometer and multicommuted flow analysis system with in-line preconcentration
Zárate, Néstor; Pérez-Olmos, Ricardo; Reis, Boaventura Freire dos

 ·  Purification, characterization and structural determination of UDP-N-acetylglucosamine pyrophosphorylase produced by Moniliophthora perniciosa
Santos Junior, Manoelito C.; Gonçalves, Priscila A.; Taranto, Alex G.; Koblitz, Maria G. B.; Góes-Neto, Aristóteles; Pirovani, Carlos P.; Cascardo, Júlio C. M.; Cruz, Sandra H. da; Zingali, Russolina B.; Pereira, Gonçalo A. G.; Dias, Cristiano V.; Assis, Sandra A. de

 ·  Sensitive single step fluorimetric method for monitoring solid-phase reactions on polystyrene resin-bound chloride groups
Pina-Luis, Georgina E.; Gómez, Marco A. Zazueta; Espejel, Ignacio A. Rivero; Díaz-García, Marta E.

 ·  Diclofenac abatement using modified solar photo-fenton process with ammonium iron(III) citrate
Trovó, Alam G.; Nogueira, Raquel F. P.

 ·  Determination of metal impurities in carbon nanotubes by direct solid sampling electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry
Mello, Paola A.; Rodrigues, Luiz Frederico; Nunes, Matheus A. G.; Mattos, Julio Cezar P.; Müller, Edson I.; Dressler, Valderi L.; Flores, Erico M. M.

 ·  Identification of (1R, 2S)-grandisal and (1R, 2S)-grandisol in Pissodes castaneus male-produced volatiles: evidence of a sex pheromone
Marques, Francisco A.; Zaleski, Scheila R. M.; Lazzari, Sonia M. N.; Frensch, Gustavo; Senhorini, Grece A.; Maia, Beatriz H. L. N. S.; Tröger, Armin; Francke, Wittko; Iede, Edson T.; Mori, Kenji

 ·  A selective flotation-spectrophotometric method for the determination of nickel using dimethylglyoxime
Hashemi-Moghaddam, Hamid

 ·  A flow-batch analyzer for UV-Vis spectrophotometric detection of adulteration in distilled spirits
Nascimento, Elaine C. L.; Araújo, Mário C. U.; Galvão, Roberto K. H.

 ·  Simultaneous HPTLC determination of nabumetone and paracetamol in combined tablet dosage form
Gandhi, Santosh V.; Ranher, Sandeep S.; Deshpande, Padmanabh B.; Shah, Dixit K.

 ·  A green method for determination of acid number of biodiesel
Tubino, Matthieu; Aricetti, Juliana A.

 ·  Scanning electrochemical microscopy: study of the deposition and stripping mechanism of lead in the presence of copper
Sousa, M. Fátima B.; Sanchez, E. M. S.; Bertazzoli, Rodnei

 ·  Crystal structure, supramolecular self-assembly and interaction with DNA of a mixed ligand manganese(II) complex
Sun, Yun-Ming; Dong, Feng-Ying; Wang, Da-Qi; Li, Yan-Tuan

 ·  An HPLC-DAD method to quantification of main phenolic compounds from leaves of Cecropia Species
Costa, Geison M.; Ortmann, Caroline F.; Schenkel, Eloir P.; Reginatto, Flávio H.

 ·  Characterization of the interactions between endocrine disruptors and aquatic humic substances from tropical rivers
Botero, Wander G.; Oliveira, Luciana C. de; Cunha, Bruno B.; Oliveira, Lílian K. de; Goveia, Danielle; Rocha, Julio Cesar; Fraceto, Leonardo F.; Rosa, André Henrique

 ·  Chemical constituents isolated from the bark of Guatteria blepharophylla (Annonaceae) and their antiproliferative and antimicrobial activities
Costa, Emmanoel V.; Marques, Francisco de Assis; Pinheiro, Maria Lúcia B.; Braga, Raquel M.; Delarmelina, Camila; Duarte, Marta Cristina T.; Ruiz, Ana Lúcia T. G.; Carvalho, João Ernesto de; Maia, Beatriz H. L. N. S.

 ·  Hydrotreatment of heavy oil from coal liquefaction on Sulfided Ni - W Catalysts
Lei, Zhi-ping; Gao, Li-juan; Shui, Heng-fu; Ren, Shi-biao; Wang, Zhi-cai; Gang, Kang-shi

 ·  Citrinin derivatives from the soil filamentous fungus Penicillium sp. H9318
Yao, Guangmin; Sebisubi, Fred Musoke; Voo, Lok Yung Christopher; Ho, Coy Choke; Tan, Ghee Teng; Chang, Leng Chee

 ·  A new approach for the synthesis of bioactive heteroaryl thiazolidine-2,4-diones
Ibrahim, Magdy Ahmed; Abdel-Hamed, Mohamed Abdel-Megid; El-Gohary, Naser Mohamed

 ·  Fast HPLC analysis of omeprazole, 5-hydroxyomeprazole and omeprazole sulfone in liquid culture medium using a monolithic column for application in biotransformation studies with fungi
Borges, Keyller B.; Durán-Patrón, Rosa; Sánchez, Antonio José M.; Pupo, Mônica T.; Bonato, Pierina S.; Collado, Isidro G.

 ·  Quantitative analysis of plasticizers in a wastewater treatment plant: influence of the suspended solids parameter
Viecelli, Nathália C.; Lovatel, Eduardo R.; Cardoso, Eduardo M.; Filho, Irajá Nascimento

 ·  Risk simulation of soil contamination by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from sewage sludge used as fertilizers
Paraíba, Lourival C.; Queiroz, Sonia C. N.; Souza, Débora R. C. de; Saito, Maria L.

 ·  Determination of some inorganic species of Fe, Mn and Cr by chemical vapor generation hyphenated with inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
Welna, Maja; Lasowska, Joanna; Zyrnicki, Wieslaw

 ·  Electrically conductive bioplastics from cassava starch
Arrieta, Alvaro A.; Gañán, Piedad F.; Márquez, Samith E.; Zuluaga, Robin

 ·  Biotransformation of sclareolide by filamentous fungi: cytotoxic evaluations of the derivatives
Cano, Arturo; Ramírez-Apan, María Teresa; Delgado, Guillermo

 ·  Effect of confinement of anionic organic ultraviolet ray absorbers into two-dimensional zinc hydroxide nitrate galleries
Cursino, Ana Cristina T.; Mangrich, Antonio Salvio; Gardolinski, José Eduardo F. da Costa; Mattoso, Ney; Wypych, Fernando