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Prod. v.17 n.3 São Paulo sep./dic. 2007

Paladini, Edson Pacheco; Ribeiro, José Luís Duarte; Ho, Linda Lee

Current research on profile monitoring
Woodall, William H.

Product reliability and warranty: an overview and future research
Murthy, D.N.P.

Rendered fisioterapy quality services: expectations and perceptions of customers
Souza, Adriano Mendonça; Griebeler, Deizi; Godoy, Leoni Pentiado

A new approach for modeling client satisfaction determinants relationships in services
Tinoco, Maria Auxiliadora Cannarozzo; Ribeiro, José Luis Duarte

Quality coordination: a proposal of structure and method for agri-food production
Borrás, Miguel Angel Aires; Toledo, José Carlos de

Six Sigma program implementation and diffusion in Brazil
Carvalho, Marly Monteiro de; Ho, Linda Lee; Pinto, Silvia Helena Boarin

Evaluation of process failure prevention using decision-making methods
Aguiar, Dimas Campos de; Salomon, Valério A. P.

Joint optimization of X-bar - S or X-bar - R charts: an easily implemented procedure
Epprecht, Eugenio K.; Leiras, Adriana

EWMA and X-bar control charts for the monitoring of autocorrelated processes
Claro, Fernando Antonio Elias; Costa, Antonio Fernando Branco; Machado, Marcela Aparecida Guerreiro

Robust parameter design in signal-response systems: comparison of modeling and analysis methods
Freitas, Marta Afonso; Faleiro, Rosiane Mary Rezende; Borges, Marco Fábio

Uncertainty effect analysis on time to failure estimates through accelerated life tests
Papa, Maria Célia de Oliveira; Abackerli, Alvaro J.; Miguel, Paulo Augusto Cauchick

Six Sigma project selection: an application in an automotive industry
Fernandes, Marcelo Machado; Turrioni, João Batista

Continuous improvement in ISO 9001:2000 enviroment: case study in two companies of automotive sector
Gonzalez, Rodrigo Valio Dominguez; Martins, Manoel Fernando

QFD for quality assurance during product development: a case in a materials industry
Melo Filho, Leonel Del Rey de; Cheng, Lin Chih