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Prod. vol.20 no.4 São Paulo Oct./Dec. 2010

Prezados Leitores
Ho, Linda Lee

Organizational changes in the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies
Cardoso, Rafaela da Rosa; Lima, Edson Pinheiro de; Costa, Sérgio Eduardo Gouvêa da

Production competence and strategic vision: an interactive management model
Paladini, Edson Pacheco; Carvalho, Fabrícia Gonçalves de

Environmental management: a planet's pledge, a challenge for public policies, incubators and small firms
Fonseca, Sergio Azevedo; Martins, Paulo Sérgio

Identification and prioritization of critical success factors in a digital factory implementation
De Carli, Paulo Cesar; Delamaro, Maurício César; Salomon, Valério Antonio Pamplona

Leveraging research, development and innovation in the Brazilian autoparts industry
Salerno, Mario Sergio; Miranda, Zil; Kamisaki, Fernando Yutaka; Maluta, Geovani

Satisfaction determinants and quality attributes in hotel services
Branco, Gabriela Musse; Ribeiro, José Luis Duarte; Tinoco, Maria Auxiliadora Cannarozzo

A study of impacts of dynamic vehicle routing on services production activities
Pureza, Vitória; Lazarin, Daniel França

Air transport delays evaluation with a dea based model
Barros, Tatiana Dodsworth de; Ramos, Thiago Graça; Mello, João Carlos Correia Baptista Soares de; Meza, Lidia Angulo

Lead time reduction in a capital goods company by means of the implementation of Period Batch Control system
Severino, Maico Roris; Lage Junior, Muris; Campanini, Luciano; Guimarães, Alyne de Andrade; Godinho Filho, Moacir; Aguilera, Michelle

Continuous and periodic review inventory control: a comparative analysis using simulation
Rosa, Hobed; Mayerle, Sérgio Fernando; Gonçalves, Mirian Buss

A computer simulation study for the analysis of profiles of organizational learning
Azevedo, Debora; Vaccaro, Guilherme Luís Roehe; Lima, Rodrigo Costa de Souza; Silva, Débora Oliveira da

Ergonomic work analysis and the scientific recognition of knowledge generated
Pizo, Carlos Antonio; Menegon, Nilton Luiz

Work accidents among healthcare professionals in a university hospital
Bakke, Hanne Alves; Araújo, Nelma Mirian Chagas de

Qualitative analysis of influential issues in risky situations observed in the steam generator of a petrochemical facility
Oliveira, Aline Fernanda de; Sellitto, Miguel Afonso