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Prod. vol.21 no.3 São Paulo July/Sept. 2011

Ho, Linda Lee

Proposal of a new method for effectiveness evaluation in the product design and development process
Caminada Netto, Adherbal; Kaminski, Paulo Carlos

A reference model for the products development process for companies in the sector of milling wheat
Campos, Samanta Ullmann de; Ribeiro, José Luis Duarte

Method to describe the product vision in an agile project management context
Benassi, João Luís Guilherme; Amaral, Daniel Capaldo

Situational leadership in project management: a literature review
Gonçalves, Helen Silva; Mota, Caroline Maria de Miranda

Proposition of a requirements management framework for sustainable product development
Marx, Ângela Maria; Paula, Istefani Carísio de

Special participation tax: analysis off determinants and economic impacts in the offshore oilfields production projects
Massuda, Estela Terumi; Suslick, Saul Barisnik; Lima, Gabriel Alves da Costa

Factors affecting the success and/or the mortality of micro and small companies in Santa Catarina
Grapeggia, Mariana; Lezana, Alvaro Guillermo Rojas; Ortigara, Anacleto Ângelo; Santos, Paulo da Cruz Freire dos

Promotion and management in industrial states of the Euroregion Galicia-North of Portugal
García-Arca, Jesús; Comesaña-Benavides, José Antonio; Prado-Prado, José Carlos

Suppliers selection model and its transportation cost impacts
Carmo, Breno Barros Telles do; Barros Neto, Julio Francisco; Dutra, Nadja Glheuca da Silva

Analysis of the competitiveness drivers on the biodiesel productive chain: the case of castor bean
César, Aldara da Silva; Batalha, Mário Otávio

Work accident analysis: the need for new analysis methods
Martins Júnior, Moizés; Carvalho, Paulo Victor Rodrigues de; Grecco, Claudio Henrique dos Santos; Fonseca, Bernardo Bastos de; Pacheco, Raphael; Vidal, Mario Cesar Rodriguez

Evaluation of acoustic performance of a dental office
Fernandes, Júlio César; Santos, Larissa Nascimento dos; Carvalho, Homero Jorge Matos de

The transactions between supermarkets and fresh fruit and vegetables (FFV) suppliers in the Sao Paulo, Brazil
Souza, Roberta de Castro; Scur, Gabriela

A model for pricing options embedded in pension products in Brazil
Saad, Nicolas Soudki; Ribeiro, Celma de Oliveira

Statistical analysis of the quality of tension levels in electrical energy distribution systems
Vaccaro, Guilherme Luís Roehe; Martins, Jonatas Campos; Menezes, Thiago Morais