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Prod. vol.21 no.4 São Paulo  2011

Prezados Leitores,
Ronconi, Débora P.

Identification of costumers needs in the products development process: an innovative proposal illustrated for the automotive industry
Ensslin, Leonardo; Queiroz, Shirley; Grzebieluckas, Cleci; Ensslin, Sandra Rolim; Nickel, Elton; Buson, Marcos Albuquerque; Balbim Junior, Alceu

A systematic analysis for multi-criteria evaluation of product development investments
Frank, Alejandro Germán; Souza, Diego Vinicius; Echeveste, Márcia Elisa; Ribeiro, José Luis Duarte

The quantitative support necessary for the operation of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
Mendes, Angélica Alebrant; Ribeiro, José Luis Duarte

Analysis of competitiveness in Brazilian maritime industry: the associating critical success factors with their dimensions
Moura, Delmo Alves de; Botter, Rui Carlos

Environmental sustainability: a bibliometric study of its evolution in operations management
Pereira, Gustavo Menoncin de Carvalho; Yen-Tsang, Chen; Manzini, Reinaldo Belickas; Almeida, Nádia Vernes

Redesign of an electromechanical device in a reverse engineering approach integrated to design for manufacturing and assembly and rapid prototyping
Mello, Carlos Henrique Pereira; Toledo, Fabrício Oliveira de; Akagi, Dóris Akemi; Gorgulho Júnior, José Hamilton Chaves; Xavier, Amanda Fernandes

Determination of necessary real capacity in productive process using Markov chain
Staudt, Francielly Hedler; Coelho, Antonio Sérgio; Gonçalves, Mirian Buss

Single location spare parts inventory control: the state of the art
Rego, José Roberto do; Mesquita, Marco Aurélio de

Logistic networks modeling with inventory carrying costs calculated using inventory turnover
Hamad, Ricardo; Gualda, Nicolau Dionísio Fares

Assessment of Brazilian airlines technical efficiency: a study using data envelopment analysis and fuzzy sets
Correia, Teresa Cristina Vilardo Domingues; Mello, João Carlos Correia Baptista Soares de; Meza, Lidia Angulo

Cost-benefit of aircrafts: an approach through Data Envelopment Analysis
Reinas, Rafael Iglesias; Mariano, Enzo Barberio; Rebelatto, Daisy Aparecida do Nascimento

Production scheduling of assembly fixtures with adjacent constraints in the aeronautics industry
Silva, Bruno Jensen Virginio da; Morabito, Reinaldo; Yanasse, Horacio Hideki

A study on the use of quality systems, programs and tools in companies of interior of São Paulo State
Oliveira, José Augusto de; Nadae, Jeniffer de; Oliveira, Otávio José de; Salgado, Manoel Henrique

Quality function deployment applied to a Sustainable detergent project
Marx, Ângela Maria; Echeveste, Marcia Elisa Soares; Paula, Istefani Carísio de

Information technology and organizational efficiency: a study in the Brazilian capital goods sector focusing on micro, small and medium enterprises
Souza, Cesar Alexandre de; Arpino, Giuseppe