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Prod. vol.22 no.3 São Paulo May/Aug. 2012

Learning by network cooperation: knowledge practices in local productive arrangements of software
Reis, Ana Paula dos; Amato Neto, João

An investigation of product design and production in an automotive assembler and engine suppliers that adopt modularity
Rodrigues, Edilson Alves; Carnevalli, José Antonio; Miguel, Paulo Augusto Cauchick

Attribute selection in descriptive sensory analysis
Rossini, Karina; Anzanello, Michel José; Fogliatto, Flavio Sanson

Management of fuzzy front end: case studies in medical device industry
Mendes, Glauco Henrique de Sousa; Toledo, José Carlos de

Impact of project management reference and project management maturity models on performance: an exploratory study in information technology projects
Berssaneti, Fernando Tobal; Carvalho, Marly Monteiro de; Muscat, Antonio Rafael Namur

Critical success factors identification in new product development of biotechnology companies in the State of Minas Gerais
Samaan, Monique; Salgado, Eduardo Gomes; Silva, Carlos Eduardo Sanches da; Mello, Carlos Henrique Pereira

Identification of project opportunities in social organizations: development and case study
Silveira, Patrícia da; Ribeiro, José Luis Duarte; Paula, Istefani Carisio de

Cleaner production as corporate sustainability tool: a study within companies from Rio Grande do Norte State
Pimenta, Handson Claudio Dias; Gouvinhas, Reidson Pereira

Development of a model for corporate sustainability assesment
Zamcopé, Fábio Cristiano; Ensslin, Leonardo; Ensslin, Sandra Rolim

New economics: a proposal for meaning
Vaccaro, Guilherme Luís Roehe; Silva, Débora Oliveira da; Camargo, Luís Felipe Riehs; Pohlmann, Christopher Rosa

Analysis of the relationship between manufacturing strategy, practices and operational performance
Silva, Eliciane Maria da; Santos, Fernando César Almada; Castro, Mário de

Sustainability in supply chains: a comparative perspective in domestic and international journals
Dias, Sylmara Lopes Francelino Gonçalves; Labegalini, Letícia; Csillag, João Mário

The relations between product design and supply chain: a case study in the home appliance sector
Santos, Andrea Cristina dos; Forcellini, Fernando Antonio

Logistics organizational stages: a case study in a philanthropic hospital organization
Araújo, Érica Aparecida; Araújo, Adriana Cristina; Musetti, Marcel Andreotti

Supplier certification and transaction costs: effects of the Prodfor - Integrated Program for Development and Qualification of Supplier
Aquino, André Carlos Busanelli de; Meneguette, José Tarciso; Pagliarussi, Marcelo Sanches

Study of physical distribution logistics of a dairy industry using fuzzy logic
Santos, Alysson Vinícius Neves dos; Felix, Leonardo Bonato; Vieira, José Geraldo Vidal

Satisfaction factors with the use of for-hire trucking in road transportation
Wanke, Peter Fernandes

A study on ERP system implementation: a survey at large industrial companies
Oliveira, Lindomar Subtil de; Hatakeyama, Kazuo

An empirical study of the impact of IT governance on financial performance
Lunardi, Guilherme Lerch; Becker, João Luiz; Maçada, Antônio Carlos Gastaud