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Table of contents
Pro-Posições vol.20 no.3 Campinas Sept./Dec. 2009

 Press Release
 ·  A educação pelas imagens e suas geografias

        · press release in Portuguese
Banks-Leite, Luci

 Dossier Education through images and their geographies
 ·  Grafar o espaço, educar os olhos: rumo a geografias menores
Oliveira Jr, Wenceslao Machado de

 ·  Geography: the viewpoint and the pictorial image
Ferraz, Cláudio Benito Oliveira

 ·  Art, geographical knowledge and image reading: Vermeer's "Geographer"
Seemann, Jörn

 ·  Satellite images: from technical to political issues for geographical knowledge construction
Castillo, Ricardo

 ·  The status of reality of vertical aerial photographs in the context of geographical studies
Cazetta, Valéria

 ·  (En)acting Rio: law, desire and the production of the city in Jose Padilha's Tropa de elite
Craine, James; Curti, Giorgio Hadi

 ·  Subjectivity and transgression in filmic landscapes
Costa, Maria Helena B. V. da

 ·  The wasp and the orchid make a map in the heart of a rhizome: cartography and machines, reinterpreting Deleuze and Guattari
Pérez de Lama, José

 ·  Desiring maps: an important issue for geographic cartography
Girardi, Gisele

 ·  Entre capas e letras, embates e crenças 20 anos de Pro-Posições
Bittencourt, Agueda Bernardete; Mercuri, Elizabeth

 ·  Different kinds of childhood in early childhood education
Abramowicz, Anete; Levcovitz, Diana; Rodrigues, Tatiane Cosentino

 ·  Experiencing, becoming, affecting: what can a body do?
Kasper, Kátia Maria

 ·  Children and films in the aesthetic exercise of friendship
Marcello, Fabiana de Amorim

 Diverse and Prose
 ·  Entrevista com Marlyse Meyer
Arêas, Vilma; Banks-Leite, Luci

 Readings and Reviews
 ·  Revisitando a fala egocêntrica: uma nova hipótese
Quast, Karin