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Table of contents
Pro-Posições vol.22 no.1 Campinas Jan./Apr. 2011

 Dossier: (Hi)stories and senses for teaches in education programs
 ·  Apresentação
Fontana, Roseli A. Cação

 ·  The "language fact" role in reading materiality
Payer, M. Onice

 ·  Reading and initial teacher education: senses, memory and history based on a discourse perspective
Assolini, Filomena Elaine P.

 ·  Reading memories, the reader's place and knowledge in the initial teacher education programs
Dresch, Márcia; Lebedeff, Tatiana Bolívar; Dickel, Adriana

 ·  Readings stories: building up meaning on science and technology
Cassiani, Suzani; Linsingen, Irlan von; Giraldi, Patricia Montanari

 ·  In defence of historical texts reading in science teacher education
Oliveira, Odisséa Boaventura de

 ·  Analytical device for reading comprehension of different kinds of texts: examples about Physics
Almeida, Maria José P. M. de; Sorpreso, Thirza Pavan

 ·  Reading multiple documents to produce academic writing at the university: learning how to read and write in the language of the different disciplines
Castelló, Montserrat; Bañales Faz, Gerardo; Vega López, Norma Alicia

 ·  (In)communicability and tolerance in education: notes based on Nietzsche and Merleau-Ponty
Ratto, Cleber Gibbon; Henning, Paula Corrêa

 ·  Paternity and reproductive health: youth discourses in autobiographical documentaries
Pereira Junior, Geraldo; Siqueira, Vera Helena Ferraz de; Rezende, Luiz Augusto

 ·  Mimesis and remembrance of nature in the subject by Theodor W. Adorno: thinking body education at school
Bassani, Jaison José; Vaz, Alexandre Fernandez

 ·  Education through nature: open-air life and therapeutic methods at summer camps in the state of São Paulo (1940)
Dalben, André; Soares, Carmen Lúcia

 ·  Curriculum and school knowledge: ambiguities, doubts and conflicts
Souza Júnior, Marcílio; Santiago, Eliete; Tavares, Marcelo

 Diverse and Prose
 ·  Nine theses about "childhood as a social phenomenon"
Qvortrup, Jens

 Readings and Reviews
 ·  Literatura e outras linguagens
Pistori, Maria Helena Cruz

 ·  A educação infantil como projeto da comunidade: crianças, educadores e pais nos novos serviços para a infância e a família: a experiência de San Miniato
Silva, Marta Regina Paulo da