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Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva
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Alimentação e Cultura como campo científico

Table of contents
Physis vol.20 no.2 Rio de Janeiro  2010

Editorial: alimentação e cultura como campo científico
Camargo Jr., Kenneth Rochel de

Apresentação - Alimentação e Cultura na Espanha, no México e no Brasil: reflexões sobre a constituição desse campo científico
Prado, Shirley Donizete

 ·  Alimentation and culture in Spain: an anthropology-based approach
Gracia Arnaiz, Mabel

 ·  Anthropological approach to nutrition and health in Mexico
Bertran Vilà, Miriam

 ·  Food and culture as a scientific field in Brazil
Silva, Juliana Klotz; Prado, Shirley Donizete; Carvalho, Maria Claudia Veiga Soares; Ornelas, Tatiane Freire Silva; Oliveira, Patrícia França de

 ·  Beyond their weight/thoughts: perceptions and experiences of obese women assistant of public health services of a municipality of Northeastern Brazil
Pinto, Maria Soraia; Bosi, Maria Lúcia Magalhães

 ·  From diet to eating re-education: some notes on the contemporary eating based on weight loss programs on the Internet
Santos, Ligia Amparo da Silva

 Other Themes
 ·  An approach to adolescence and youth in Brazilian health politics: a review
Horta, Natália de Cássia; Sena, Roseni Rosângela de

 ·  The construction of a device for studying the discourses that organize the health area: an essay on the discursive effects and the health professional training
Medeiros, Roberto H. Amorim de

 ·  Uncertainty, hope and embodiment in the end of life
Alonso, Juan Pedro

 ·  Body and life: Hannah Arendt's critique of scientific modernity
Heuer, Wolfgang

 ·  Changing movements in health higher education: from community medicine to the activators course
González, Alberto Durán; Almeida, Marcio José de

 ·  Is it economically viable to regionalize the performance of a public hospital of medium size?
Souza, Paulo César de; Scatena, João Henrique G.

 ·  Filiation and usage of assisted reproductive technologies: between medicine and law
Moás, Luciane da Costa; Correa, Marilena Cordeiro D. Villela

 ·  Giddens' Structuration Theory and studies on evaluation practices
O'Dwyer, Gisele; Mattos, Ruben Araujo de

 ·  Medical errors and violation of rules and standards in health: a theoretical discussion in the area of patient safety
Nascimento, Nadia Bomfim do; Travassos, Cláudia Maria de Rezende

 ·  The challenge posed by people in security measure in the Unified Health System: the experience of PAILI, in the State of Goiás, Brazil
Silva, Martinho Braga Batista e

 ·  Organização do processo de trabalho nas Equipes de Saúde Bucal: debate político, técnico e ético
Santos, Adriano Maia dos