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Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva
On-line version ISSN 1809-4481


Philosophy and Collective Health

Table of contents
Physis vol.20 no.3 Rio de Janeiro  2010

Camargo Jr, Kenneth Rochel de

 ·  Canguilhem and philosophy in the life sciences
Czeresnia, Dina

 ·  Notions of nature and derivations for health: an incursion in literature
Backes, Marli Terezinha Stein; Backes, Dirce Stein; Meirelles, Betina Hörner Schlindwein; Erdmann, Alacoque Lorenzini

 ·  Explanatory models in collective health: bio-psycho-social complexity and self-organization
Puttini, Rodolfo Franco; Pereira Junior, Alfredo; Oliveira, Luiz Roberto de

 Other Themes
 ·  The citizen's daily care at the public health service in Belo Horizonte city
Viegas, Selma Maria da Fonseca; Hemmi, Ana Paula Azevedo; Santos, Regiane Veloso; Penna, Cláudia Maria de Mattos

 ·  Best practices in local health systems: focusing on the elderly's oral health
Mello, Ana Lúcia Schaefer Ferreira de; Moysés, Samuel Jorge

 ·  The workgroups of humanization in the process of health care humanization: users', professionals' and managers' viewpoints
Garcia, Adir Valdemar; Argenta, Cleonete Elena; Sanchez, Kristiane Rico; São Thiago, Márcia Lange de

 ·  Humanized care for low birth weight newborns. The Kangaroo care Method and family-centered care: correspondence and specificities
Hennig, Marcia de Abreu e Silva; Gomes, Maria Auxiliadora de Souza Mendes; Morsch, Denise Streit

 ·  Social control in the Unified Health System: subsidies to build health counselors' skills
Cotta, Rosângela Minardi Mitre; Cazal, Mariana de Melo; Rodrigues, Jôsi Fernandes de Castro; Gomes, Karine de Oliveira; Junqueira, Túlio da Silva

 ·  Social network and performance of health programs: an investigative proposal
Gomide, Marcia; Grossetti, Michel

 ·  Subjective processes and life territories: the transition from the psychiatric hospital to therapeutic residential services
Wachs, Felipe; Jardim, Camila; Paulon, Simone Maineri; Resende, Vera

 ·  The intellectual production in Public Health on Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil: from 1960 to 2007
Kornis, George Edward Machado; Maia, Leila Senna; Fortuna, Renata Ferraiolo Peixoto

 ·  Between storylines and dramas: the meanings of HIV/Aids treatment for lower class women
Cunha, Claudia Carneiro da

 ·  The difficult access to secondary health care services: São Paulo city case study, Brazil
Spedo, Sandra Maria; Pinto, Nicanor Rodrigues da Silva; Tanaka, Oswaldo Yoshimi

 ·  Masculinities and health practices: portraits of a research experience in Florianopolis (SC), Brazil
Toneli, Maria Juracy Filgueiras; Souza, Marina Gomes Coelho de; Müller, Rita de C. Flores

 ·  Harm reduction: analysis of the concepts that guide practices in Brazil
Santos, Vilmar Ezequiel dos; Soares, Cássia Baldini; Campos, Célia Maria Sivalli

 ·  Violence and health: an analysis of the scientific production in national journals from 2003 to 2007
Gontijo, Daniela Tavares; Alves, Heliana Castro; Paiva, Michelle Helena Pereira de; Guerra, Ruth Maria Ribeiro; Kappel, Verônica Borges