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Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva
On-line version ISSN 1809-4481


Table of contents
Physis vol.21 no.1 Rio de Janeiro  2011

Representações e percepções na pesquisa em Saúde Coletiva
Camargo Jr., Kenneth Rochel de

 ·  Reflections on citizenship and barriers to popular participation in the Unified Health System
Longhi, Jean Camargo; Canton, Giselle Alice Martins

 ·  Conceptions of community health agents about their health care practices
Baralhas, Marilisa; Pereira, Maria Alice Ornellas

 ·  Periculosity and citizenship: the meanings of attention to the crisis in the discursive practices of the Psychosocial Healthcare Centers professionals
Willrich, Janaína Quinzen; Kantorski, Luciane Prado; Chiavagatti, Fabieli Gopinger; Cortes, Jandro Moraes; Pinheiro, Guilherme Weiss

 ·  Clinical teacher: the complex role of the preceptor in medical residency
Botti, Sérgio Henrique de Oliveira; Rego, Sérgio Tavares de Almeida

 ·  Social representation of women with hypertension in relation to the disease: unraveling the adherence to the treatment in relation to the schedule of the Family Health
Ribeiro, Amanda Gomes; Cotta, Rosângela Minardi Mitre; Ribeiro, Sônia Machado Rocha; Dias, Cristina Maria Ganns Chaves; Araújo, Raquel Maria Amaral

 ·  Men's public health care: a qualitative study in four Brazilian federal states
Gomes, Romeu; Schraiber, Lilia Blima; Couto, Márcia Thereza; Valença, Otávio Augusto de Andrade; Silva, Geórgia Sibele Nogueira da; Figueiredo, Wagner dos Santos; Barbosa, Rosana Machin; Pinheiro, Thiago Félix

 ·  The integral health care in the training of health professionals: building values
Gonze, Gabriela Guerra; Silva, Girlene Alves da

 Other Themes
 ·  Home care: profile of patients attended by a home care program
Martelli, Daniella Reis Barbosa; Silva, Marília Sarmento da; Carneiro, Jair Almeida; Bonan, Paulo Rogério Ferreti; Rodrigues, Lais Helena Costa; Martelli-Júnior, Hercílio

 ·  Technological transition in a supplemental health care provider: the user's viewpoint
Cuginotti, Aloísio Punhagui

 ·  Multidimensional model for dengue control: a proposal based on social reproduction and risk situations
Santos, Solange Laurentino dos; Augusto, Lia Giraldo da Silva

 ·  Dental care financing evolution in the SUS: analysis of the process of health care reorganization in relation to federal incentives
Kornis, George Edward Machado; Maia, Leila Senna; Fortuna, Renata Ferraiolo Peixoto

 ·  "Circle therapy": a metaphor for coping with chronic pains in two pain clinics
Lima, Mônica Angelim Gomes de; Trad, Leny Alves Bomfim

 ·  Mirror of the soul: subjectivity and social theory in a short history by Machado de Assis
Sabino, César; Luz, Madel Therezinha

 ·  The social and political construction of the non-discrimination based on sexual orientation
Silva, Fernando Rodrigues; Nardi, Henrique Caetano

 ·  Coping strategies to bioethical dilemmas generated by school violence
Santos, Flavia Pedro dos Anjos; Vidal, Lícia Marques; Bittencourt, Isaiane Santos; Boery, Rita Narriman Silva de Oliveira; Sena, Edite Lago da Silva

 ·  The blood donors' itinerary: reflections on micro-policy in the nursing care
Santos, Nereida Lúcia Palko dos; Stipp, Marluci Andrade Conceição

 ·  A study on adolescent mothers in Brazil
Novellino, Maria Salet Ferreira

 ·  Implications of alcohol abuse and consumption in the Potiguara indigenous community
Melo, Juliana Rízia Félix de; Maciel, Silvana Carneiro; Oliveira, Rita de Cassia Cordeiro de; Silva, Antonia Oliveira