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Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva
On-line version ISSN 1809-4481


Table of contents
Physis vol.22 no.1 Rio de Janeiro  2012

Saúde reprodutiva
Camargo Jr., Kenneth R. de

 ·  Emergency contraception in the context of pharmacies: critical literature review
Paiva, Sabrina Pereira; Brandão, Elaine Reis

 ·  Disagreement between desire and reality: cesarean "industry" among middle class women in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Cardoso, Junia Espinha; Barbosa, Regina Helena Simões

 ·  Awaiting the future: teenage motherhood
Nunes, Silvia Alexim

 ·  Experiences of women on the care received during the parturition process
Santos, Luciano Marques; Pereira, Samantha Souza da Costa

 Other Themes
 ·  Marginal Mass in Latin America: changes in how poverty is conceptualised and addressed 40 years after the theory
Alves, Hayda; Escorel, Sarah

 ·  Access to SUS: representations and practices of professionals developed in Regulation Centers
Gawryszewski, Ana Raquel Bonder; Oliveira, Denize Cristina; Gomes, Antonio Marcos Tosoli

 ·  The SAMU, the regulation in the State of Rio de Janeiro and integral care according to managers of the three government levels
O´Dwyer, Gisele; Mattos, Ruben Araujo de

 ·  Where is the child?: challenges and obstacles to the matrix support of children with mental health problems
Cavalcante, Cinthia Mendonça; Jorge, Maria Salete Bessa; Santos, Danielle Christine Moura dos

 ·  The Paths to Healing: an anthropological approach about therapeutic itineraries of slum population of Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro
Ferreira, Jaqueline; Espírito Santo, Wanda

 ·  Profile of pediatric services inpatients in the city of Rio de Janeiro: have we changed?
Duarte, Josélia Giordano; Gomes, Saint Clair; Pinto, Marcia Teixeira; Gomes, Maria Auxiliadora S. Mendes

 ·  Medical-industrial and medical-financial complex: the epistemological and axiological sides of the balance
Mendonça, André Luis Oliveira; Camargo Jr, Kenneth Rochel

 ·  Linking Terminology in order to understand biosafety
Mello, Jacira Salgueiro; Silva, Marizete Pereira da; Cardoso, Telma Abdalla de Oliveira

 ·  Senses of intimate violence: analysis of an anonymous telephone service database
Pazo, Concepcion Gandara; Aguiar, Adriana Cavalcanti de

 ·  In defense of a shared management of medication in psychiatry
Nascimento, Maurino Loureiro do

 ·  Scope and limits of medicalization of the risk for psychosis: emergence of a new category?
Oliveira, Stephan Malta

 ·  Dangerous liaisons: the pharmaceutical industry, patients associations and the legal battles for access to medicines
Soares, Jussara Calmon Reis de Souza; Deprá, Aline Scaramussa

 ·  Legal frameworks of drug advertisement: progress and setbacks
Araújo, Carolina Pires; Bochner, Rosany; Nascimento, Álvaro César

 ·  Internet and health promotion: a tool for the development of individual and social skills
Garbin, Helena Beatriz da Rocha; Guilam, Maria Cristina Rodrigues; Pereira Neto, André Faria

 ·  Social representations of meat consumption in the city of Belo Horizonte
Barros, Guilherme Santiago de; Meneses, José Newton Coelho; Silva, José Ailton da

 ·  Multiprofessional teamwork in child rehabilitation
Uchôa, Alice da Costa; Vieira, Renata Magalhães Vieira; Rocha, Paulo de Medeiros; Rocha, Nadja de Sá Dantas; Maroto, Renata Melo