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Ciência Rural
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Table of contents
Cienc. Rural vol.25 no.3 Santa Maria  1995

 Crop Protection
 ·  Growth and nodulation in soybean cultivated on two substrata and treated with five rates of metolachlor
Amarante, Cassandro Vidal Talamini do; Canci, Paulo Cesar

 ·  Baculovirus anticarsia associated with dosage reduction of insecticides in the control of Anticarsia gemmatalis (Hübner, 1818) larvae
Silva, Mauro Tadeu Braga da

 ·  A survey of scale species (Hemiptera-homoptera) associated with leaves of citrus plants in the region of Santa Maria-RS
Bock, Marines Rosali; Tarragó, Manoel Fernando Sigaran

 Crop Production
 ·  Giberellic acid in nutritive soluction as a height evaluation test in hexaploid wheat
Dornelles, Ana Lúcia Cunha; Carvalho, Fernando Irajá Félix de; Federizzi, Luiz Carlos; Tavares, Maria Jane Cruz de Melo Sereno; Amaral, Adriane; Langlois, Patrícia

 ·  Plant regeneration of isogenic lines of the Maringá genotype of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) with short height genes (Rh1 and Rht2)
Handel, Cristine Luise; Federizzi, Luiz Carlos; Bered, Fernanda; Lange, Cláudia Ema; Dornelles, Ana Lúcia Cunha

 ·  Effect of chlormequat chloride on four wheat cultivars on two sowing dates
Lima, Maria do Rocío Santos da Silveira; Lovato, Cláudio

 ·  Effect of temperature and controlled atmosphere conditions on the storage of persimmon (Diospyrus kaki, L.)
Brackmann, Auri; Saquet, Adriano Arriel

 ·  Tomato yield affected by prunning systems inside a polyethylene greenholjse
Poerschke, Paulo Renato Cardoso; Buriol, Galileo Adeli; Streck, Nereu Augusto; Estefanel, Valduino

 ·  Relationship among the development stages of microspores and the morphological characteristics of the floral bud in sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)
Luz, José Magno Queiroz; Silva, Renata; Davide, Lisete Chamma; Pinto, José Eduardo Brasil Pereira

 ·  In vitro rooting of microcuttings and micropropagation of axilary buds of Sarandi (Sebastiania schottiana Muell. arg.)
Deschamps, Cícero; Pinto, José Eduardo Brasil Pereira

 Soil Fertility
 ·  Evaluation of different soil tillage systems and seeding methods under no tillage
Klein, Vilson Antonio; Boller, Walter

 Foresty Science
 ·  Taper of Eucalyptus dunnii Maiden established in the central depression and southeast slope of the state of Rio Grande do Sul
Finger, César Augusto Guimarães; Zanon, Magda Lea Bolzan; Schneider, Paulo Renato; Klein, Jorge Euclides Meyer; Coelho, Maria Cristina Bueno

 Clinic And Surgery
 ·  Use of flunitrazepam for sedation of swines
Marques, José Antonio; Carvalho, Luiz Fernando de Oliveira e Silva; Valadão, Carlos Augusto Araújo; Nunes, Newton; Vaz, Beatriz Berlink d'Utra

 ·  The esophageal integrity reconstitution with muscular flap, without clinical stricture in sheep
Contesini, Emerson Antonio; Pippi, Ney Luis; Natalini, Claudio Correa; Marchionatti, Anair; Silveira, Gustavo Mariosi; Silva, Marco Aurélio; Pelegrini, Luis Carlos de; Witz, Maria Inês

 ·  The sylicon slab implant in substitution of partial canine tracheal wall
Contesini, Emerson Antonio; Pippi, Ney Luis; Santos, Sandro Corumba; Pigatto, João Antonio; Polydoro, Alexandre; Salles, Mônica; Witz, Maria Inês

 ·  Bovine herpesvirus type 1 (BHV-1): I. Sorologic survey in herds with reproductive problems
Vidor, Telmo; Halfen, Daniza Coelho; Leite, Tisa Echevarria; Coswig, Lia Treptow

 ·  Bovine herpesvirus type 1 (BHV 1): an epidemiological survey in the dairy herd of Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil
Lovato, Luciane Teresinha; Weiblen, Rudi; Tobias, Fernando Luiz; Moraes, Mauro Pires

 ·  Ecopathological study of post weaning diarrhea in pig farms of southwest Paraná
Brito, Benito Guimarães de; Filippsen, Laerte Francisco; Mores, Nelson

 ·  Seasonal availability of sheep gastrointestinal nematode infection in the semi-arid areas of Pernambuco state
Charles, Terezinha Padilha

 Animal Production
 ·  Effect of intervals and stresses of artificial insemination on broiler breeder females production and fertility
Rosa, Alexandre Pires; Paganini, Fábio José; Vieira, Neventon Santi; Paloschi, Jonivan Luiz

 ·  Broiler breeding performance influenced by feeding programs during the growing period
Vieira, Neventon Santi; Rosa, Alexandre Pires; Zanella, Irineo; Mariani, Giovani Cocco; Lecznieski, Jeffersson Luiz

 ·  Evaluation of different feeding programs for broiler breeder females during the rearing period
Vieira, Neventon Santi; Rosa, Alexandre Pires; Zanella, Irineo; Maiorka, Alex; Manera, Paulo Renato

 ·  Forage production and quality of corn (Zea mays) and sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) hybrids silage
Genro, Teresa Cristina Moraes; Quadros, Fernando Luiz Ferreira de; Coelho, Liliana Gressier May; Coelho Filho, Roblein Cristal

 Clinic And Surgery
 ·  Pituitary dwarfism in a canine: clinical and laboratorial findings
Gaspar, Luiz Fernando Jantzen; Amaral, Anne Santos do

 ·  Tumor with cutaneous metastasis in a dog
Moutinho, Flávio Quaresma; Sampaio, Gabriela Rodrigues; Teixeira, Carlos Roberto; Sequeira, Júlio Lopes; Laufer, Renée

 Crop Production
 ·  Postharvest conservation of flowers
Sonego, Graciela; Brackmann, Auri

 ·  Summer legumes: symbiotic nitrogen fixation ability and utilization potential in south Brazil
Seganfredo, Milton Antonio

 ·  Importance, problems and perspectives of plant breeding concerning resistance to viruses
Barbieri, Rosa Lia; Carvalho, Fernando Irajá Félix de; Federizzi, Luiz Carlos

 ·  A review on the diagnosis infection in cattle of Schistosoma bovis: current status and future prospects
Aradaib, Imadeldin Elamin; Ahdelmageed, Elabbas Mohamed; Hassan, Sanaa Ali; Riemann, Hans Peter

 Summaries of Masters Degree Dissertation
 ·  Changes on insect population caused by intercropping bean corn and weeds
Guedes, Jerson Vanderlei Carús

 ·  Balloon-vine (Cardiospermum haUcacabum L.) in the soybean crop [Glycine max (L.) Merrill): biological aspects and chemical control
Souza, Robson Oliveira de

 ·  Soil water extraction model for soybean crop
Berto, James Luiz

 ·  Physiological aspects in the postpartum mare and in the newborn foal
Kurtz Filho, Mario