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Ciência Rural
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Table of contents
Cienc. Rural vol.26 no.2 Santa Maria May/Aug. 1996

 Crop Protection
 ·  Control of Sitophilus zeamais Mots with different concentrations of CO2 and O2
Guedes, Jerson Vanderlei Carús; Bortoluzzi, Gláucia; Brackmann, Auri; Costa, Ervandil Corrêa

 Crop Production
 ·  Effect of treatment with high CO2 concentrations on quality of 'Golden delicious' apples stored in controlled atmosphere
Brackmann, Auri; Gonçalves, Emerson Dias; Saquet, Adriano Arriel

 ·  Precooling and postharvest chemical treatment of 'Golden delicious' and 'Fuji' apples
Brackmann, Auri; Mazaro, Sérgio Miguel; Cecchini, Ricardo

 ·  Concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in drybean shoots in response to irrigation, fertirrigation and micronutrients
Pozzebon, Eder João; Carlesso, Reimar; Kelling, Cláudio; Pessoa, Antônio Carlos dos Santos; Konig, Osvaldo

 Soil Fertility
 ·  Chance of soil-water movement due to eartworms activity: numerical simulation
Kobiyama, Masato

 Rural Engineery
 ·  Linear error methods influenced on topographic area calculation under wavy landscape
Moreira, Attus Pereira; Giotto, Enio

 Foresty Science
 ·  Wood anatomy of Acacia bonariensis Gill. ex Hook. et Arn.
Marchiori, José Newton Cardoso

 Clinic And Surgery
 ·  Comparative evaluation between atracurium besylate and alcuronium chloride on heart rate and ventilometry of the dogs anesthetized with halothane
Polydoro, Alexandre da Silva; Natalini, Cláudio Corrêa; Futema, Fábio; Hennemann, Carla Rosane de Aguiar

 ·  Cardiovascular and respiratory effects of the induction with propofol in premedicated felines with xilazine/ketamine
Portella, Liandra Vogel; Natalini, Cláudio Corrêa; Toledo, Erika Cosendey; França, Juarez Antônio; Moreira, Tatiana Lima; Oliveira, Tânia C. de

 ·  Intraorbital implantation of acrylic resin or pericardium after transpalpebral enucleation in rabbits
Rahal, Sheila Canevese; Bracarense, Ana Paula Frederico Rodrigues Loureiro; Migliati, Elton Rodrigues; Padovani, Christianni Ferrari; Iamaguti, Paulo

 ·  Conchectomy sylicon implant in dogs
Contesini, Emerson Antônio; Pippi, Ney Luis; Witz, Maria Inês

 ·  Preparation of teaser goats by fixation of the caudal curvature of penis sigmoid flexure
Leon, Julio Isaac Pinilla De; Oliveira, Marcos Antonio Lemos; Lima, Paulo Fernandes de; Guerra, Maria Madalena Pessoa

 ·  Prevalence of enteropathogenic and enterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli in foods of animal origin in southern Brazil
Aleixo, José Antonio; Aver, Gladis Paim

 ·  Rhodococcus equi: serology and evaluation of passive antibody transference to foals
Lazzari, Andrea; Vargas, Agueda Castagna de; Weiss, Lúcia Niederauer; Borges, Carlos Horácio

 ·  Serological survey of the bovine leukosis virus infection in dairy herds of the Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil
Moraes, Mauro Pires; Weiblen, Rudi; Flores, Eduardo Furtado; Oliveira, João César Dias; Rebelatto, Marlon Cezar; Zanini, Marildo; Rabuske, Marta; Hübner, Sílvia de Oliveira; Pereira, Neíte Machado

 ·  Microbial contamination in minced meat of butcher shops of Santa Maria city, RS, Brazil
Grünspan, Elisabete Dockhorn; Ulon, Sara Noemi; Santos, Air Fagundes dos; Herrmann, Geder Paulo; Shirmer, Velcir Rubenich

 ·  Inactivation of trichostrongylid nematode eggs by anaerobic digestion of cattle slurry
Furlong, John; Padilha, Terezinha

 ·  Prevalence of Paramphistomum in the bovine stomach and reticulum in the State of Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil
Mattos, Mary Jane Tweedie de; Ueno, Hakaru

 Animal Reproduction
 ·  Fertility in stallions as accessed by the breeding soundness examination
Hammes, Anelise Maria; Pimentel, Cláudio Alves; Fernandes, Carlos Eurico

 Animal Production
 ·  Estimate of carcass weight and cuts fore quarter, ribs and hind pistol from live weight in hereford steers
Jardim, Pedro Osório; Osório, José Carlos; Tarouco, Jaime Urdapilleta; Lüder, Werner Erwin

 ·  Effect of diferents levels of crude protein and metabolizable energy on the performance of Plymouth rock barred hens
Rosa, Alexandre Pires; Zanella, Irineo; Vieira, Neventon Santi

 Food Technology
 ·  Total dry extract in Brazilian wines: comparison of analytical methods
Rizzon, Luiz Antenor; Miele, Alberto

 ·  The effect of the fungus metarhizium anisopliae at free living stages of Cyathostominae (Nematoda: Strongylidae)
Rodrigues, Maria de Lurdes de Azevedo; Bittencourt, Vânia Rita Elias Pinheiro; Anjos, Débora Henrique da Silva; Castro, Abisair Andrade de

 Case Report
 ·  Canine brucellosis: a case report
Varga, Agueda Castagna de; Lazzari, Andrea; Dutra, Valéria; Poester, Fernando

 Crop Production
 ·  Etiolation to clonal plant propagation
Biasi, Luiz Antonio

 ·  Rational prescription in veterinary medicine and the names of active substances of alopatic medicines
Langeloh, Augusto

 ·  Viral diseases to be differentiated from foot-and-mouth disease
Riet-Correa, Franklin; Moojen, Valéria; Roehe, Paulo Michel; Weiblen, Rudi

 ·  Predacious activity of nematophagous fungi on free living stages of trichostrongylid nematodes
Padilha, Terezinha

 Summaries of Masters Degree Dissertation
 ·  Effects of vitrification on immature bovine oocytes during in vitro fertilized
Metzdorf, André

 ·  Regulation of oocyte nuclear maturation and cumulus expansion by protein kinase A and C in the bovine
Vignola, Alvaro Gonzalo Hernández

 ·  Sperm recovery, spermatic capacitation and in vitro early embryonic development in the bovine
Schweitzer, Christine Marie

 ·  Optional methods to freeze, thaw and evaluate ram semen in pellets
Moraes, Cácio do Nascimento