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Ciência Rural
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Table of contents
Cienc. Rural vol.27 no.4 Santa Maria Oct./Dec. 1997

 Crop Protection
 ·  Effect of different soil tillage methods on Sternechus subsignatus (Boheman) infestation and damage in soybean
Silva, Mauro Tadeu Braga da; Klein, Vilson Antonio

 ·  Sternechus subsignatus (Boheman) behaviour in ten summer rotation specles and trapping crops for no-tillage system
Silva, Mauro Tadeu Braga da

 ·  Chemical quality of water used for spraying and its effect on the herbicide action of glyphosate
Vargas, Leandro; Fleck, Nilson Gilberto; Vida, Ribas Antonio; Cunha, Marcos Marimom da

 Crop Production
 ·  Increasing corn yield through changes in plant population
Merotto Junior, Aldo; Alrneida, Milton Luiz de; Fuchs, Orlando

 ·  Nitrogen supply by winter and summer cover plants to corn in no-till system
Beutler, Amauri Nelson; Eltz, Flavio Luiz Foletto; Brum, Antônio Carlos Rabenschlag de; Lovato, Thomé

 ·  Storage of persimmons (Diospyrus kaki, l.) cultivares Fuyu and Rama forte
Brackmann, Auri; Mazaro, Sérgio Miguel; Saquet, Adriano Arriel

 ·  Influence of indolebutyric acid and ethephon on rooting of cuttings of peach (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch)
Tonietto, Adilson; Dutra, Leonardo Ferreira; Kersten, Elio

 Soil Fertility
 ·  Growth of legume pasture affected by phosphorus addition, soil liming, and mycorrhizae under greenhouse condition
Rheinheimer, Danilo dos Santos; Santos, Julio Cesar Pires; Kaminski, João; Mafran, Álvaro Luiz

 Rural Engineering
 ·  Suitability of georeferencing of aerial photography of small format in the formation of data bank: an alternative to rural municipal technical cadaster
Farret, Julio Cesar; Giotto, Enio

 ·  Cytogenetics of five ornamental species of liliales
Lovatto, Marlene Terezinha; Battistin, Alice

 Foresty Science
 ·  Experimental plot size for Eucalyptus saligna Smith
Zanon, Magda Lea Bolzan; Storck, Lindolfo

 Clinic And Surgery
 ·  Comparative study between pancuronium and vecuronium in dogs submitted to lens extraction
Cortopassi, Silvia Renata Gaido; Fantoni, Denise Tabacchi; Safatle, Angélica de Mendonça Vaz; Barros, Paulo Sergio de Moraes; Quinzani, Marcelo

 ·  Effects of the high-flow modified to-and-fro anesthestic system on blood gas and respiratory rate in halothane anesthetized horses
Natalini, Cláudio Corrêa; Polydoro, Alexandre da Silva

 ·  Flunixin meglumine or bupivacaine as postoperative analgesic techniques for lateral intercostal thoracotomy in dogs
Dal Pai, Simone; Natalini, Cláudio Corrêa; Raiser, Alceu Gaspar; Polydoro, Alexandre da Silva

 ·  Spinal reflexes in calves
Borges, Alexandre Secorun; Sapatera, Adriana Carla; Mendes, Luiz Cláudio Nogueira

 ·  Ioversol contrast medium in canine neuroradiology
Tudury, Eduardo Alberto; Arias, Mônica Vicky Bahr; Camargo, Pedro Luis de; Faria, Maria de Lourdes Estrella; Machado, Carmen Esther Grumadas

 ·  Retrospective study of foreign bodies cases at digestive tube in cats
Sterman, Franklin de Almeida; Matera, Julia Maria; Stopiglia, Angelo João

 ·  Penile and perineal urethrostomy in domestic cats
Peixoto, Erika Cosendey Toledo de Mello; Pippi, Ney Luis; Raiser, Alceu Gaspar; Portella, Liandra Vogel; Moreira, Tatiana Lima; Oliveira, Tânia Cilja Sheid Rodrigues de

 ·  Appraisal methods for controlling the infection by enzootic bovine leukosis
Braga, Fátima Machado; van der Laan, Carlos Willi; Halfen, Daniza Coelho; Vidor, Teimo

 ·  Natural diets to rear Chrysomya albiceps (Wiedemann, 1819; Diptera: Calliphoridae): a comparative study
Ribeiro, Rosemary Cardoso; Milward-de-Azevedo, Eliane Maria Vieira

 ·  Ocurrence of biological vectors of Dermatobia hominis (L. Jr.,1781)(Diptera:Cuterebridae), captured by magoom trap in the matallurgic region, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Rodríguez, Batista Zenón; Leite, Romário Cerqueira

 Animal Production
 ·  Feedlot performance from weaning to slaughter at fourteen months of age of steers and bulls, produced by two-years old cows
Restle, João; Flores, Jorge Luis Carvalho; Vaz, Fabiano Nunes; Lisboa, Renan Augusto

 ·  Quantitative and qualitative aspects in the wool produced by hampshire down ewes
Ribeiro, Edson Luis de Azambuja; Rocha, Marco Antônio da; Mizubuti, Ivone Yurika; Figueiró, Paulo Roberto Pires

 ·  Feed system of free-choice using grounded or whole corn and protein concentrate for broiler chickens
Zanella, Irineo; Sakomura, Nilva Kazue; Bispo, Adilson Ricardo; Longo, Flavio Alves

 ·  Fertility in the stallion as accessed by the spermatozoa morphology
Pimentel, Cláudio Alves; Hammes, Anelise Maria; Dietrich, Giovani

 Clinic And Surgery
 ·  Diabetes mellitus associated with dermatopathy in a dog: case report
Bahr Arias, Mônica Vicky; Jericó, Márcia Marques

 ·  Clinical bovine mastitis caused by Prototheca zopfii: a case study
Brito, Maria Aparecida Vasconcelos Paiva; Veiga, Vânia Maria Oliveira

 Crop Production
 ·  Pyramiding resistance genes to cereal rusts
Milach, Sandra Cristina Kothe; Cruz, Renata Pereira da

 Summaries of Masters Degree Dissertation
 ·  Liming effectiveness in rice under two different times of flooding
Wielewicki, Angélica Polenz

 ·  Soil landscape, moisture and genesis of soil developed from the alemoa member of Santa Maria formation
Inda Junior, Alberto Vasconcellos