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Ciência Rural
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Table of contents
Cienc. Rural vol.29 no.2 Santa Maria May/June 1999

 Crop Protection
 ·  Biological aspects of Sternechus subsignatus in soybean under no-tillage system
Silva, Mauro Tadeu Braga da

 ·  Performance of the insectide chlorpyrifos to control Diabrotica speciosa (Germ.) (Coleoptera:Chrysomelidae) in potato crop
Salles, Luiz Antonio; Grutzmacher, Anderson Dionei

 ·  User of Methomyl insecticide for the selection of spot blotch resistant oat genotypes
Handel, Cristine Luise; Milach, Sandra Cristina Kothe; Federizzi, Luiz Carlos; Barbieri, Rosa Lia; Bered, Fernanda; Dornelles, Ana Lúcia Cunha

 Crop Production
 ·  Rooting of Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Parl. cuttings with indolbutyric acid in five media
Stumpf, Elisabeth Regina Tempel; Grolli, Paulo Roberto; Silva, José Antônio Gonzales da

 ·  Path analysis. I: analysis of the yield of grains and its components
Coimbra, Jefferson Luís Meirelles; Guidolin, Altamir Frederico; Carvalho, Fernando Irajá Felix de; Coimbra, Silvana Manfredi Meirelles; Marchioro, Volmir Sergio

 ·  Induction to male-sterility and cross-pollination in wheat
Pegoraro, Diego Girardi; Barbosa Neto, José Fernandes; Schneider, Fernanda; Sordi, Maria Elena Basilio; Sereno, Maria Jane Cruz de Melo

 ·  Nutritional requirements of grápia (Apuleia leiocarpa Vog. Macbride) in a red yellow podzolic soil
Nicoloso, Fernando Teixeira; Zanchetti, Flavio; Garlet, Alencar; Fogaça, Marco Aurélio de Freitas

 ·  Accelerated aging test for ryegrass black oat grass and pearl millet seeds
Garcia, Danton Camacho; Menezes, Nilson Lemos de

 ·  Weeding and side-dressing of nitrogen fertilizer realized on different bean development stages: III - "Winter" crop season
Paes, José Mauro Valente; Cardoso, Antônio Américo; Silva, Antônio Alberto da; Brito, Césio Humberto de

 ·  Cold storage and rot control on ‘valência’ orange
Brackmann, Auri; Lunardi, Rosangela; Donazzolo, Joel

 ·  Performance of plants and seeds of beans under effect of the osmotic conditioning and of the aplication of zinc
Sperotto, Cassio Carlos Ilgenfritz; Menezes, Nilson Lemos de; Storck, Lindolfo

 Soil Fertility
 ·  Crop rotation systems for wheat, after four years: effects on soil fertility under no-tillage
Santos, Henrique Pereira dos; Tomm, Gilberto Omar

 Rural Engineery
 ·  Harvest header and manual harvest with mechanical strip on rice ( Oryza sativa, L. ) seeds quality
Franco, Daniel Fernandez; Alonço, Airton dos Santos; Petrini, José Alberto

 ·  Pollen grain diameter and stomatal size in diploid and tetraploid accessions of Hemarthria altissima (Poiret) Stapf & Hubbard (Gramineae)
Tedesco, Solange Bosio; Battistin, Alice; Valls, José Francisco Montenegro

 ·  Shoot cutting position effect on rooting of Pfaffia glomerata (Spreng.) Pedersen in two substrates
Nicoloso, Fernando Teixeira; Fortunato, Roni Paulo; Fogaça, Marco Aurélio de Freitas

 Clinic And Surgery
 ·  Composition of the synovial fluid of dogs with the cranial cruciate ligament rupture
Borges, Andréa Pacheco Batista; Rezende, Cleuza Maria de Faria; Assis, Carlos Batista de; Pereira, Márcia Ferreira; Andrade, Leonardo Maciel

        · abstract in English | Portuguese     · text in Portuguese
 ·  The use of levomepromazine to blockade the arrhythmia induced by the epinephrine in dogs anesthetized with ketamine
Nunes, Newton; Massone, Flávio; Pompermayer, Luiz Gonzaga; Pirolo, Josmari; Camacho, Aparecido Antonio

 ·  Contraction of wound after cover with temporaly skin substitutes
Coelho, Maria Cristina Oliveira; Rezende, Cleuza Maria de Faria; Tenório, Ana Paula Monteiro

 ·  Anti-leptospire agglutinins in buffaloes from Vale do Ribeira, São Paulo State, Brazil
Langoni, Hélio; Del Fava, Claudia; Cabral, Kenio de Gouvêa; Silva, Aristeu Vieira da; Chagas, Sérgio Aguiar Pacheco

 ·  Bovine leptospirosis: serology at dairy farms in Londrina region, Paraná State, Brazil
Rodrigues, Cibele Giatti; Müller, Ernst Eckehardt; Freitas, Julio Cesar de

 Animal Production
 ·  Survival of fingerlings of the Jundiá (Rhamdia quelen Quoy & Gaimard, 1824) to changes on water salinity
Marchioro, Maria Ignez; Baldisserotto, Bernardo

 ·  Biochemical polymorphisms and genetic relationships between Brazilian and foreign breeds of pigs reared in Brazil
Tagliaro, Cláudia Helena; Franco, Maria Helena Lartigau Pereira; Schneider, Maria Paula Cruz; Brito, Benito Guimarães de; Barbosa, Antonio Stockler

 ·  Growth rate of Ibagé x Hereford crosses born in different seasons of the year
Machado Júnior, Paulo Cláudio; Salomoni, Eduardo; Osório, José Carlos da Silveira

 ·  Carcass traits of Canchim, Aberdeen Angus and reciprocal crosses finished in confinement
Perotto, Daniel; Moletta, José Luiz; Cubas, Antonio Carlos

 ·  Site and extent of digestion by weaned calves fed "Ad Libitum" on high concentrate-rich diets with different supplemental protein sources
Kozloski, Gilberto Vilmar; Ciocca, Maria de Lourdes Santorio; Sanchez, Luis Maria Bonnecarrère; Rocha, João Batista Teixeira da

 ·  Nutritional value of soybean meal, honey, milky meal and sugar at beehives (Apis mellifera) in the production of royal jelly
Perlin, Tarcizio Antonio

 Crop Protection
 ·  Incidence of the southamerican fruit fly on plums
Salles, Luiz Antonio

 ·  The penetration of the fungus Metarhizium anisopliae on Boophilus microplus in experimental conditions
Bittencourt, Vânia Rita Elias Pinheiro; Mascarenhas, Andréa Gemal; Faccini, João Luiz Horacio

 Clinic And Surgery
 ·  Bilateral lamellar keratoplasty in descemetocele treatment in dog with botulism by use of equine renal capsule and conjunctival pedicle graft
Laus, José Luiz; Galera, Paula Diniz; Schocken-Iturrino, Ruben Pablo; Cavassani, Marluce de Macedo; Andrade, Alexandre Lima de

 ·  Tricholemmoma in a rabbit
Oliveira, Krishna Duro de; França, Ticiana do Nascimento; González, Alexander Pérez; Peixoto, Paulo Vargas

 Crop Protection
 ·  Breeding for partial resistance to fungal diseases in cereals
Thomé, Gladis Cleci Hermes; Milach, Sandra Cristina Kothe; Cruz, Renata Pereira da; Federizzi, Luiz Carlos

 ·  Bovine herpesvirus-1 in semen
Rocha, Maurilio Andrade; Gouveia, Aurora Maria Guimarães; Leite, Rômulo Cerqueira