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Scientia Agricola
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Sci. agric. (Piracicaba, Braz.) vol.51 no.2 Piracicaba May/Aug. 1994

 Nuclear Energy in Agriculture
 ·  Quantitative analysis by energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence by the transmission method applied to geological samples
Simabuco, S.M.; Nascimento Filho, V.F.

 ·  Study on vinasse dynamics in soil usin energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence with radioisotopic excitation
Simabuco, S.M.; Nascimento Filho, V.F.

 ·  Desinfestation of Averrhoa carambola infested with Anastrepha obliqua (mac. 1835) (diptera - Tephritidae) using gamma radiation
Arthur, V.; Wiendl, P.M.

 ·  Longevity and reproduction of Cryptolestes pusillus (Schoenherr) (Col., Cucujidae) after gamma irradiation
Wiendl, F.M.; Arthur, V.; Wiendl, J.A.; Pelutzen, F.G.

 ·  Evaluation of a 15N plot design for estimating plant recovery of fertilizer nitrogen applied to sugar cane
Trivelin, P.C.O.; Lara Cabezas, W.A.R.; Victoria, R.L.; Reichardt, K.

 Plant Physiology
 ·  Influence of calcium chloride on the growth of Gypsophila paniculata L. (Caryophyllaceae) explants, cultivated in vitro
Jun Takane, R.; Minami, K.; Lucchesi, A.A.; Almeida, M. De

 ·  Artificial substract effect on the rooting of calanchoe (Kalanchoe x blossfeldiana cv. singapur, crassulaceae) cuttings
Gonçalves, A.L.; Minami, K.

 ·  Competition effects with mixed stands of wheat and kochia (Kochia scoparia) biotypes resistant and susceptible to acetolactase synthase inhibitor herbicides
Christoffoleti, P.J.; Westra, P.

 ·  Influence of growth regulators and potassium nitrate on Citrus amblycarpa seed germination and growth of rootstocks
Leonel, S.; Modesto, J.C.; Rodrigues, J.D.

 ·  Effect of seeding depth on the emergence of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) seedlings
Tillmann, M.A.A.; Piana, Z.; Cavariani, C.; Minami, K.

 ·  Residual effect of fertilizer applied to soybean on sugarcane yield
Mascarenhas, H.A.A.; Costa, A.A.; Tanaka, R.T.; Ambrosano, E.J.; Rosa, F.V.; Costa, V.F.

 ·  Estimating crop coefficients for corn during an evapotranspiration experiment on an oxisol in Brazil
Villagra, M.M.; Gabriels, D.; Verplancke, H.; Hartmann, R.; Reichardt, K.

 ·  Effect of phosphorus on the initial development of feijoa seedlings
Nachtigal, J.C.; Kluge, R.A.; Rossal, P.A.L.; Vahl, L.C.; Hoffmann, A.

 ·  Estimation of carrot water consumption (Daucus carota, L.) t. nantes superior, in piracicaba county through the water balance methodology
Moura, M.V.T.; Marques Júnior, S.; Botrel, T.A.; Frizone, J.A.

 ·  Effects of irrigation and nitrogen levels on qualitative and nutritional aspects of fig-trees (Ficus carica L.)
Hernandez, F.B.T.; Modesto, J.C.; Suzuki, M.A.; Corrêa, L.S.; Reichardt, K.

 ·  Effect of harvesting time on seed physiological quality, chemical composition and storability of soybeans
Marcos-Filho, J.; Chamma, H.M.C.P.; Casagrande, J.R. R.; Marcos, E.A.; Regitano-d'arce, M.A.B.

 ·  Relationship between nitrogen sources, germination and vigor of soybean seeds
Marcos-Filho, J.; Custodio, C.C.; Camara, G.M.S.; Marcos, E.A.; Miranda, R.E.

 Earth Science
 ·  Gouy-chapman and Stern diffuse double layer models applied to acric oxisols from the state São Paulo - Brazil
Alleoni, L.R.F.; Camargo, O.A. de

 ·  Physical attributes of acric oxisols from the state of São Paulo - Brazil
Alleoni, L.R.F.; Camargo, O.A. de

 ·  Spatial and temporal variability of soil water matric potential in a dark red latosol
Pacheco, F.B.P.; Reichardt, K.; Tuon, R.L.; Bacchi, O.O.S.; Villagra, M.M.

 ·  Mineralogy and cation mobility of a weathering alteration of diabase
Clemente, C.A.; Marconi, A.

 ·  Oxisol-Ultisol-Entisol sequence developed from clayey material near Tucuruí region, Pará state, Brazil
Demattê, J.A.M.; Aloisi, R.R.; Demattê, J.L.I.

 Agroindustrial Technology
 ·  Equilibrium relative humidity and lipid oxidation in Brazil-nut, macadamia nut and soybean seed flours
Prado-Filho, L.G. do

 ·  Postharvest preservation conditions for sweet pepper fruits (Capsicum annum L.)
Barros, J.C. da S.M. de; Goes, Á. de; Minam, K.

 ·  Post-harvest control of aflatoxin production in in-shell moist peanuts with sodium ortho-phenylphenate: III. Storage tests
Fonseca, H.; Gallo, C.R.; Calori-Domingues, M.A.; Gloria, E.M.; Approbatto, P.J.; Fonseca, E.L.; Zambello, I.V.

 Animal Science
 ·  The effect of feed supplementation on the onset of puberty in Brazilian dairy heifers
Meirelles, C.F.; Abdalla, A.L.; Vitti, D.M.S.S.

 ·  Effect of different feeding programs employing supplemental colostrum on serum total protein and albumin, and performance of newborn calves
Daniele, C.; Machado Neto, R.; Baracat, R.S.; Bessi, R.; Packer, Lu

 Short Comunication
 ·  How old are large Brazil-nut trees (Bertholletia excelsa) in the Amazon?
Camargo, P.B. de; Salomão, R. de P.; Trumbore, S.; Martinelli, L.A.