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Scientia Agricola
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Sci. agric. (Piracicaba, Braz.) vol.51 no.3 Piracicaba Sept./Dec. 1994

Nota do editor
Reichardt, Klaus

 Nuclear Energy in Agriculture
 ·  Bioevaluation of the nutritional status of rice (Oriza sativa L. cv. IAC-165) and bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv. carioca) plants using 15N and 32P
Calvache, A.M.; Bernardi, A.C.C.; Oliveira, F.C.; Prada Neto, E.; Silva, J.A.A.; Malavolta, E.

 ·  Gamma radiation attenuation to study soil particle distribution for forest and sugar cane soils
Oliveira, J.C.M. de; Reichardt, K.; Vaz, C.M.P.

 ·  Gamma radiation effects on eggs of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst., 1797) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)
Fontes, L. S.; Arthur, V.

 Plant Physiology
 ·  Symptoms of mineral deficiencies in cupuaçu plants (Theobroma grandiflorum) grown in nutrient solution
Salvador, J.O.; Muraoka, T.; Rossetto, R.; Ribeiro, G. de A.

 ·  Evaluation of stratification methods for dormancy break of Ilex paraguariensis St. Hil. seeds
Cuquel, F. L.; Carvalho, M. L. M. de; Chamma, H.M.C.P.

 ·  Biochemical characterization of sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) cultivars: isoenzymes, solubre protein and brix value
Almeida, M. de; Crócomo, O. J.

 ·  Growth analysis of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)
Nogueira, S.S.S.; Nagai, V.; Braga, N.R.; Novo, M. Do C.S.S.; Camargo, M.B.P.

 ·  Rooting stimulation in muscadine grape cuttings
Castro, P.R.C.; Melotto, E.; Soares, F.C.; Passos, I.R.S.; Pommer, C.V.

 ·  Quantities of potassium nitrate solution and the germination of Panicum maximum Jacq. seeds
Toledo, F.F. de; Novembre, A.D.L.C.; Chamma, H.M.C.P.

 ·  Resistance reaction of tomato genotypes (Lycopersicum spp.) to Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn
Cassiolato, A.M. Rodrigues; Melo, I.S. de

 ·  Evaluation of morphological characteristics in Venezuelan maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes under drought stress
Camacho, R.G.; Caraballo, D.F.

 ·  Soil solarization for Pithium and weed control in chrysanthemum crop
Bettiol, W.; Ghini, R.; Galvão, J.A.H.; Zocchi, S.S.

 ·  Maize response to inoculation with P-solubilizing fungus
Nahas, E.; Fornasieri, D. J.; Assis, L. C.

 ·  Influence of water levels of the substrate on the rooting of white ivy (Evolvulus pusilus) cuttings
Piana, Z.; Cavariani, C.; Tillmann, M.A.A.; Minami, K.

 ·  Chemical control of coccid (Orthezia praelonga Douglas, 1891) for orange-trees, with insecticide granulated
Mariconi, F.A.M.; Nass, L.L.; Passos, H.R.; Ciniglio Neto, F.; Vieira Jr, F.M.; Campos Neto, H.M.

 ·  Effects of maize seed treated with zinc and boron sources on germination and vigour
Ribeiro, N.D.; Santos, O.S. dos; Menezes, N.L. de

 ·  Water availability and germination of onion seeds (Allium cepa L.)
Piana, Z.; Cavariani, C.; Tillmann, M.A.A.; Minami, K.

 ·  Effects of harvesting methods and fruit position in plant on hard seed occurrency in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench)
Setubal, J. W.; Zanin, A.C.W.; Nakagawa, J.

 ·  Control of citrus scab, melanose and leprosis with fungicides and miticide mixed to foliar fertilizer
Bettiol, W.; Moraes, G.J. de; Steulla Jr., C.S.; Nicolino, C.; Galvão, J.A.H.

 ·  Contribution of symbiotic nitrogen fixation on pigeon-pea yield (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp)
Valarini, M.J.; Godoy, R.

 ·  Field tests for control of the mound-building termite Cornitermes cumulans (Kollar, 1832) (Isoptera, Termitidae)
Mariconi, F.A.M.; Galan, V.B.; Rocha, M.T.; Maule, R.F.; Passos, H.R.; Silva, R.A.A.

 ·  Study of several varieties of tree crowns on different rootstocks of mango (Mangifera indica L.)
Simão, S.; Nylander, O.; Ottasi, B.; Barbin, D.

 Earth Science
 ·  Distribuition of maize root system in a kanduidalfic eutrudox soil: I. Comparison of methodologies
Fante Jr, L.; Reichardt, K.; Jorge, L.A.C.; Crestana, S.

 ·  Economical viabiality of the melon crop (Cucumis melo L.) in the Ilha Solteira region
Paulino, H.B.; Tarsitano, M.A.A.; Hernandez, F.B.T.; Bizetti, S.

 ·  Water allocation and activity combination in a hydro-agricultural project in Guaíra county (SP), using linear programming
Frizzone, J.A.; Botrel, T.A.; Arce, R.A.B.; Péres, F.C.

 ·  Effects of soil water potentials at different phenological phases of barley crop (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Urchei, M.A.; Rodrigues, J.D.

 ·  Distribution of maize root system in a kanduidalfic eutrudox soil: II. Comparison between irrigated and fertirrigated crops
Bassoi, L.H.; Fante Júnior, L.; Jorge, L.A.C.; Crestana, S.; Reichardt, K.

 ·  Quality of center pivot irrigation controlled by tensiometers
Saad, A.M.; Libardi, P.L.

 Agroindustrial Technology
 ·  Evaluation of organic materials used as fertilizers
Rodella, A.A.; Alcarde, J.C.

 ·  Influence of temperature and polyethilene wrapping in the storage of feijoa fruits (Feijoa sellowiana Berg.)
Hoffmann, A.; Nachtigal, J.C.; Kluge, R.A.; Bilhalva, A.B.

 Animal Science
 ·  Evaluation of the effectiveness of a mastitis control program in grad B milk farms of the state of São Paulo
Laranja, L.F.; Machado, P.F.

 ·  Occurrence of bovine mastitis in grade B milk farms in the state of São Paulo
Laranja, L.F.; Machado, P.F.