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Scientia Agricola
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Sci. agric. (Piracicaba, Braz.) vol.59 no.4 Piracicaba Oct./Dec. 2002

 Animal Science and Pastures
 ·  Genetic divergence among elephantgrass cultivars assessed by RAPD markers in composit samples
Daher, Rogério Figueiredo; Pereira, Messias Gonzaga; Pereira, Antônio Vander; Amaral Jr., Antônio Teixeira do

 ·  Biomass allocation and morphophysiological correlations in forage legumes with contrating growth habits
Scheffer-Basso, Simone Meredith; Jacques, Aino Victor Ávila; Dall' Agnol, Miguel

 ·  Diet formulation on swine performance, carcass quality, production and composition of swine manure
Nones, Kátia; Lima, Gustavo J.M.M. de; Bellaver, Cláudio; Rutz, Fernando

 Agricultural Engineering
 ·  Fluid-dynamics of broccoli seeds in fluized and spouted beds
Almeida, Celina de; Rocha, Sandra Cristina dos Santos

 ·  Simulation of the corn seed drying process in fixed bed
Souza, Cristiano Márcio Alves de; Queiroz, Daniel Marçal de; Lacerda Filho, Adílio Flauzino de

 ·  Development and soybean leaf consumption by Urbanus proteus proteus (L.)
Nava, Dori Edson; Parra, José Roberto Postali

 ·  Development of Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius,1889) biotype B on Lycopersicon spp. genotypes
Marilene, Fancelli; Vendramim, José Djair

 ·  Biological aspects and predatory capacity of Podisus nigrispinus (Dallas) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) fed on Alabama argillacea (Hübner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) reared on cotton genotypes
Santos, Terezinha Monteiro dos; Boiça Jr., Arlindo Leal

 ·  Nonpreference of whitefly for oviposition in tomato genotypes
Toscano, Luciana Cláudia; Boiça Jr., Arlindo Leal; Maruyama, Wilson Itamar

 ·  Pests and their natural enemies on soybean and corn grown in diversified systems
Cividanes, Francisco Jorge; Yamamoto, Fábio Takeshi

 Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
 ·  Calcium, potassium and magnesium treatment of Chrysanthemum morifolium cv. "Bi Time" and callogenesis in vitro
Borgatto, Fábio; Dias, Carlos Tadeu dos Santos; Amaral, Antônio Francisco Campos; Melo, Murilo

 ·  Extraction and activity determination of polyphenoloxidase in coffee
Mazzafera, Paulo; Gonçalves, Kátia Viviane; Shimizu, Milton Massao

 Plant Pathology
 ·  Resistance to stem canker, frogeye leaf spot and powdery mildew of soybean lines lacking lipoxigenases in the seeds
Martins, Carlos Alberto Osório; Sediyama, Carlos Sigueyuki; Oliveira, Maria Goreti de Almeida; Reis, Múcio Silva; Rocha, Valterley Soares; Moreira, Maurílio Alves; Gomes, José Luiz Lopes

 Crop Science
 ·  Phytomass mapping of the "seridó caatinga" vegetation by the plant area and the normalized difference vegetation indeces
Costa, Thomaz Corrêa e Castro da; Accioly, Luciano José de Oliveira; Oliveira, Maria Ap. José de; Burgos, Nivaldo; Silva, Flávio Hugo Barreto Batista da

 ·  Estimating peach palm fruit surface area using allometric relationships
Bovi, Marilene Leão Alves; Spiering, Sandra Heiden

 ·  Calibration and test of the cropgro-dry bean model for edaphoclimatic conditions in the savanas of Central Brazil
Meireles, Elza Jacqueline Leite; Pereira, Antonio Roberto; Sentelhas, Paulo Cesar; Stone, Luis Fernando; Zimmermann, Francisco José Pfeilsticker

 ·  Diallel crossing among maize populations for resistance to fall armyworm
Alvarez, María del Pilar; Miranda Filho, José Branco de

 Genetics and Plant Breeding
 ·  Phenotypic recurrent selection to improve protein quality in non-opaque maize populations
Garcia, Antonio Augusto Franco; Souza Jr., Cláudio Lopes de

 ·  Use of AFLPS to distinguish landraces of pejibaye (Bactris gasipaes) in brazilian Amazonia
Clement, Charles R.; Sousa, Nelcimar Reis; Rodrigues, Doriane Picanço; Astolfi-Filho, Spártaco; Moreno, Yolanda Núñez; Pascual, Vicente Torres; Rodríguez, Francisco Javier Gallego

 ·  Power of "Quantitative Trait Loci" detection, single market analisys and of the multiple linear regression
Silva, Heyder Diniz; Vencovsky, Roland

 ·  A model to explain high values of pH in an alkali sodic soil
Guerrero-Alves, José; Pla-Sentís, Ildefonso; Camacho, Rafael

 Soils and Plant Nutrition
 ·  Vegetative growth of grain sorghum in response to phosphorus nutrition
Camacho, Rafael; Malavolta, Eurípedes; Guerrero-Alves, José; Camacho, Tomás

 ·  Nitrogen 15 abundance in protein fractions of beans fertilized with (15NH4)2SO4
Chaud, Saula Goulart; Oliveira, Admar Costa de; Trivelin, Paulo César Ocheuze

 ·  Phosphorus absorption by of corn hybrids grown in savana soils
Fernandes, Cristiano; Muraoka, Takashi

 ·  More adequate probability distributions to represent the saturated soil hydraulic conductivity
Mesquita, Maria da Glória Bastos de Freitas; Moraes, Sérgio Oliveira; Corrente, José Eduardo

 ·  Soil bulk density, porosity and resistance to root penetration in an Oxisol managed by different soil tillage systems
Tormena, Cássio Antonio; Barbosa, Mauro Cezar; Costa, Antônio Carlos Saraiva da; Gonçalves, Antonio Carlos Andrade

 ·  Long-life tomato cultivars growing under the hydroponic Nutrient Film Technique
Gualberto, Ronan; Oliveira, Paulo Sérgio Rabelo de; Resende, Francisco Vilela

 ·  Selection methods for maize seedlings in greenhouse as related to aluminum tolerance
Giaveno, Carlos Daniel; Miranda Filho, José Branco de

 ·  A rapid method for measuring soil water content in the field with a areometer
Calbo, Adonai Gimenez

 ·  Degradation of caffeine by microorganisms and potential use of decaffeinated coffee husk and pulp in animal feeding
Mazzafera, Paulo