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Scientia Agricola
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Table of contents
Sci. agric. (Piracicaba, Braz.) vol.63 no.3 Piracicaba May/June 2006

 Crop Science
 ·  High level of copper application to soil and leaves reduce the growth and yield of tomato plants
Sonmez, Sahriye; Kaplan, Mustafa; Sonmez, Namik Kemal; Kaya, Harun; Uz, Ilker

 ·  Maturation curves and degree-days accumulation for fruits of 'Folha Murcha' orange trees
Stenzel, Neusa Maria Colauto; Neves, Carmen Silvia Vieira Janeiro; Marur, Celso Jamil; Scholz, Maria Brígida dos Santos; Gomes, José Carlos

 ·  Water-yield relationships of potato under different irrigation methods and regimens
Erdem, Tolga; Erdem, Yesim; Orta, Halim; Okursoy, Hakan

 Food Science and Technology
 ·  Brazilian consumers' perception of tenderness of beef steaks classified by shear force and taste
Delgado, Eduardo Francisquine; Aguiar, Ana Paula; Ortega, Edwin Moisés Marcos; Spoto, Marta Helena Fillet; Castillo, Carmen Josefina Contreras

 ·  Mortadella sausage formulations with mechanically separated layer hen meat preblended with antioxidants
Trindade, Marco Antonio; Castillo, Carmen Josefina Contreras; Felício, Pedro Eduardo de

 Genetics and Plant Breeding
 ·  Genetic variability for girth growth and rubber yield in Hevea brasiliensis
Gonçalves, Paulo de Souza; Silva, Marcelo de Almeida; Gouvêa, Ligia Regina Lima; Scaloppi Junior, Erivaldo José

 ·  Rice cold tolerance at the reproductive stage in a controlled environment
Cruz, Renata Pereira da; Milach, Sandra Cristina Kothe; Federizzi, Luiz Carlos

 Soils and Plant Nutrition
 ·  Digital soil mapping using multiple logistic regression on terrain parameters in southern Brazil
Giasson, Elvio; Clarke, Robin Thomas; Inda Junior, Alberto Vasconcellos; Merten, Gustavo Henrique; Tornquist, Carlos Gustavo

 ·  Laser-induced fluorescence of organic matter from a Brazilian Oxisol under sewage-sludge applications
González Pérez, Martha; Milori, Débora Marcondes Bastos Pereira; Martin-Neto, Ladislau; Colnago, Luiz Alberto; Camargo, Otávio Antonio de; Berton, Ronaldo; Bettiol, Wagner

 ·  Organic acids effects on desorption of heavy metals from a contaminated soil
Nascimento, Clístenes Williams Araújo do

 ·  Antibiotic resistence of Aeromonas hydrophila isolated from Piaractus mesopotamicus (Holmberg, 1887) and Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Belém-Costa, Andréa; Cyrino, José Eurico Possebon

 ·  Economic analysis of organic greenhouse lettuce production in Turkey
Engindeniz, Sait; Tuzel, Yuksel

 ·  Albumen protein and functional properties of gelation and foaming
Alleoni, Ana Cláudia Carraro

 ·  Phytoextraction: a review on enhanced metal availability and plant accumulation
Nascimento, Clístenes Williams Araújo do; Xing, Baoshan


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