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Scientia Agricola
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Sci. agric. (Piracicaba, Braz.) vol.65 no.spe Piracicaba Dec. 2008

Sentelhas, Paulo Cesar; Reichardt, Klaus; Alleoni, Luís Reynaldo Ferraciú

Sivakumar, Mannava V.K.

Performance of cylindrical leaf wetness duration sensors in a tropical climate condition
Santos, Eduardo Alvarez; Sentelhas, Paulo Cesar; Gillespie, Terry James; Lulu, Jorge

Estimating leaf wetness duration over turfgrass, and in a 'Niagara Rosada' vineyard, in a subtropical environment
Lulu, Jorge; Sentelhas, Paulo Cesar; Pedro Júnior, Mário José; Pezzopane, José Ricardo Macedo; Blain, Gabriel Constantino

Spatial variability of leaf wetness duration in cotton, coffee and banana crop canopies
Santos, Eduardo Alvarez; Sentelhas, Paulo Cesar; Pezzopane, José Eduardo Macedo; Angelocci, Luiz Roberto; Monteiro, José Eduardo Boffino Almeida

Spatial and temporal variability of leaf wetness duration in the State of São Paulo, Brazil
Hamada, Emília; Ghini, Raquel; Fernandes, Jeferson Lobato; Pedro Júnior, Mário José; Rossi, Paulo

Climatic risk for potato late blight in the Andes region of Venezuela
Garcia, Beatriz Ibet Lozada; Sentelhas, Paulo Cesar; Tapia, Luciano Roberto; Sparovek, Gerd

Worldwide geographical distribution of Black Sigatoka for banana: predictions based on climate change models
Jesus Júnior, Waldir Cintra de; Valadares Júnior, Ranolfo; Cecílio, Roberto Avelino; Moraes, Willian Bucker; Vale, Francisco Xavier Ribeiro do; Alves, Fábio Ramos; Paul, Pierce Anderson

Global plant hardiness zones for phytosanitary risk analysis
Magarey, Roger D.; Borchert, Daniel M.; Schlegel, Jay W.

 ·  Climatic risk of grape downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) for the State of São Paulo, Brazil
Hamada, Emília; Ghini, Raquel; Rossi, Paulo; Pedro Júnior, Mário José; Fernandes, Jeferson Lobato

 ·  Solar radiation affects grapevine susceptibility to Plasmopara Viticola
Dalla Marta, Anna; Di Stefano, Valentina; Cerovic, Zoran G.; Agati, Giovanni; Orlandini, Simone

 Point of View
 ·  Agrometeorology and plant disease management: a happy marriage
Gillespie, Terry James; Sentelhas, Paulo Cesar

 ·  Obtaining weather data for input to crop disease-warning systems: leaf wetness duration as a case study
Gleason, Mark L.; Duttweiler, Katrina B.; Batzer, Jean C.; Taylor, S. Elwynn; Sentelhas, Paulo Cesar; Monteiro, José Eduardo Boffino Almeida; Gillespie, Terry J.

 ·  Meteorological factors and Asian soybean rust epidemics: a systems approach and implications for risk assessment
Del Ponte, Emerson Medeiros; Esker, Paul David

 ·  Climate change and plant diseases
Ghini, Raquel; Hamada, Emília; Bettiol, Wagner

 ·  Coping with climate risk in agriculture needs farmer oriented research and extension policies
Stigter, Kees