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Scientia Agricola
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Table of contents
Sci. agric. (Piracicaba, Braz.) vol.69 no.5 Piracicaba Sept./Oct. 2012

 Agricultural Engeneering
 ·  Moisture content evaluation of biomass using CFD approach
Bartzanas, Thomas; Bochtis, Dionysis D.; Sørensen, Claus G.; Green, Ole

 Animal Science and Pastures
 ·  Adaptation of the C4 grass Panicum maximum to defoliation is related to plasticity of N uptake, mobilisation and allocation patterns
Santos, Patricia Menezes; Thornton, Barry; Corsi, Moacyr

 Biometry, Modeling and Statistics
 ·  Application of the Hybrid-Maize model for limits to maize productivity analysis in a semiarid environment
Liu, Yi; Yang, Shenjiao; Li, Shiqing; Chen, Fang

 ·  Critical points in logistic growth curves and treatment comparisons
Passos, José Raimundo de Souza; Pinho, Sheila Zambello de; Carvalho, Lídia Raquel de; Mischan, Martha Maria

 ·  Demand for fisheries products in Brazil
Sonoda, Daniel Yokoyama; Campos, Silvia Kanadani; Cyrino, José Eurico Possebon; Shirota, Ricardo

 Crop Science
 ·  Yield and quality of sugar snap pea in the Ebro Valley: sowing date and seed density
Azpilicueta, Miren; Irigoyen, Ignacio; Lasa, Berta; Muro, Julio; Aparicio-Tejo, Pedro M.

 Genetics and Plant Breeding
 ·  Assessment of inter- and intra-cultivar variations in olive using SSR markers
Ipek, Ahmet; Barut, Erdogan; Gulen, Hatice; Ipek, Meryem

 ·  Qualitative characteristics of meat from confined crossbred heifers fed with lipid sources
Fiorentini, Giovani; Berchielli, Telma Teresinha; Santana, Márcia Cristina Araújo; Dian, Paulo Henrique Moura; Reis, Ricardo Andrade; Sampaio, Alexandre Amstalden Moraes; Biehl, Marcos Vinicius