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Brazilian Journal of Physics
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Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.28 n.4 São Paulo Dec. 1998

 Special Section - Complex Fuids
Nonequilibrium nematic-isotropic interface
Mesquita, Oscar Nassif de

Fluctuation-induced structural forces in nematic films
Ziherl, P.; Zumer, S.; Podgornik, R.

Molecular microstructure in thermotropic liquid crystals studied by nuclear quadrupole resonance spectroscopy
Pusiol, Daniel J.; Anoardo, Esteban

Matter diffusion in hexagonal columnar phases
Daoud, M.; Raïos, K.; Gharbia, M.; Gharbi, A.; Nguyen, H.T.

Liquid crystals made of highly polar compounds
Madhusudana, N.V.

Molecular motions in thermotropic liquid crystals studied by NMR spin-lattice relaxation
Zamar, R.C.; González, C.E.; Mensio, O.

Bilayer membranes with 2D-nematic order of the surfactant polar heads
Fournier, J.-B.; Galatola, P.

Surface effects on lyotropic liquid crystals
Oliveira, Elisabeth Andreoli de

Unstable periodic structures in nematic liquid crystals
Simões, M.; Palangana, A. J.; Evangelista, L. R.

Thermal lens spectrometry to study complex fluids
Baesso, M. L.; Pereira, J. R. D.; Bento, A. C.; Palangana, A. J.; Mansanares, A. M.; Evangelista, L. R.

Lattice models for confined polymers
Stilck, Jürgen F.

Numerical simulation of the infrared spectra of thin organic films
Tenório, A. C.; Melo, C. P. de

Adsorption mechanisms in layer-by-layer films
Raposo, Maria; Oliveira Jr, Osvaldo N.

The quartz crystal microbalance: a tool for probing viscous/viscoelastic properties of thin films
Tenan, Mário Alberto; Soares, David Mendes

Electric Double Layered Magnetic Fluids (EDL-MF) based on spinel ferrite nanostructures [(M1-x+2Fex+3)]A [(Fe2-x+3 Mx+2)]BO4-2
Tourinho, F.A.; Depeyrot, J.; Silva, G.J. da; Lara, M.C.L.

Collinear mirage effect measurement of the thermal diffusivity in ferrofluids
Dantas, A.L.L.; Walton, D.; Shibli, S.M.

 Regular articles
 ·  Maritime Antarctica soils studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy and other methods
Kuzmann, E.; Schuch, L. A.; Garg, V. K.; Souza Junior, P. A. de; Guimarães, E. M.; Oliveira, A. C. de; Vértes, A.

 ·  Hq(4) symmetry: the linear q-harmonic oscillator based on generalized irreps of the q-deformed Heisenberg algebra
Palladino, B.E.; Leal Ferreira, P.

 ·  Two approximations to learning from examples
Diambra, L.

 ·  Statistical properties of the squeezed displaced number states
Dantas, Célia M. A.; Almeida, Norton G. de; Baseia, B.

 ·  On the Ziglin-Yoshida analysis for some classes of homogeneous hamiltonian systems
Almeida, M. A.; Moreira, I. C.; Santos, F. C.

 ·  Dynamics of the classical two dimensional XY ferromagnet at low temperatures: a memory function approach
Leonel, S.A.; Pires, A.S.T.

 ·  On the Duffin-Kemmer-Petiau algebra and the generalized phase space
Fernandes, Marco Cezar B.; Vianna, J. David M.

 ·  Bending of light in the framework of R + R2 gravity
Accioly, A.; Azeredo, A.D.; Rey Neto, E.C. de; Mukai, H.

 ·  Leading particle effect in the J/y elasticity distribution
Durães, F.O.; Navarra, F.S.; Wilk, G.