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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


Special Issue: Tribute to Bernhard Gross

Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.29 n.2 São Paulo June 1999

Recent developments in selected areas of research initiated or significantly advanced by Bernhard Gross
Gerhard-Multhaupt, Reimund; Ferreira, Guilherme F. Leal; Faria, Roberto M.

Bernhard Gross and his contribution to physics in Brazil
Mascarenhas, Sergio

Bernhard Gross and the evolution of  modern electret research
Sessler, G. M.

Thank you
Gross, Bernhard

Field - free and field - stimulated electron emission from solids
Gross, Bernhard; Pintão, Carlos A.F.; Hessel, Roberto

Charge dynamics in electron-irradiated polymers
Sessler, G. M.; Yang, G. M.

Progress in high-energy electron and x-irradiation of insulating dielectrics
Frederickson, A. R.

Photostimulable x-ray storage phosphors: a review of present understanding
Seggern, Heinz von

Corona charging of polymers: recent advances on constant current charging
Giacometti, José A.; Fedosov, Sergei; Costa, Mauro M.

Space charge in polymers, particularly polyethylene
Fleming, R. J.

Space charge and dipoles in polyvinylidenefluoride
Eisenmenger, W.; Schmidt, H.; Dehlen, B.

Monomorphs, bimorphs, and multimorphs from polar polymer electrets
Bauer-Gogonea, Simona; Bauer, Siegfried; Gerhard-Multhaupt, Reimund

Effect of polar molecules on the transport and localization of charge carriers in molecular materials
Sworakowski, Juliusz

Dispersed electrical-relaxation response: discrimination between conductive and dielectric relaxation processes
Macdonald, J. Ross

Time dependent conductivity in disordered systems
Ferreira, G. F. Leal; Costa, S. C.

Exploiting the electrical properties of thin films of semiconducting polymers
Faria, Roberto M.; Oliveira Jr., O.N.

z-function method for repulsive Casimir forces
Cougo-Pinto, M.V.; Farina, C.; Tenorio, A.

Shubnikov-de Haas - like oscillations in the vertical transport of semiconductor superlattices
Aristone, F.; Portal, J.-C.; Palmier, J. F.; Harmand, J. C.

Raman scattering studies of monohydrated L-asparagine
Moreno, A.J.D.; Freire, P.T.C.; Guedes, I.; Melo, F.E.A.; Mendes-Filho, J.; Sanjurjo, J.A.

Growth of CaF2 buffer on Si using low energy cluster beam deposition technique and study of its properties
Bhagwat, S.S.; Bhangale, A.R.; Patil, J.M.; Shirodkar, V.S.; Pinto, R.; Apte, P.R.; Pai, S.P.

A dynamic model for the analysis of  surge in a tropical storm
Amézaga-Hechavarría, Alexis; Marín-Antuña, José; Tejera-Fernández, Manuel; Navarro-Serrano, Julio