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Brazilian Journal of Physics
versión On-line ISSN 1678-4448


Special Issue: Proceedings of the 9th Brazilian Workshop on Semiconductor Physics'98

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Braz. J. Phys. v.29 n.4 São Paulo dic. 1999

Proceedings of the 9th Brazilian Workshop on Semiconductor Physics

"Ab initio" studies of hydrogen-enhanced oxygen diffusion in silicon
Capaz, R. B.; Assali, L. V. C.; Kimerling, L. C.; Cho, K.; Joannopoulos, J. D.

Erbium in a-Si:H
Tessler, Leandro R.

Metal-insulator transition in two dimensions
Kravchenko, S. V.

Nonlinear spatio-temporal dynamics in semiconductors
Schöll, Eckehard

Spin depolarization in quantum dots
Sachrajda, A.S.; Gould, C.; Hawrylak, P.; Feng, Y.; Zawadzki, P.; Wasilewski, Z.

Ab initio calculation of linear and nonlinear optical properties of semiconductor structures
Bechstedt, F.; Adolph, B.; Schmidt, W. G.

Minibands and Wannier-Stark ladders in semiconductor superlattices studied by infrared spectroscopy
Helm, M.; Hilber, W.; Strasser, G.; DeMeester, R.; Peeters, F. M.

An order-N study of dislocations in homopolar semiconductors
Nunes, R.W.

Electric field effects on the confinement properties of GaN/Alx Ga1-xN zincblende and wurtzite nonabrupt quantum wells
Wang, H.; Farias, G. A.; Freire, V. N.

Cyclotron mass of electrons in GaN-AlxGa1-xN heterostructures
Oliveira, Solemar Silva; Souza, Marcio Adriano R.; Borges, Antonio Newton; Osório, Francisco A. Pinto

Interband magneto-absorption in narrow-gap semiconductor quantum wells
López-Richard, V.; Marques, G. E.; Trallero-Giner, C.

Evolution of dynamic localization regimes in coupled minibands
Rivera, P. H.; Schulz, P. A.

Ambipolar carrier diffusion in In0.53Ga0.47As single quantum wells
Monte, A.F.G.; Silva, S.W. da; Cruz, J.M.R.; Morais, P.C.; Cox, H.M.

A quantum formalism for a terahertz acoustic laser
Camps Rodríguez, Ihosvany; Makler, Sergio Saul; Anda, Enrique Victoriano

Spin-flip scattering contribution to resonant-tunneling current in semimagnetic semiconductor heterostructures
Chitta, V. A.; Maialle, M. Z.; Leão, S. A.; Degani, M. H.

High magnetic field transport and photoluminescence in doped InGaAs/InP superlattices
Henriques, A.B.; Hanamoto, L.K.; Oliveira, R.F.; Souza, P.L.; Gonçalves, L.C.D.; Yavich, B.

Magnetotransport in a spatially modulated magnetic field
Gusev, G.M.; Quivy, A. A.; Leite, J.R.; Bykov, A. A.; Moshegov, N.T.; Kudryashev, V.M.; Toropov, A.I.; Nastaushev, Yu.V.

Quantum hall effect in a wide parabolic quantum well
Gusev, G.M.; Leite, J.R.; Olshanetskii, E.B.; Maude, D.K.; Cassé, M.; Portal, J.C.; Moshegov, N.T.; Toropov, A.I.

Spin-dependent resonant tunneling in semiconductor nanostructures
Silva, Erasmo A. de Andrada e; La Rocca, Giuseppe C.

Temperature dependence of the absorption coefficient in doped quantum wells
Baldan, M.R.; Serra, R.M.; Emmel, P.D.; Silva, A. Ferreira da

Stochastic dynamics of 2D electrons in antidot lattice in the presence of an in-plane magnetic field
Choque, N.M. Sotomayor; Santos, M.T. dos; Gusev, G.M.; Leite, J.R.; Kvon, Z.D.

Electronic structure in narrow-gap quantum dots
Prado, S. J.; Marques, G. E.; Trallero-Giner, C.

Inelastic coulomb scattering rate of a multisubband Q1D electron gas
Tavares, M.; Hai, G.-Q.

Electronic coupling and thermal relaxation in self-assembled InAs quantum dot superlattices
Petitprez, E.; Moshegov, N.T.; Marega Jr., E.; Basmaji, P.; Mazel, A.; Dorignac, D.; Fourmeaux, R.

Metal-insulator transition at B=0 in an AlGaAs/GaAs two-dimensional electron gas under the influence of InAs self-assembled quantum dots
Ribeiro, E.; Jäggi, R.; Heinzel, T.; Ensslin, K.; Medeiros-Ribeiro, G.; Petroff, P. M.

Strain and relaxation processes in In1-xGaxAsyP1-y/ InP single quantum wells grown by LP-MOVPE
Bernussi, A.A.; Carvalho Jr., W.; Furtado, M.T.; Gobbi, A.L.

Influence of laser excitation on raman and photoluminescence spectra and FTIR study of porous silicon layers
Salcedo, Walter Jaimes; Ramirez Fernandez, Francisco J.; Rubimc, Joel C.

Environment of Er in a-Si:H: co-sputtering versus ion implantation
Piamonteze, Cínthia; Tessler, Leandro R.; Alves, M. C. Martins; Tolentino, H.

Electrochemical characterization on semiconductors p-type CVD diamond electrodes
Ferreira, N. G.; Silva, L. L. G.; Corat, E. J.; Trava-Airoldi, V. J.; Iha, K.

Size effects on the growth mode and roughness of sub-micron structures grown by selective area epitaxy
Gutiérrez, H.R.; Cotta, M.A.; Nakaema, W.M.; Carvalho,; Gobbi, A.L.

Plasma ion implantation of nitrogen into silicon: high resolution x-ray diffraction
Beloto, A. F.; Abramof, E.; Ueda, M.; Berni, L. A.; Gomes, G. F.

Band crossing evidence in PbSnTe observed by optical transmission measurements
Ferreira, S. O.; Abramof, E.; Motisuke, P.; Rappl, P. H. O.; Closs, H.; Ueta, A. Y.; Boschetti, C.; Bandeira, I. N.

Quasi-fermi levels, chemical and electric potential profiles of a semiconductor under illumination
Santos, A. M. dos; Beliaev, D.; Scolfaro, L. M. R.; Leite, J. R.

A tight-binding study of acceptor levels in semiconductors
Menchero, J. G.

High temperature behavior of subpicosecond electron transport transient in 3C- and 6H-SiC
Bezerra, E. F.; Caetano, E. W. S.; Freire, V. N.; Silva Jr., E. F. da; Costa, J. A. P. da

SXS and XPS study of the adsorption and desorption of Te on GaAs (100)
González, J.C.; Rodrigues, W.N.; Silva, C.M.; Moreira, M.V.B.; Oliveira, A.G. de; Abbate, M.; Vicentin, F.C.

Impurity breakdown in GaAs samples grown by molecular beam Epitaxy
Rubinger, R.M.; Oliveira, A.G. de; Ribeiro, G.M.; Bezerra, J.C.; Silva, C.M.; Rodrigues, W.N.; Moreira, M.V.B.

Observation of low frequency oscillations in GaAs samples grown by molecular beam epitaxy at low temperatures
Rubinger, R. M.; Oliveira, A. G. de; Ribeiro, G. M.; Soares, D. A. W.; Moreira, M. V. B.

Atomic geometry and energetics of native defects in cubic boron nitride
Orellana, W.; Chacham, H.

Experimental evidence for the distinction between metastability and persistence in optical and electronic properties of bulk GaAs and AlGaAs
Pinheiro, M.V.B; Krambroc, K.

Theoretical study of surfactant action of Te on Si(001)/Ge surfaces
Miwa, R. H.; Takahashi, E. K.

Theoretical study of Si(001)/Te - (1×1), (2×1) and (3×1) surfaces
Miwa, R. H.; Ferraz, A. C.

Ab initio theoretical studies of atomic and electronic structures of III-nitride (110) surfaces
Alves, H. W. Leite; Alves, J. L. A.; Nogueira, R. A.; Leite, J. R.

Tellurium - modified surface states of GaAs(001) and InAs(001)
Silva, R. Claudino da; Ferraz, A. C.

Vacancy diffusion in silicon: analysis of transition state theory
Gattass, R. R.; Koiller, Belita; Capaz, R. B.

Dynamics of internal electric and phonon fields in n-GaAs pumped with ultrashort pulses
Souza, Fabrício M.; Egues, J. Carlos

Quantum well to quantum wire crossover in AlAs/GaAs/AlAs heterostructures induced by interface roughness increase
Dargam, T. G.; Capaz, R. B.; Koiller, Belita

Morphological, optical and structural properties of zero-net-strained InGaAsP/InP structures grown by LP-MOVPE for 1.55mm laser applications
Carvalho Jr, Wilson de; Bernussi, Ayrton André; Furtado, Mario Tosi; Gobbi, Angelo Luiz; Cotta, Mônica