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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


Special Issue
Diamond and Related Materials

Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.30 no.3 São Paulo  2000

Diamond and Related Materials

Origin, state of the art and some prospects of the diamond CVD
Spitsyn, Boris V.; Bouilov, Leonid L.; Alexenko, Alexander E.

Large diamonds grown at high pressure conditions
Kanda, H.

Recent progress in the synthesis and characterization of amorphous and crystalline carbon nitride coatings
Widlow, Ian; Chung, Yip-Wah

Structure and property relationships of amorphous CNx: a joint experimental and theoretical study
Santos, M.C. dos; Alvarez, F.

Infrared analysis of thin films: amorphous, hydrogenated carbon on silicon
Jacob, Wolfgang; Keudell, Achim von; Schwarz-Selinger, Thomas

Plasma-deposited a-C(N): H films
Franceschini, D.F.

Hardness and stress of amorphous carbon films deposited by glow discharge and ion beam assisting deposition
Marques, F. C.; Lacerda, R. G.

Highly ordered amorphous silicon-carbon alloys obtained by RF PECVD
Pereyra, I.; Villacorta, C. A.; Carreño, M.N.P.; Prado, R.J.; Fantini, M.C.A.

 Regular Articles
 ·  Growth of YBCO superconducting thin films on CaF2 buffered silicon
Bhagwat, S.S.; Bhangale, A.R.; Patil, J.M.; Shirodkar, V.S.

 ·  Fierz-Pauli higher derivative gravity
Accioly, A.; Ragusa, S.; Mukai, H.; Rey Neto, E. de

 ·  Dielectric properties of thin film Al/Sb2Pb1Se7/Al devices
Wagle, Shaila; Shirodkar, Vinay

 ·  Identifying carcinogenic activity of methylated and non-methylated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) through electronic and topological indices
Braga, R.S.; Barone, P.M.V.B.; Galvão, D.S.

 ·  Electromagnetism in a nonsymmetric theory of gravitation
Ragusa, S.; Bosquetti, D.

 ·  Dynamical symmetry restoration for a higher-derivative four-fermion model in an external electromagnetic field
Elizalde, E.; Gavrilov, S. P.; Odintsov, S. D.; Shil'nov, Yu. I.

 ·  Laplacian on forms and anomalies in closed hyperbolic manifolds
Bytsenko, A.A.; Gonçalves, A. E.; Simões, M.

 ·  On positron radiation belt in the Earth's magnetosphere
Gusev, A.A.; Jayanthi, U.B.; Martin, I.M.; Pugacheva, G.I.; Spjeldik, W.N.

 ·  Effects of magnetohydrodynamics matter density fluctuations on the solar neutrino resonant spin-flavor precession
Reggiani, N.; Guzzo, M.M.; Colonia, J.H.; Holanda, P.C.

 ·  Hamiltonian dynamics of the Landau-Ginzburg model for the phase transition in (NH4)2BeF4
Ribeiro Filho, A.; Miranda Filho, R. C. de; Vasconcelos, D. S. de; Rocha, J. F. M.

 ·  Ambiguities and symmetry relations in the perturbative solution of Quantum Electrodynamics
Gobira, S. R.; Battistel, O. A.; Nemes, M. C.

 Review Article
 ·  Considerations on nonequilibrium entropy and temperature
Ramos, J. Galvão; Vasconcellos, Áurea R.; Luzzi, Roberto