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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


Special Issue
Ising Centennial Colloquium

Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.30 no.4 São Paulo Dec. 2000

Ising Centennial Colloquium: introduction

Ising, Jane

Ernst Ising 1900-1998
Kobe, S.

Exact solution of asymmetric diffusion with N classes of particles of arbitrary size and hierarchical order
Alcaraz, F. C.; Bariev, R. Z.

Spin pair correlation of the ANNNI chain in a field
Alves Jr., Nelson; Yokoi, Carlos S. O.

Emergence of log-periodic oscillations in periodic and aperiodic Ising models
Andrade, R. F. S.

Damage spreading in the one-dimensional Hinrichsen-Domany model
Arashiro, Everaldo; Felício, J. R. Drugowich de

Two-dimensional Ising model and local nonuniversality of critical exponents
Bariev, R. Z.

Experimental characterization of the Ising model in disordered antiferromagnets
Belanger, D. P.

Dynamical behavior of the four-body transverse Ising model with random bonds and fields
Boechat, Beatriz; Cordeiro, Claudette; Bonfim, O. F. de Alcantara; Florencio, J.; Barreto, F.C. Sá

The two-dimensional quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnet with Ising-like anisotropy
Cuccoli, Alessandro; Tognetti, Valerio; Roscilde, Tommaso; Verrucchi, Paola; Vaia, Ruggero

Stretched exponential relaxation and independent relaxation modes
Almeida, R.M.C. de; Lemke, N.; Campbell, I.A.

Bond counting Monte Carlo for the 2-D Ising model in an external field
Dias, H. G.; Florencio, J.

Ising meets Ornstein and Zernike, Debye and Hückel, Widom and Rowlinson, and others
Dickman, Ronald

Quantum to classical crossover in the 2D easy-plane XXZ model
Fehske, H.; Schindelin, C.; Weiße, A.; Büttner, H.; Ihle, D.

Time dependent transverse correlations in the Ising model in D dimensions
Florencio, João; Sen, Surajit; Lee, M. Howard

Nagel scaling and relaxation in the kinetic Ising model on an n-isotopic chain
Gonçalves, L. L.; López de Haro, M.; Tagüeña-Martínez, J.

Square water as a solvent: Monte Carlo simulations
Guisoni, Nara; Henriques, Vera Bohomoletz

Critical behavior of ferromagnetic spin models with aperiodic exchange interactions
Haddad, T. A. S.; Pinho, S. T. R.; Salinas, S. R.

Relaxation dynamics near ferroelectric phase transitions and the central-peak phenomenon
Kokshenev, V.B.

The Ising model as a playground for the study of wetting and interface behavior
Landau, D. P.; Ferrenberg, Alan M.; Binder, K.

Magnetic field induced Ising axis conversion in Tb0.5Dy0.5Cu2 single crystals
Loewenhaupt, M.; Doerr, M.; Rotter, M.; Reif, T.; Schneidewind, A.; Hoser, A.

Instability of long-range order in a d = 3 random-field Ising model system: FexZn1-xF2
Montenegro, F. C.; Lima, K. A.; Torikachvili, M. S.; Lacerda, A. H.

The 3d Ising spin glass
Nordblad, Per

Broad histogram: tests for a simple and efficient microcanonical simulator
Oliveira, Paulo Murilo Castro de

Rigorous results for aperiodic and almost periodic substitution sequences
Pinho, S. T. R.; Lobão, T. C. Petit

Ferrroelectric phase transitions and the Ising model
Barreto, F. C. Sá

Heuristic approach to the critical dynamics of the Ising model
Silva, P.R.; Kokshenev, V. B.

World records in the size of simulated Ising models
Stauffer, Dietrich

The Ising model and real magnetic materials
Wolf, W. P.