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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


TCM/RUSFD- Technical Committee Meeting on Research Using Small Fusion Devices

Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.32 no.1 São Paulo Mar. 2002


Neutron anisotropy and X-ray production of the FN-II dense plasma focus device
Castillo, F.; Herrera, J.J.E.; Rangel, J.; Alfaro, A.; Maza, M.A.; Sakaguchi, V.; Espinosa, G.; Golzarri, J.I.

Neoclassical ion transport in the edge of axially-symmetric arbitrary cross-section tokamak with plasma subsonic toroidal flows
Severo, J.H.F.; Tsypin, V.S.; Nascimento, I.C.; Galvão, R.M.O.; Tendler, M.; Fagundes, A. N.

Industrial applications of plasma focus radiation
Moreno, C.; Vénere, M.; Barbuzza, R.; Del Fresno, M.; Ramos, R.; Bruzzone, H.; González, Florido P. J.; Clausse, A.

Tokamak NOVA-UNICAMP recent results
Daltrini, A.M.; Machida, M.; Monteiro, M.J.R.; Kaminishikawahara, C. O.

Magnetic coil system for the TCABR tokamak
Saettone, E.A.; Vannucci, A.; Degasperi, F.T.; Galvão, R.M.O.; Kuznetsov, Y.; Sanada, E.K.; Nascimento, I.C.

Calculations of alfvén wave heating in TCABR tokamak
Elfimov, A.G.; Galvão, R.M.O.; Galkin, S.A.; Ivanov, A.A.; Medvedev, S.Yu.

Ergodic magnetic limiter for the TCABR
Silva, Elton C. da; Caldas, Iberê L.; Viana, Ricardo L.

Digital control of plasma position in damavand tokamak
Emami, M.; Babazadeh, A. R.; Roshan, M. V.; Memarzadeh, M.; Habibi, H.

TCABR data acquisition system update
Fagundes, A.N.; Sá, W.P. de; Dantas, A.L.

Multichannel photomultiplier for multipass thomson scattering diagnostics
Monteiro, M. J. R.; Machida, M.; Daltrini, A. M.; Berni, L. A.

The analysis of alfvén wave current drive and plasma heating in TCABR tokamak
Ruchko, L.F.; Lerche, E.A.; Galvão, R.M.O.; Elfimov, A.G.; Nascimento, I.C.; Sá, W.P. de; Sanada, E.; Elizondo, J.I.; Ferreira, A.A.; Saettone, E.A.; Severo, J.H.F.; Bellintani, V.; Usuriaga, O.N.

Theoretical studies of non inductive current drive in compact toroids
Farengo, R.; Lifschitz, A.F.; Caputi, K.I.; Arista, N.R.; Clemente, R.A.

Fast neutral lithium beam for density and its fluctuation measurements at the boundary regions of ETE tokamak
Oliveira, R.M.; Ueda, M.; Vilela, W.A.

Plasma recombination in runaway discharges in tokamak TCABR
Soboleva, T.K.; Galvão, R.M.O.; Krasheninnikov, S.I.; Kuznetsov, Yu.K.; Nascimento, I.C.

Statistics of turbulence induced by magnetic field
Ferreira, A.A.; Heller, M.V.A.P.; Baptista, M.S.; Caldas, I.L.

X-ray and neutron emission studies in a new Filippov type plasma focus
Babazadeh, A.R.; Roshan, M.V.; Habibi, H.; Nasiry, A.; Memarzadeh, M.; Banoushi, A.; Lamehi, M.; Sadat Kiai, S.M.

Statistics of plasma fluctuations in runaway discharges in TCABR tokamak
Baptista, M.S.; Caldas, I.L.; Sá, W.P. de; Elizondo, J.I.

Role of the tokamak ISTTOK on the EURATOM Fusion Programme
Fernandes, H.; Varandas, C.A.F.; Cabral, J.A.C.

Plasma resistivity determination in runaway discharges from positive voltage spikes on TCABR tokamak
Kuznetsov, Yu. K.; Nascimento, I. C.; Galvão, R. M. O.; Tsypin, V. S.

Effect of the vacuum vessel on the measurements of mirnov oscillation in TCABR
Kucinski, M. Y.; Kuznetsov, Yu. K.

Effect of suprathermal electrons on central plasma relaxation oscillations during localized electron cyclotron heating on the HL-1M Tokamak
Liu, Y.; Guo, G.C.; Ding, X.T.; Wong, K.L.

TCABR interferometer
Elizondo, J.I.; Korneev, D.; Nascimento, I.C.; Sá, W.P. de

Toroidal geometry and plasma column displacement corrections in the analysis of Mirnov oscillations
Araújo, M.S.T.; Vannucci, A.; Oliveira, K.A.

Dense plasmas research in the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission: past, present and future
Soto, Leopoldo; Silva, Patricio; Moreno, José; Zambra, Marcelo; Sylvester, Gustavo; Esaulov, Andrey; Altamirano, Luis

Design and testing of ECE radiometer for Sinp-Tokamak
Ray, R.; Hugenholtz, C. A. J.; van de Pol, M. J.

Studies of mode lock instability in the HL-1M tokamak
Qingwei, Yang; Yan, Longwen; Qian, Jun

Powerful quasi-steady-state plasma accelerator for fusion experiments
Tereshin, V.I.; Chebotarev, V.V.; Solyakov, D.G.; Garkusha, I.E.; Makhlaj, V.A.; Trubchaninov, S.A.; Mitina, N.I.; Morozov, A.I.; Tsarenko, A.V.; Wuerz, H.

Deuterium plasma focus measurements using solid state nuclear track detectors
Springham, S.V.; Lee, S.; Moo, S.P.

Collisionless dissipation of radio-frequency waves in axisymmetric tokamak plasmas
Grishanov, N.I.; Azevedo, C.A. de; Neto, J.P.

Hot-spots in plasma-focus discharges as intense sources of different radiation pulses
Jakubowski, L.; Sadowski, M.J.

SST and ADITYA tokamak research in India
Bora, Dhiraj; ADITYA Team, SST-1 Team

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Lima, Marcelo Costa de; Soares, Ivano Damião

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Amorim, R.; Barcelos-Neto, J.

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