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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.33 no.3 São Paulo Sept. 2003

 Special Issue: Statistical Mechanics of Irreversible Stochastic Models-II
 ·  Foreword

 ·  Static- and dynamical-phase transition in one-dimensional reaction-diffusion systems with boundaries
Khorrami, Mohammad; Aghamohammadi, Amir

 ·  Critical behavior in reaction-diffusion systems exhibiting absorbing phase transitions
Ódor, Géza

 ·  Exact solution for the self-organized critical rainfall model
Andrade, R. F. S.

 ·  Critical behavior of a bounded Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation
Muñoz, Miguel A.; Santos, Francisco de los; Achahbar, Abdelfattah

 ·  Variable survival exponents in history-dependent random walks: hard movable reflector
Dickman, Ronald; Araujo Jr., Francisco Fontenele; ben-Avraham, Daniel

 ·  Stochastic dynamics of coupled systems and damage spreading
Tomé, T.; Arashiro, E.; Felício, J. R. Drugowich de; Oliveira, M. J. de

 ·  The Lee-Yang theory of equilibrium and nonequilibrium phase transitions
Blythe, R.A.; Evans, M.R.

 ·  The branching rate of the random Olami-Feder-Christensen model with a generic coordination number
Pinho, S. T. R.; Prado, C. P. C.

 ·  Catalysis with competitive reactions: static and dynamical critical behavior
Costa, E. C. da; Figueiredo, W.

 ·  Depinning transitions in interface growth models
Reis, Fábio D. A. Aarão

 ·  Robustness of spontaneous pattern formation in spatially distributed genetic populations
Aguiar, M.A.M. de; Baranger, M.; Bar-Yam, Y.; Sayama, H.

 ·  Lattice models of disorder with order
Petri, Alberto

 ·  Some recent developments in models with absorbing states
Droz, Michel; Lipowski, Adam

 ·  The exact solution of the asymmetric exclusion problem with particles of asrbitrary size: matrix product ansatz
Alcaraz, Francisco C.; Lazo, Matheus J.

 ·  Infinitely-many absorbing-state nonequilibrium phase transitions
Wijland, Frédéric van

 ·  Deblocking of interacting particle assemblies: from pinning to jamming
Miguel, M.-Carmen; Andrade Jr., José S.; Zapperi, Stefano

 ·  Hydrophobic models of protein folding and the thermodynamics of chain-boundary interactions
Erzan, Ayse; Tüzel, Erkan

 Special Issue: Percolating Towards Ageing Through Physics
 ·  Foreword
Oliveira, Suzana Moss de

 ·  Polydisperse packings
Herrmann, H.J.; Baram, R. Mahmoodi; Wackenhut, M.

 ·  A unifying approach to relaxation properties of chemical and colloidal gels
Arcangelis, Lucilla de; Del Gado, Emanuela; Fierro, Annalisa; Coniglio, Antonio

 ·  Helix-formation and folding as studied in generalized-ensemble simulations
Alves, Nelson A.; Hansmann, Ulrich H. E.

 ·  Gradient pattern analysis of structural dynamics: application to molecular system relaxation
Rosa, Reinaldo R.; Campos, Marcia R.; Ramos, Fernando M.; Vijaykumar, Nandamudi L.; Fujiwara, Susumu; Sato, Tetsuya

 ·  Diverging tendencies in multidimensional secession
Soulier, Arne; Arkus, Natalie; Halpin-Healy, Tim

 ·  Corrections to finite size scaling in percolation
Oliveira, P.M.C. de; Nóbrega, R.A.; Stauffer, D.

 ·  Simulation of Zahavi's handicap principle
Ticona, A.; Penna, T.J.P.

 ·  Computer simulation of sympatric speciation with Penna ageing model
Luz-Burgoa, K.; Oliveira, S. Moss de; Martins, J.S. Sá; Stauffer, D.; Sousa, A.O.

 ·  Long term and short term effects of perturbations in an immune network model
Santos, Rita Maria Zorzenon dos; Copelli, Mauro

 ·  Finite-time-singularity with noise and damping
Fogedby, Hans C.

 ·  Anisotropy and percolation threshold in a multifractal support
Lucena, L. S.; Freitas, J. E.; Corso, G.; Soares, R. F.

 ·  Bootstrap Percolation: visualizations and applications
Adler, Joan; Lev, Uri

 ·  Competing long-range bonds and site dilution in the one-dimensional bond-percolation problem
Fulco, U. L.; Silva, L. R. da; Nobre, F. D.; Lucena, L. S.