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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


Special Issue: Water - the essential molecule

Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.34 no.1 São Paulo Mar. 2004


A review on the dynamics of water
Sonoda, Milton T.; Moreira, Ney H.; Martínez, Leandro; Favero, Frank W.; Vechi, Sérgio M.; Martins, Lucimara R.; Skaf, Munir S.

The interpretation of water anomalies in terms of core-softened models
Jagla, E. A.

Computer simulation of dynamical anomalies in stretched water
Netz, P. A.; Starr, F.; Barbosa, M. C.; Stanley, H. Eugene

Tiling in the geometric model for water
Girardi, M.; Figueiredo, W.; Guisoni, N.; Henriques, V. B.

Dielectric constant and density of water as a function of pressure at constant temperature
Floriano, Wely Brasil; Nascimento, Marco Antonio Chaer

The density of states and band gap of liquid water by sequential Monte Carlo/Quantum mechanics calculations
Couto, P. Cabral do; Guedes, R. C.; Cabral, B. J. Costa

Group contributions to the solvation free energy from MST continuum calculations
Soteras, Ignacio; Morreale, Antonio; López, José María; Orozco, Modesto; Luque, F. Javier

Effect of urea on bovine serum albumin in aqueous and reverse micelle environments investigated by small angle X-ray scattering, fluorescence and circular dichroism
Itri, Rosangela; Caetano, Wilker; Barbosa, Leandro R. S.; Baptista, Mauricio S.

Molecular Dynamics simulation of the sodium octanoate micelle in aqueous solution: comparison of force field parameters and molecular topology effects on the micellar structure
Moura, André Farias de; Freitas, Luiz Carlos Gomide

Water at interfaces and its influence on the electrical properties of adsorbed films
Oliveira Jr., Osvaldo N.; Riul Jr., Antonio; Leite, Vitor B.P.

Conformational stability of furfural in aqueous solution: the role of hydrogen bonding
Rivelino, Roberto; Canuto, Sylvio; Coutinho, Kaline

The water factor in the protein-folding problem
Rocha, L.F.O.; Tarragó Pinto, M.E.; Caliri, A.

On the role of water in the protein activity
Degrève, L.; Brancaleoni, G.H.; Fuzo, C.A.; Lourenzoni, M.R.; Mazzé, F.M.; Namba, A.M.; Vieira, D.S.

On the transferability of the SPC/L water model to biomolecular simulation
Glättli, Alice; Oostenbrink, Chris; Daura, Xavier; Geerke, Daan P.; Yu, Haibo; van Gunsteren, Wilfred F.

On the application of simple explicit water models to the simulations of biomolecules
Guimarães, Cristiano Ruch Werneck; Barreiro, Gabriela; Oliveira, César Augusto Fernandes de; Alencastro, Ricardo Bicca de

The effect of temperature and LiClO4 in the water structure: a Raman spectroscopy study
Pereira Neto, Ana Maria; Sala, Oswaldo

The proton momentum distribution in water and ice
Reiter, G.; Li, J. C.; Mayers, J.; Abdul-Redah, T.; Platzman, P.