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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


V Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Physics and XXVI Workshop on Nuclear Physics in Brazil

Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.34 no.3a São Paulo Sept. 2004


A polarized target measurement of the electric form factor of the neutron at JLab
Savvinov, N.

New gamma transitions in 193Ir from the beta decay of 193Os
Zahn, Guilherme Soares; Zamboni, Cibele Bugno; Genezini, Frederico Antonio; Raele, Marcus Paulo; Cruz, Manoel Tiago Freitas da; Zevallos-Chávez, Juan Yury

Angular correlation measurements in 155Eu nuclei
Genezini, F.A.; Zamboni, C.B.; Cruz, M.T.F. da; Zevallos-Chávez, J.Y.

Equations of state for mixed stars
Menezes, D. P.; Providência, C.

The use of gamma ray computed tomography to investigate soil compaction due to core sampling devices
Pires, Luiz F.; Arthur, Robson C. J.; Correchel, Vladia; Bacchi, Osny O. S.; Reichardt, Klaus; Brasil, Rene P. Camponez do

Use of 14C-AMS in the study of biological production in coastal upwelling areas
Ferraz, K. C.; Marques Jr., A. N.; Rodriguez, E. G.; Santos, G. M.; Gomes, P. R. S.

Does the break-up process influence the fusion cross section?
Gomes, P. R. S.; Anjos, R. M.; Lubian, J.

On the static properties of baryons in the Skyrme model
Battistel, O. L.

Studies in nuclear astrophysics using radioactive beams at the HRIBF
Bardayan, D. W.

The rare isotope accelerator project
Thoennessen, M.

Residual nucleus excitation energy in (e, e'p): reaction
Likhachev, V. P.; Arruda-Neto, J. D. T.; Cruz, M.T.F. da; Dias, H.; Duarte, S.B.; Carvalho Jr, W.R.; Hussein, M.S.; Lima, A.C.S.; Macedo, L.F.R.; Mesa, J.; Pashchuk, S.A.; Rodrigues, T.E.; Silva, G.; Schelin, H.R.; Tavares, O.A.P.

Improvement of a gaseous position sensitive detector for use in thermal neutron tomographic systems
Gonçalves, Marcelo J.; Lopes, Ricardo T.; Silvani, Maria Ines; Almeida, Gevaldo L. de; Furieri, Rosanne C. A. A.

Coulomb-nuclear interference (CNI) results of the collective quadrupolar excitations in odd and even Ru isotopes
Rodrigues, C. L.; Rodrigues, M. R. D.; Borello-Lewin, T.; Horodynski-Matsushigue, L. B.; Duarte, J. L. M.; Ukita, G. M.; Hanninger, G. N.

Towards new states of matter
Braghin, Fábio L.

Development of a simulator for tomographic images generated by radiation transmission
Almeida, Gevaldo L. de; Silvani, Maria Ines; Furieri, Rosanne C. A. A.; Gonçalves, Marcelo J.; Lopes, Ricardo T.

p+6,8He elastic scattering at intermediate energies
Baldini-Neto, E.; Carlson, B. V.; Rego, R. A.; Hussein, M. S.

Coulomb nuclear interference with deuterons in even palladium isotopes
Rodrigues, M. R. D.; Rodrigues, C. L.; Borello-Lewin, T.; Horodynski-Matsushigue, L. B.; Duarte, J. L. M.; Ukita, G. M.

Dissipative and fluctuating dynamical description of nuclear reactions
Mota, V. de la; Sébille, F.; Bonilla, C.

The potentialities of coherent X-radiation for self-assembled systems and liquid crystal research
Gavrikov, V. B.; Likhachev, V. P.; Figueiredo Neto, A. M.; Arruda-Neto, J. D. T.; Bonini, A. L.; Lima, A. C. S.; Simionato, S.; Iacomo Jr., P.

The utilization of a Cyclotron CV-28 in basic and applied nuclear research and in an experimental accelerator driven system zero power lead sub critical facility
Maiorino, José Rubens; Sciani, Valdir; Anéfalos, Sérgio

High-spin states populated in deep-inelastic reactions
Mohammadi, S.; Podolyák, Zs.; de Angelis, G.; Axiotis, M.; Bazzacco, D.; Bizzeti, P.G.; Brandolini, F.; Broda, R.; Bucurescu, D.; Farnea, E.; Gelletly, W.; Gadea, A.; Ionescu-Bujor, M.; Iordachescu, A.; Kröll, Th.; Longdown, S.; Lunardi, S.; Marginean, N.; Martinez, T.; Medina, N.H.; Quintana, B.; Regan, P.H.; Rubio, B.; Ur, C.A.; Valiente Dobón, J.-J.; Walker, P.M.; Zhang, Y.H.

Statistical behavior and symmetry tests
Mitchell, G. E.; Shriner, Jr, J. F.

Spatial variability and Cesium-137 inventories in native forest
Andrello, A. C.; Appoloni, C. R.

Computerized tomography with high-energy proton beams: tomographic image reconstruction from computer-simulated data
Evseev, Ivan; Klock, Margio C. L.; Paschuk, Sergei A.; Schelin, Hugo R.; Setti, João A. P.; Lopes, Ricardo T.; Schulte, Reinhard W.; Williams, David C.

Double charge exchange on medium mass nuclei
Wu, Huachuan; Gibbs, William R.

Use of thermal neutrons to perform analyses in body organs of small sized animals
Oliveira, Laura Cristina; Zamboni, Cibele Bugno; Zahn, Guilherme Soares; Raele, Marcus Paulo; Maschio, Marco Antonio

Nuclear data for new fuel cycles
Haas, Bernard

Analysis of the nuclear fusion process based on potential barriers modified by coupling effects
Marta, H.D.; Spinella, M.R.; Testoni, J.E.; Dragún, O.

Asymmetry parameter for the nonmesonic decay of 5LHe
Barbero, Cesar; Galeão, Alfredo Pio; Krmpoti, Francisco

Collisional electron detachment of atomic anions by noble gases: universal behavior at intermediate velocities
Zappa, F.; Coelho, L.F.S.; Jalbert, Ginette; Rocha, A. B.; Magalhães, S.D.; Castro Faria, N.V. de

Recent results from PHOBOS at RHIC
Back, B.B.; Baker, M.D.; Ballintijn, M.; Barton, D.S.; Becker, B.; Betts, R.R.; Bickley, A.A.; Bindel, R.; Budzanowski, A.; Busza, W.; Carroll, A.; Decowski, M.P.; García, E.; Gburek, T.; George, N.; Gulbrandsen, K.; Gushue, S.; Halliwell, C.; Hamblen, J.; Harrington, A.S.; Heintzelman, G.A.; Henderson, C.; Hofman, D.J.; Hollis, R.S.; Hoynski, R.; Holzman, B.; Iordanova, A.; Johnson, E.; Kane, J.L.; Katzy, J.; Khan, N.; Kucewicz, W.; Kulinich, P.; Kuo, C.M.; Lee, J.W.; Lin, W.T.; Manly, S.; McLeod, D.; Mignerey, A.C.; Nouicer, R.; Olszewski, A.; Pak, R.; Park, I.C.; Pernegger, H.; Reed, C.; Remsberg, L.P.; Reuter, M.; Roland, C.; Roland, G.; Rosenberg, L.; Sagerer, J.; Sarin, P.; Sawicki, P.; Sedykh, I.; Skulski, W.; Smith, C.E.; Steinberg, P.; Stephans, G.S.F.; Sukhanov, A.; Tang, J.- L.; Tonjes, M.B.; Trzupek, A.; Vale, C.; Nieuwenhuizen, G.J.van; Verdier, R.; Veres, G.I.; Wolfs, F.L.H.; Wosiek, B.; Wozniak, K.; Wuosmaa, A.H.; Wysouch, B.; Zhang, J.

Relativistic equations of state at finite temperature
Santos, A. M. S.; Menezes, D. P.

Pseudo-SU(4) model and beta decay of pf-shell nuclei
Valencia, J. P.; Wu, H.C.

137Cs distribution in guava trees
Mosquera, B.; Veiga, R.; Mangia, L.; Carvalho, C.; Estellita, L.; Uzeda, D.; Facure, A.; Violini, B.; Anjos, R. M.

The nucleon-nucleon interaction
Haidenbauer, J.

Beta decay and structure of exotic nuclei in the mass regions N=Z, A ~ 70 and near the N=20 closed shell
Courtin, S.; Baumann, P.; Dessagne, Ph.; Maréchal, F.; Miehé, Ch.; Perrot, F.; Poirier, E.; Ramdhane, M.

Monte Carlo simulation of activity measurements by means of 4pb-g coincidence system
Takeda, Mauro N.; Dias, Mauro S.; Koskinas, Marina F.

Dirac-Hartree-Bogoliubov approximation for finite nuclei with blocking
Baldini-Neto, E.; Carlson, B. V.; Hirata, D.

Semiclassical Coulomb excitation matrix elements
Carlson, B.V.; Canto, L.F.; Hussein, M.S.

A formalism for weak interactions in nuclei
Samana, A.; Krmpotic, F.; Mariano, A.

Path dependence of the quark nonlocal condensate within the instanton model

Fusion cross section measurements for systems 6Li + 27Al,64Zn at near-barrier energies
Rodríguez, M.D.; Padron, I.; Martí, G.V.; Anjos, R.M.; Gomes, P.R.S.; Lubian, J.; Veiga, R.S.L.; Pacheco, A.J.; Capurro, O.A.; Fernández Niello, J.O.; Testoni, J.E.; Arazi, A.; Ramírez, M.

Nucleon magnetic moments in light-front models with quark mass asymmetries
Araújo, W. R. B. de; Trevisan, L. A.; Frederico, T.; Tomio, L.; Dorokhov, A. E.

Topological charge screening and pseudoscalar glueballs
Forkel, Hilmar

Hadron polarization in semi-inclusive reactions involving photons
Solano Salinas, C.J.; Gupta, V.

Spin-1 particle in the light-front approach
Melo, J. P. B. C. de; Frederico, T.

Measurement of inelastic-scattering cross sections in the 16O+28Si system to discriminate regular and chaotic regimes
Martí, G. V.; Pacheco, A. J.; Testoni, J. E.; Abriola, D.; Capurro, O. A.; DiGregorio, D. E.; Fernández Niello, J.O.; Macchiavelli, A.O.; Clark, R.M.; Fallon, P.; Goergen, A.; Ward, D.; Wu, C.Y.; Hayes, A.; Cline, D.; Teng, R.

Vacuum polarization effects in relativistic nuclear pairing
Batista, E. F.; Carlson, B.V.; Frederico, T.

A Dirac description of 1S0+3 S1-3 D1 pairing in nuclear matter
Haas, B. Funke; Carlson, B. V.; Frederico, Tobias