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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


Special issue-Second International Workshop-DICE 2004

Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.35 no.2a São Paulo June 2005

Second international workshop DICE 2004: The proceedings

Results and problems in decoherence theory
Omnès, Roland

On the linearity of the Schrödinger equation
Bialynicki-Birula, Iwo

Interferometry with large molecules: exploration of coherence, decoherence and novel beam methods
Arndt, Markus; Hackermüller, Lucia; Reiger, Elisabeth

Decoherence and Loschmidt echoes: quantum against classical
Prosen, Tomaz; Znidaric, Marko

Quantum chaos, dynamical stability and decoherence
Casati, Giulio; Prosen, Tomaz

Fluctuations, classical activation, quantum tunneling, and phase transitions
Stein, D. L.

Feature binding as neuron synchronization: quantum aspects
Arecchi, F. Tito

Intrinsic time-uncertainties and decoherence: comparison of 4 models
Diósi, Lajos

Fundamental decoherence in quantum gravity
Gambini, Rodolfo; Porto, Rafael A.; Pullin, Jorge

Validity of semiclassical gravity in the stochastic gravity approach
Verdaguer, E.

Big extra dimensions make L too small
Sorkin, Rafael D.

Dark energy in the universe, the irreversibility of time and neutrinos
Mavromatos, N. E.

Quantum cosmology and the arrow of time
Kiefer, Claus

Decoherent histories analysis of models without time
Halliwell, J. J.

General relativity histories theory
Savvidou, Ntina

The cocycle of the quantum HJ equation and the stress tensor of CFT
Matone, Marco

Superluminal hidden communication as the underlying mechanism for quantum correlations: constraining models
Scarani, Valerio; Gisin, Nicolas

The classical and commutative limits of noncommutative quantum mechanics: a superstar * Wigner-Moyal equation
Eftekharzadeh, Ardeshir; Hu, B. L.

Determinism and a supersymmetric classical model of quantum fields
Elze, Hans-Thomas

Classical trajectories and quantum field theory
Vitiello, Giuseppe

Emerging gravity from defects in world crystal
Kleinert, H.

Holographic gravity and the surface term in the Einstein-Hilbert action
Padmanabhan, T.