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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


Special Issue - Second Internacional workshop on decoherence, information, complexity and entropy

Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.35 no.2b São Paulo June 2005

Second internatinal workshop dice 2004: contributed papers
Elze, Hans-Thomas

Classical limit of non-integrable systems
Castagnino, Mario

Nonlinearities in quantum mechanics
McHarris, Wm. C.

Decoherence of electron waves due to induced charges moving through a nearby resistive material
Sonnentag, P.; Hasselbach, F.

Influence functional approach to decoherence during inflation
Lombardo, Fernando C.

Onset of classical behaviour after a phase transition
Rivers, R. J.; Lombardo, F. C.

Cooling many particles to very low temperatures
Beige, Almut; Knight, Peter L.; Vitiello, Giuseppe

Synchronization of spatially extended chaotic systems with asymmetric coupling
Boccaletti, S.; Mendoza, C.; Bragard, J.

Absorption and emission in the non-poisson case: the theoretical challenge posed by renewal aging
Aquino, Gerardo; Palatella, Luigi; Grigolini, Paolo

Initial states and the various long-time-behaviors of the unstable multilevel systems
Miyamoto, Manabu

Physics of deformed special relativity: relativity principle revisited
Girelli, Florian; Livine, Etera R.

Quantum physical relevance of the Einstein tensor
Lamey, J.; Obermair, G. M.

Some remarks on the semi-classical limit of quantum gravity
Livine, Etera R.

Lorentz invariance for mixed neutrinos
Blasone, Massimo; Magueijo, João; Pacheco, Paulo Pires

Neutrino mixing as a source for cosmological constant
Blasone, M.; Capolupo, A.; Capozziello, S.; Carloni, S.; Vitiello, G.

Spin flavor oscillation of neutrinos in rotating gravitational fields and their effects on pulsar kicks
Lambiase, G.

Generalized uncertainty principle, extra-dimensions and holography
Scardigli, Fabio; Casadio, Roberto

Exact uncertainty principle and quantization: implications for the gravitational field
Reginatto, M.

The Feynman propagator for quantum gravity: spin foams, proper time, orientation, causality and timeless-ordering
Oriti, D.

Consistent histories and contrary inferences
Nisticò, G.

Why is Schrödinger's equation linear?
Parwani, Rajesh R.

't Hooft's quantum determinism: path integral viewpoint
Blasone, M.; Jizba, P.; Kleinert, H.

Quantum probabilities versus event frequencies
Anastopoulos, Charis

Integers: irreducible guides in the search for a unified theory
Korotkikh, Victor

Generalized classical and quantum dynamics within a nonextensive approach
Lavagno, A.

Quantum uncertainty in weakly non-ideal astrophysical plasma
Gervino, G.; Lavagno, A.; Quarati, P.

An efficient screening approach to be used in plasma modeling and ion-surface collision experiments
Pomarico, J.; Iriarte, D. I.; Di Rocco, H. O.

A general creation-annihilation model with absorbing states
Dantas, Wellington G.; Ticona, Armando; Stilck, Jürgen F.

Collisional transport in axisymmetric plasma columns with strong longitudinal flows: application to solar loops
Tsypin, V. S.; Galvão, R.M.O.

Spectral derivation of the ornstein-zernike decay for four-point functions
Auil, F.; Barata, J. C. A.

Regularizations: different prescriptions for identical situations
Gambin, E.; Lobo, C. O.; Dallabona, G.; Battistel, O. A.

Sculpturing squeezed states to get highly excited fock states
Monteiro, Paula B.; Baseia, B.; Avelar, A. T.; Malbouisson, J. M. C.