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Brazilian Journal of Physics
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Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.35 no.3b São Paulo Sept. 2005


 Applied Physics and Instrumentation
 ·  Integral system for detecting evaporation residues in fusion reactions
Capurro, O.A.; Testoni, J.E.; Martí, G.V.; Arazi, A.; Fernández Niello, J.O.; Pacheco, A.J.; Ortega, M.E.; Tiffenberg, J.; Fleitas, M.

 ·  Ion-solid interaction: status and perspectives
Fink, Dietmar; Chadderton, Lewis T.

 ·  Monte Carlo simulation of a position sensitive gamma ray detector
Almeida, Marcelo de; Moralles, Maurício

 ·  Removal of heavy metal from polluted river water using aquatic macrophytes Salvinia sp
Espinoza-Quiñones, F. R.; Zacarkim, C. E.; Palacio, S. M.; Obregón, C. L.; Zenatti, D. C.; Galante, R. M.; Rossi, N.; Rossi, F. L.; Pereira, I. R. A.; Welter, R. A.; Rizzutto, M. A.

 ·  Proton CT setup at CV-28 of IEN/CNEN
Evseev, I.; Assis, J. Teixeira de; Yevseyeva, O.; Vinagre Filho, U.M.; Setti, J.A.P.; Schelin, H.R.; Paschuk, S.A.; Klock, M.C.L.; Schulte, R.W.; Lopes, R.T.

 ·  Rossi-a experiment in the IPEN/MB-01 research reactor
Kuramoto, R.; Santos, Adimir dos; Jerez, Rogério; Bitelli, Ulysses D'Utra; Diniz, Ricardo; Madi Filho, Tufic; Santos, Samuel C.

 ·  Efficiency loss in HPGe detectors due to beta and gamma sum coincidence
Castro, Ruy M.; Vanin, Vito R.; Maidana, Nora L.; Pascholati, Paulo R.; Dias, Mauro S.; Koskinas, Marina F.

 ·  Trace element concentration in São Francisco River water using STXRF and PIXE techniques
Espinoza-Quiñones, F. R.; Palacio, S. M.; Galante, R. M.; Rossi, F. L.; Zenatti, D. C.; Pereira, I. R. A.; Welter, R. A.; Rossi, N.; Obregón, C. L.; Abreu, J. M. T. de; Rizzutto, M. A.; Added, N.; Tabacniks, M. H.

 ·  Analysis and discussion of trace elements in teeth of different animal species
Falla-Sotelo, F. O.; Rizzutto, M. A.; Tabacniks, M. H.; Added, N.; Barbosa, M. D. L.; Markarian, R. A.; Quinelato, A.; Mori, M.; Youssef, M.

 ·  Development of a CCD-based image acquiring system for neutrons at the Argonauta Reactor
Gonçalves, Marcelo J.; Lopes, Ricardo Tadeu; Silvani, Maria Ines; Almeida, Gevaldo L. de; Furieri, Rosanne C. A. A.

 ·  Implantation of 111In in the Heusler alloys Pd2MnZ (Z=Sn,Sb,Ge,In) following heavy ion nuclear reactions: measurement of magnetic hyperfine field using PAC spectroscopy
Cabrera-Pasca, G.A.; Rao, M.N.; Oliveira, J.R.B.; Rizzuto, M.A.; Added, N.; Seale, W.A; Ribas, R.V.; Medina, N.H; Saxena, R.N.; Carbonari, A.W.

 ·  Evaluation of the divergence of a thermal neutron beam using a Position Sensitive Detector
Almeida, Gevaldo L. de; Silvani, Maria Ines; Furieri, Rosanne C. A. A.; Gonçalves, Marcelo J.; Lopes, Ricardo Tadeu

 ·  Thermal neutron computed tomography at the Argonauta Reactor
Silvani, Maria Ines; Almeida, Gevaldo L. de; Furieri, Rosanne C. A. A.; Lopes, Ricardo Tadeu; Gonçalves, Marcelo J.

 ·  Ancient ceramic analysis by neutron activation in association with multivariate methods
Vinagre Filho, U. M.; Latini, R. M.; Bellido, A V. B.; Buarque, A.; Borges, A. M.

 ·  Study of the Doppler broadening of positron annihilation radiation in silicon
Nascimento, E. do; Helene, O.; Vanin, V. R.; Moralles, M.

 ·  Development of a tomographic system for online dose measurements in BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy)
Valda, A.; Minsky, D. M.; Kreiner, A. J.; Burlon, A. A.; Somacal, H.

 ·  Development and applications of three-dimensional gamma ray tomography system using ray casting volume rendering techniques
Oliveira Jr., J. M. de; Lima, F. Z. C. de; Milito, J. A. de; Martins, A. C. G.

 ·  The Chlorine reference value in whole blood using ANAA
Oliveira, Laura Cristina; Zamboni, Cibele Bugno; Lins, Patricia da Silva; Oliveira, Maria Regina Andrade de Azevedo e

 ·  Evaluation of the neutron flux distribution in an AmBe irradiator using the MCNP-4C code
Zevallos-Chávez, Juan Yury; Zamboni, Cibele Bugno

 ·  Monte Carlo simulation as an auxiliary tool for electron beam quality specification for intra-operative radiotherapy
Castro Neto, Aluísio José de; Haddad, Cecília Maria Kalil; Pelosi, Edílson Lopes; Zevallos-Chávez, Juan Yury; Yoriyaz, Hélio; Siqueira, Paulo de Tarso Dalledone

 ·  Evaluation of Escherichia coli cells damages induced by ultraviolet and proton beam radiation
Kappke, Jaqueline; Silva, Edilsa Rosa da; Schelin, Hugo Reuters; Paschuk, Sergei A.; Pashchuk, Artem; Oliveira, Analisa de; Carlin Filho, Nelson; Szanto, Eloisa Madeira; Takahashi, Jun; Souza, Jairo Cavalcante de

 ·  Radioecological investigations in Brazilian tropical plants
Carvalho, C.; Mosquera, B.; Veiga, R.; Anjos, R. M.

 ·  Measure of nitrogen in special steel
Curado, J. F.; Added, N.; Rizzutto, M. A.; Tabacniks, M. H.

 ·  Multielemental analysis of genetically modified food using ANAA and PIXE techniques
Medeiros, Ilca Marli Moitinho Amaral; Zamboni, Cibele Bugno; Medeiros, José Agostinho Gonçalves de; Rizzutto, Marcia de Almeida; Added, Nemitala; Tabacniks, Manfredo Harri

 ·  Evaluation of the fluence to dose conversion coefficients for high energy neutrons using a voxel phantom coupled with the GEANT4 code
Paganini, S.; Vilela, E.

 Nuclear Structure
 ·  In-beam gamma ray spectroscopy of 58Co
Silveira, M. A. G.; Medina, N. H.; Oliveira, J. R. B.; Alcântara-Nuñez, J. A.; Cybulska, E. W.; Dias, H.; Rao, M. N.; Ribas, R. V.; Seale, W. A.; Wiedemann, K. T.

 ·  Partial escape width for nuclei with neutron excess
Leite, T. N.; Teruya, N.

 ·  The alpha-cluster bands in 94Mo
Souza, Marco Antonio de; Miyake, H.

 ·  Description of decay mechanisms of the giant dipole resonances with a RPA + FKK approach
Leite, T. N.; Teruya, N.

 ·  Asymmetric nuclear matter and its instabilities
Avancini, S. S.; Menezes, D. P.; Brito, L.; Providência, C.

 ·  New low-energy levels calculation for 155Eu
Genezini, F. A.; Zamboni, C. B.; Mesa, J.; Cruz, M. T. F. da

 ·  Decay of 155Sm
Raele, Marcus Paulo; Zamboni, Cibele Bugno; Zahn, Guilherme Soares; Genezini, Frederico Antonio

 ·  Investigation of excited levels in 193Ir from the beta decay of 193Os
Zahn, G.S.; Zamboni, C.B.; Genezini, F.A.; Raele, M.P.; Zevallos-Chávez, J.Y.; Cruz, M.T.F da

 ·  Studies of electrical properties of polyaniline irradiated by X-rays
Pashchuk, Artem; Moya, Lilian M.; Paschuk, Sergei A.; Schelin, Hugo R.; Cruz, Carlos M. G. da S.

 Nucleon Structure and Interactions
 ·  A direct measurement of the neutron-neutron scattering length
Mitchell, G. E.; Furman, W. I.; Lychagin, E. V.; Muzichka, A. Yu.; Nekhaev, G. V.; Strelkov, A. V.; Sharapov, E. I.; Shvetsov, V. N.; Levakov, B. G.; Litvin, V. I.; Lyzhin, A. E.; Magda, E. P.; Crawford, B. E.; Stephenson, S. L.; Howell, C. R.; Tornow, W

 ·  Recent developments in few-nucleon physics
Epelbaum, E.

 ·  Primordial bubbles evolution with beta equilibrium and charge neutrality
Orsaria, M.; Gonçalves, H. R.; Duarte, S. B.

 ·  Analytical treatment for the deuteron-deuteron interaction
Avancini, S. S.; Souza Cruz, F. F. de; Marinelli, J. R.; Menezes, D. P.; Moraes, M. M. Watanabe de

 ·  3S1 and 1S0 meson spectra in a renormalized QCD-inspired model
Hoinacki, M. G. C. L.; Araújo, W. R. B. de; Frederico, T.

 ·  The importance of strange mesons in neutron star properties
Cavagnoli, R.; Menezes, D. P.

 ·  Relativistic equation of state with short range correlations
Panda, P. K.; Menezes, D. P.; Providência, C.; Providência, J. da

 ·  Quark matter in a QCD Coulomb gauge quark model
Antunes, S. M.; Krein, G.; Vizcarra, V. E.; Panda, P. K.

 ·  Subtractive renormalization of one-pion-exchange and contact interactions
Timóteo, V. S.; Frederico, T.; Delfino, A.; Tomio, L.

 Nuclear Reactions
 ·  Upper bounds for fusion processes in collisions of weakly bound nuclei
Canto, L. F.; Donangelo, R.; Marta, H. D.

 ·  Direct measurement of the breakup process
Souza, F. A.; Liguori Neto, R.; Moura, M. M. de; Munhoz, M. G.; Suaide, A. A. P.; Szanto, E. M.; Takahashi, J.; Toledo, A. Szanto de; Carlin, N.

 ·  Quasi-elastic barrier distribution as a tool for investigating unstable nuclei
Hagino, K.; Rowley, N.

 ·  Spallation physics and the ADS target design
Mongelli, Sara T.; Maiorino, José R.; Anéfalos, S.; Deppman, Airton; Carluccio, Thiago

 ·  Yield ratios in particle-g coincidence as a spectroscopic tool
Wiedemann, K. T.; Medina, N. H.; Oliveira, J. R. B.; Alcántara-Núñez, J. A.; Seale, W. A.; Ribas, R. V.; Cybulska, E. W.; Silveira, M.A.G.

 ·  Complete fusion of weakly bound nuclei applying the delayed X-ray technique: the 9Be + 144Sm system
Gomes, P. R. S.; Padron, I.; Capurro, O.A.; Fernández Niello, J.O.; Martí, G.V.; Anjos, R. M.; Lubian, J.; Veiga, R.; Crema, E.; Pacheco, A.J.; Testoni, J.E.; Arazi, A.; Rodríguez, M.D.; Ortega, M. E.; Trotta, M.