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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.35 no.3b São Paulo Sept. 2005

 Nuclear Reactions
 ·  Coulomb and nuclear potentials between deformed nuclei applied to the fusion process
Chamon, L. C.; Nobre, G. P. A.; Pereira, D.; Silva, C. P.; Rossi Jr., E. S.; Gasques, L. R.; Carlson, B. V.

 ·  Elastic, inelastic scatterings and transfer reactions for 16,18O on 58Ni described by the São Paulo potential
Alves, J. J. S.; Gomes, P. R. S.; Lubian, J.; Chamon, L. C.; Anjos, R. M.; Pereira, D.; Rossi Jr., E. S.; Silva, C. P.; Alvarez, M. A. G.; Nobre, G. P. A.; Gasques, L. R.

 ·  The utilization of crisp code in hybrid reactor studies
Anéfalos, S.; Deppman, A.; Silva, G.; Maiorino, J. R.; Santos, A. dos; Duarte, S. B.; Tavares, O. A. P.; Garcia, F.

 ·  Photofissility at 1 GeV for nuclei throughout the periodic table
Tavares, O. A. P.; Duarte, S. B.; Morcelle, V.; Deppman, A.

 ·  Comparison between models of the decay of light compound nuclei
Rezende, V. G.; Carlson, B. V.