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Brazilian Journal of Physics
versão On-line ISSN 1678-4448


Braz. J. Phys. v.35 n.4a São Paulo dez. 2005


Track electrostatic model for describing secondary ion emission of insulators
Iza, P.; Sigaud, R.; Farenzena, L.S.; Ponciano, C.R.; Silveira, E.F. da

Primary radicals production from water fragmentation by heavy ions
Montenegro, E. C.; Luna, H.

Amplified spontaneous emission of proton transfer dyes in polymers
Fellows, C. E.; Täuber, U.; Carvalho, C. E. M.; Carvalhaes, C. G.

Photoabsorption and photoionization studies of the amino acid proline in the VUV region
Coutinho, L. H.; Homem, M. G. P.; Cavasso-Filho, R. L.; Marinho, R. R. T.; Lago, A. F.; Souza, G. G. B. de; Naves de Brito, A.

A theoretical study on e--CO elastic collision using the configuration interaction method to describe the target
Martins, M. Graças R.; Maniero, A. M.; Machado, L. E.; Vianna, J. David M.

Radiative transition probabilities and lifetimes for the band systems A2P - X2S+ of the isovalent molecules BeF, MgF and CaF
Pelegrini, Marina; Vivacqua, Ciro S.; Roberto-Neto, Orlando; Ornellas, Fernando R.; Machado, Francisco B. C.

Orbital picture in molecular inner-shell excited states of Rydberg-valence mixed character
Kosugi, Nobuhiro

Polaron dynamics with impurities in conjugated polymers
Lima, M. P.; Silva, G. M. e

Accurate Gaussian basis sets for the ground state of the CS molecule
Barreto, M. T.; Muniz, E. P.; Jorge, F. E.; Centoducatte, R.

Theoretical investigations on valence vibronic transitions
Borges Jr., Itamar; Rocha, Alexandre B.; Bielschowsky, Carlos Eduardo

 Regular Articles
 ·  Power-law distributions for the citation index of scientific publications and scientists
Gupta, Hari M.; Campanha, José R.; Pesce, Rosana A. G.

 ·  Computer modeling of a spinal reflex circuit
Dalcin, Bruno L.; Cruz, Frederico Alan; Cortez, Célia Martins; Passos, Emmanuel P. L.

 ·  Chiral boson on a circle revisited
Abreu, Everton M. C.

 ·  Photoluminescence properties of Te doped AlGaAsSb alloys
Toginho Filho, D. O.; Dias, I. F. L.; Duarte, J. L.; Laureto, E.; Harmand, Jean C.

 ·  Synthesis and characteristics of SnO2 nanorods on Pd-coated substrates
Kim, Hyoun Woo; Shim, Seung Hyun; Myung, Ju Hyun

 ·  Characterization of the main frequency shifts for the brazilian 133Cs atomic beam frequency standard
Bebeachibuli, A.; Santos, M. S.; Magalhães, D. V.; Müller, S. T.; Bagnato, V.S.

 ·  Efficient organic light-emitting diodes with fluorine-doped tin-oxide anode and electrochemically synthesized sulfonated polyaniline as hole transport layer
Benvenho, Adriano R. V.; Serbena, José P. M.; Lessmann, Rudolf; Hümmelgen, Ivo A.; Mello, Regina M. Q. de; Li, Rosamaria W. C.; Cuvero, Jamile H.; Gruber, Jonas

 ·  Conservation laws in a metric nonsymmetric theory of gravitation
Ragusa, S.