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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


Special Issue XVIII Workshop on Handron Interactions

Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.37 no.1a São Paulo Mar. 2007

Navarra, Fernando S.; Nielsen, Marina

Yogiro Hama: a life in time and space
Kodama, T.; Padula, S. S.

Learning hydrodynamics with Yogiro Hama
Navarra, F. S.

Working in hydrodynamics with Yogiro Hama
Grassi, F.

On the França and Hama analysis of elastic hadron scattering
Menon, M. J.

Tunneling and the Vacuum Zero-Point Radiation
França, H. M.; Gomes, G. G.; Parra, R. L.

Space-time and hadrons
Barros, Jr., C. C.

Color flavor locked phase transition in strange quark matter
Orsaria, Milva; Rodrigues, H.; Duarte, S. B.

Yang-Mills effective action from QCD at finite chemical potential
Villavicencio, C.; Fraga, E. S.

Cold and dense perturbative Yukawa theory with massive fermions
Palhares, L. F.; Fraga, E. S.

Semiclassical approximation for the partition function in QFT
Bessa, A.; Carvalho, C.A.A. de; Fraga, E.S.; Gelis, F.

Linear sigma model at finite baryonic density and symmetry breakings
Braghin, F. L.

Numerical simulation of Ginzburg-Landau-Langevin equations
Cassol-Seewald, N. C.; Krein, G.

Effects of nucleus initialization on event-by-event observables
Tavares, B. Mattos; Drescher, H.-J.; Kodama, T.

Role of global and local strangeness neutrality in an inhomogeneous freeze-out approach to relativistic heavy ion collisions
Zschiesche, D.; Portugal, L.

Dark matter halos and the anisotropy of ultra-high energy cosmic rays in the Pierre Auger observatory
Siffert, Beatriz B.; Lazarotto, B.; Mello Neto, J. R. T. de; Olinto, Angela

Contribution from Drell-Yan processes to the emission spectrum in solar flares
Szpigel, S.; Durães, F. O.; Steffens, F. M.

Investigating the tetraquark structure of the new mesons
Nielsen, M.; Navarra, F. S.; Bracco, M. E.

Coupling constants of D*DsK and Ds*DK processes
Bracco, M. E.; Lozéa, A.; Cerqueira Jr., A.; Chiapparini, M.; Nielsen, M.

X (3872) in QCD sum rules
Matheus, R. D.

Charmed scalar mesons masses within the QCD sum rules framework
Lozéa, A.; Bracco, M. E.; Matheus, R. D.; Nielsen, M.

The NJL interaction from q-deformed inspired transformations
Timóteo, V. S.; Lima, C. L.

Brazilian relativistic O(q4) two-pion exchange nucleon-nucleon potential: parametrized version
Rocha, Carlos A. da; Higa, Renato; Robilotta, Manoel R.

On the slope of the elastic differential cross sections
Campos, S. D.; Menon, M. J.; Montanha, J.

Diffraction and an infrared finite gluon propagator
Luna, E. G. S.

Nucleon and delta sigma-terms
Cavalcante, I. P.; Robilotta, M. R.; Borges, J. Sá; Santos, D. de O.; Zarnauskas, G. R. S.

On the existence of Korteweg: de Vries solitons in relativistic hydrodynamics
Fogaça, D. A.

Hydrodynamic evolution near QCD critical point
Aguiar, C. E.; Kodama, T.; Koide, T.; Hama, Y.

A study of áv2ñ with NeXSPheRIO
Andrade, R. P. G.; Hama, Y.; Grassi, F.; Socolowski Jr, O.; Kodama, T.

Causal structure of relativistic dissipative hydrodynamics
Denicol, G. S.; Mota, Ph.; Kodama, T.; Koide, T.

Small-x physics at coherent pA/AA interactions at LHC
Gonçalves, Victor P.; Machado, Magno V. T.

Gluon saturation and proton: anti-proton cross sections
Carvalho, F.; Durães, F.O.; Luna, E.G.S.

J/y production in the saturation regime
Durães, F. O.

Nuclear dependence of the saturation scale and its consequences for the electron-ion collider
Gonçalves, V. P.; Kugeratski, M. S.; Navarra, F. S.

Gluon saturation and leading particle spectra in pp collisions
Durães, F. O.; Gonçalves, V. P.; Navarra, F. S.; Reis, A. L. V. R. dos; Wilk, G.