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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.37 no.2b São Paulo July 2007


 ·  Diffraction in QCD
Kopeliovich, Boris; Potashnikova, Irina; Schmidt, Ivan

 ·  Propagators, running coupling and condensates in lattice QCD
Cucchieri, Attilio; Mendes, Tereza

 ·  Physics of astroparticles
Sciutto, S. J.

 ·  Study of bulk properties of QCD matter by the relativistic heavy ion collisions
Kodama, Takeshi

 ·  New solutions to the hierarchy problem
Burdman, Gustavo

 ·  On the Faddeev-Popov operator eigenspectrum in topological background fields
Maas, Axel

 ·  Pions in isospin dense media
Loewe, M.; Villavicencio, C.

 ·  Phase diagram of quark matter in nonlocal chiral models under color and electric charge neutrality conditions
Gómez Dumm, D.; Grunfeld, A. G.; Scoccola, N. N.

 ·  Roles of wave functions in the electroproduction of vector mesons
Ferreira, Erasmo; Baltar, Vera L.

 ·  Sea quark and gluon polarization in the nucleon
Florian, D. de; Navarro, G. A.; Sassot, R.

 ·  High-energy gamma-ray production in microquasars
Christiansen, Hugo R.; Romero, Gustavo E.; Orellana, Mariana

 ·  Extending SUSY reach at the CERN large hadron collider using b-tagging
Mercadante, P. G.; Mizukoshi, J. K.; Tata, Xerxes

 ·  Deeply virtual compton scattering in color dipole formalism
Machado, Magno V. T.

 ·  High density QCD through eletromagnetic probes
Betemps, M. A.; Gay Ducati, M. B.

 ·  Gauge/string duality and hadronic physics
Boschi-Filho, Henrique; Braga, Nelson R. F.

 ·  Constraints on the environment depence of the neutrino mass from solar and reactor neutrino data
Holanda, Pedro Cunha de

 ·  NLO QCD corrections to inclusive jet and hadron production in DIS
Daleo, A.; Florian, D. de; Sassot, R.

 ·  The infrared behavior of the gluon and ghost propagators in SU(2) Yang-Mills theory in the maximal abelian gauge
Capri, M.A.L.; Dudal, D.; Gracey, J.A.; Lemes, V.E.R.; Sobreiro, R.F.; Sorella, S.P.; Thibes, R.; Verschelde, H.

 ·  Lattice results for the QCD phase transition
Mendes, Tereza

 ·  Memory effect and fast spinodal decomposition
Koide, T.; Krein, G.; Ramos, Rudnei O.

 ·  Langevin dynamics of the deconfinement transition for pure gauge theory
Mizher, Ana Júlia; Fraga, Eduardo S.; Krein, Gastão

 ·  Compact charged stars
Siffert, Beatriz B.; Mello Neto, J.R.T. de; Calvão, Maurício O.

 ·  Nucleation in the chiral transition with an inhomogeneous background
Taketani, Bruno G.; Fraga, Eduardo S.

 ·  Detection of ultra high-energy tau-neutrinos with fluorescence detectors
Moura Jr, C. A.; Guzzo, M. M.

 ·  Nuclear effects in HERA-B
Ayala Filho, A. L.; Gonçalves, V. P.; Mariotto, C. Brenner

 ·  Effects of solar neutrinos scale on atmospheric neutrino flux
Grating, D. R.; Peres, O. L. G.

 ·  On new gauge boson signals according to the littlest higgs model in future e+ e- colliders
Almeida Jr., F. M. L. de; Coutinho, Y. A.; Martins Simões, J. A.; Ramalho, A. J.; Wulck, S.; Vale, M. A. B. do

 ·  Simple hadronic cascade simulations
Sepúlveda, Fernando; Dib, Claudio

 ·  Family dependence in 331 models
Martínez, R.; Ochoa, F.

 ·  Neutrino signals from galactic binaries
Christiansen, Hugo R.

 ·  BK equation and traveling wave solutions
Amaral, J. T. de Santana; Betemps, M. A.; Gay Ducati, M. B.; Soyez, G.

 ·  Non-local effects at the onset of the chiral transition
Palhares, Letícia F.; Fraga, Eduardo S.; Kodama, Takeshi; Krein, Gastão

 ·  Elastic energy loss in an expanding QGP
Ducati, M. B. Gay; Gonçalves, V. P.; Mackedanz, L. F.

 ·  From integral to derivative dispersion relations
Ávila, R. F.; Menon, M. J.

 ·  Asymmetries in the littlest Higgs model
Almeida Jr., F. M. L. de; Coutinho, Y. A.; Simões, J. A. Martins; Ramalho, A. J.; Wulck, S.; Vale, M. A. B. do

 ·  f0(1370) decay in the Fock-Tani formalism
Silva, Mario L. L. da; Silva, Daniel T. da; Vasconcellos, Cesar A. Z.; Hadjimichef, Dimiter

 ·  SPH formalism for second order thermodynamics
Mota, Philipe; Denicol, Gabriel S.; Kodama, Takeshi

 ·  On model-independent analyses of elastic hadron scattering
Ávila, R. F.; Campos, S.D.; Menon, M.J.; Montanha, J.

 ·  Photon-hadron interactions in pA/AA collisions and the QCD dynamics
Gonçalves, V. P.; Machado, M. V. T.

 ·  Dynamical gluon mass in QCD processes
Ducati, M. B. Gay; Sauter, W.