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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


Table of contents
Braz. J. Phys. vol.37 no.2c São Paulo June 2007


 Fluctuations and Correlations
 ·  Parametrization of Bose-Einstein correlations and reconstruction of the source function in hadronic Z-boson decays using the L3 detector
Metzger, W. J.; Novák, T.; Csörgo, T.; Kittel, W.; L3 Collaboration

 ·  Fluctuations and fermi-dirac correlations in e+e--annihilation
Gustafson, Gösta

 ·  Fragmentation and correlation of hadrons in ep collisions
Ukleja, Artur; H1 and ZEUS Collaborations

 ·  Evidence for non-gaussian tail in 3-dimensional pion emission source at SPS
Chung, P.; Danielewicz, P.; NA49 Collaboration

 ·  Source chaoticity in relativistic heavy ion collisions at SPS and RHIC
Morita, Kenji; Muroya, Shin; Nakamura, Hiroki

 ·  Numerical symmetrization of state of identical particles
Utyuzh, Oleg; Wilk, Grzegorz; Wodarczyk, Zbigniew

 ·  Event-by-event fluctuations of transverse momentum and multiparticle clusters in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
Florkowski, W.; Broniowski, W.; Hiller, B.; Bozek, P.

 ·  Fluctuations, correlations and non-extensivity
Wilk, Grzegorz

 ·  Effect of event-by-event fluctuations on hydrodynamical evaluation of elliptical flow
Andrade, R.; Grassi, F.; Hama, Y.; Kodama, T.; Socolowski Jr., O.

 ·  Inhomogeneities in the freeze-out of relativistic heavy-ion collisions
Zschiesche, Detlef; Portugal, Licinio

 ·  Accelerating solutions of perfect fluid hydrodynamics for initial energy density and life-time measurements in heavy ion collisions
Csörgo, T.; Nagy, M. I.; Csanád, M.

 ·  Obtaining femtoscopy results in models with resonances
Kisiel, Adam

 Heavy Flavors
 ·  Heavy flavor measurements at RHIC
Suaide, A. A. P.

 ·  Open charm tomography of cold and hot nuclear matter
Vitev, Ivan

 ·  Heavy flavour production in ep collisions at HERA
Keramidas, Avraam A.

 ·  QCD sum rule approach to the new mesons and the gDsJDK coupling constant
Nielsen, Marina

 ·  Charmless hadronic penguin B decays with BaBar: B0$B^0(\overline{B}^0)\rigtarrow \overline{K}^0}K^0$K0 or h¢ h¢
Gary, J. William

 Astroparticle Physics
 ·  Production of light particles by very strong and slowly varying magnetic fields
Calucci, Giorgio; Di Piazza, Antonino

 Soft Interactions
 ·  Particle production from soft processes
Fachini, Patricia

 ·  The chromo-weibel instability
Strickland, Michael

 ·  Distribution of hyperons in 200A GeV Au-Au in smoothed particle hydrodynamics
Qian, Wei-Liang; Andrade, Rone; Socolowski Jr., Otávio; Grassi, Frédérique; Kodama, Takeshi; Hama, Yogiro

 ·  Partonic equation of state in relativistic heavy ion collisions
Xu, N.

 ·  Causality, memory effect and relativistic dissipative hydrodynamics
Denicol, G. S.; Kodama, T.; Koide, T.; Mota, Ph.

 ·  Melting r meson and thermal dileptons
Rapp, Ralf; van Hees, Hendrik; Strong, Trenton

 ·  From RHIC to LHC: a relativistic diffusion approach
Kuiper, Rolf; Wolschin, Georg

 ·  Gluon dominance model and cluster production
Kokoulina, Elena; Kutov, Andrey; Nikitin, Vladimir

 ·  A remark on the low mass dilepton yield
Fiakowski, K.

 Small-x Physics and Diffraction
 ·  Measurement of DIS cross section at HERA
Glazov, Sasha; H1 Collaboration

 ·  An extraction of the skewing factor from DESY-HERA data
Favart, Laurent; Machado, Magno V. T.; Schoeffel, Laurent

 ·  Saturation and the Ratio sdiff/stot in an electron-ion collider
Gonçalves, V. P.; Kugeratski, M. S.; Navarra, F. S.

 ·  New CDF results on diffraction
Mesropian, Christina; CDF Collaboration

 ·  Neutrino structure functions in the QCD dipole picture
Gay Ducati, M. B.; Machado, M. M.; Machado, M. V. T.

 ·  Inclusive measurements on diffractive processes in ep collisions
Janssen, Xavier; H1, ZEUS Collaborations

 ·  Exclusive processes in diffraction at HERA
Polini, A.; H1, ZEUS Collaborations

 ·  Energy conservation and pomeron loops in high energy evolution
Gustafson, Gösta

 ·  Distribution amplitudes of light mesons and the photon in the instanton model
Dorokhov, Alexander E.

 Jet Physics
 ·  Jets and parton energy loss at RHIC: experimental status
Lajoie, John

 ·  New results on jet fragmentation at CDF
Jindariani, Sergo; CDF collaboration

 ·  Generalized z-scaling and pp collisions at RHIC
Tokarev, Mikhail; Zborovsky, Imrich

 ·  An introduction to mini black holes at LHC
Stöcker, Horst; Koch, Ben; Bleicher, Marcus

 ·  Measurement of the W + jet cross section at CDF
Messina, Andrea; CDF collaboration

 ·  Inclusive jet production at CDF
Mesropian, Christina; CDF Collaboration

 ·  Jet physics in ep collisions
Efremenko, Valentin; H1, ZEUS collaborations

 Particle Propagation In Dense Matter
 ·  Jet quenching measurements at RHIC
Barannikova, Olga

 ·  Jet conversions in a quark-gluon plasma
Ko, Che Ming; Liu, Wei; Zhang, Ben-Wei

 ·  Summary talk for ISMD 06
McLerran, Larry