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Brazilian Journal of Physics
On-line version ISSN 1678-4448


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Braz. J. Phys. vol.39 no.1a São Paulo Apr. 2009

Depeyrot, Jérôme; Perzynski, Régine; Tourinho, Francisco Augusto; Aquino, Renata

Nanoparticles of metal and metal oxides: some peculiar synthesis methods, size and shape control, application to catalysts preparation
Bozon-Verduraz, François; Fiévet, Fernand; Piquemal, Jean-Yves; Brayner, Roberta; El Kabouss, Kaoutar; Soumare, Yaghoub; Viau, Guillaume; Shafeev, Georges

A spectroscopic study of Au/CeXZr1-XO2 catalysts
Ferreira, Hadma Sousa; Rangel, Maria do Carmo; Ferreira, Márcio L.O.; Pepe, Iuri; Silva, Antônio Ferreira da

Advances in the biomedical applications of reactive colloids
Elaissari, Abdelhamid; Fessi, Hatem

Structure, morphology and magnetism of an ultra-thin [NiO/CoO]/PtCo bilayer with perpendicular exchange bias
Tolentino, Helio C. N.; De Santis, Maurizio; Tonnerre, Jean-Marc; Ramos, Aline Y.; Langlais, Veronique; Grenier, Stephane; Bailly, Aude

Osmotic stress on concentrated colloidal suspensions: a path towards equilibrium?
Robbes, A.S.; Cousin, F.; Mériguet, G.

Gravitational and magnetic separation in self-assembled clay-ferrofluid nanocomposites
Paula, F.L.O.; Silva, G.J. da; Aquino, R.; Depeyrot, J.; Fossum, J.O.; Knudsen, K.D.; Helgesen, G.; Tourinho, F.A.

Enhancing cobalt dispersion in supported Fischer-Tropsch catalysts via controlled decomposition of cobalt precursors
Khodakov, Andrei Y.

Nanocomposites materials generated from a spray
Marques, R.F.C.; Caiut, J.M.A.; Paiva-Santos, C.O.; Ribeiro, S.J.L.; Messaddeq, Y.; Garcia, C.; Neumeyer, D.; Dexpert, H.; Verelst, M.; Dexpert-Ghys, J.

Magnetic properties of electrodeposited Fe-poor Fe-Cu alloys
Barthem, V.M.T.S.; Noce, R.D.; Macedo, W.A.A.; Givord, D.

Mansot, J.L.; Bercion, Y.; Romana, L.; Martin, J.M.

Silica nanoparticles dispersed in a self-assembled viscoelastic matrix: structure, rheology, and comparison to reinforced elastomers
Puech, Nicolas; Mora, Serge; Porte, Grégoire; Phou, Ty; Grillo, Isabelle; Oberdisse, Julian

Spray-drying technique to prepare innovative nanoparticulated formulations for drug administration: a brief overview
Guterres, S.S.; Beck, R. C. R.; Pohlmann, A. R.

Repulsive and attractive ferroglasses: a SAXS and XPCS study
Wandersman, E.; Chushkin, Y.; Dubois, E.; Dupuis, V.; Demouchy, G.; Robert, A.; Perzynski, R.

Synthesis and characterization of thermo-responsive particles of poly(hydroxybutirate-co-hydroxyvalerate)-b-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)
Oliveira, Adriano Marim de; Oliveira, Pedro Carlos de; Santos, Amilton Martins dos; Zanin, Maria Helena Ambrosio; Ré, Maria Inês

Physicochemical characterization of orally-active meglumine antimoniate/beta-cyclodextrin nanoassemblies: non-inclusion interactions and sustained drug release properties
Martins, P. S.; Ribeiro, R. R.; Bahia, A. P. C; M. Neto, R. L.; Frézard, F.; Pimenta, A. M. C.; Melo, A. L.; Le Moyec, L.; Demicheli, C.

STM probing of local oscillations of the Fano-Kondo effect: a Doniach-Sunjic approach for the Kondo peak
Seridonio, A. C.; Oliveira, L.N.; Yoshida, M.

X-DLVO Interactions between nanocolloidal magnetic particles: the quantitative interpretation of the pH-dependent phase diagram of EDL-MF
Campos, A. F. C.; Marinho, E. P.; Ferreira, M. de A.; Tourinho, F. A.; Paula, F. L. de O.; Depeyrot, J.

Preparation of thin films using freeze drier alumina
Silva, Ronald A.; Diniz, Cristina F.; Viana, Marcelo M.; Abreu, Suzeley L.; Souza, Taiane G.F. de; Mohallem, Nelcy D. S.; Mohallem, Tarik D. S.

Electronic and structural properties of two mirrored boron-nitride nanocones with 240º disclination
Machado, M.; Larkin, I. A.; Piquini, P.

First principle calculation of potential and multi-channel transport in Fe/MgO/Fe hetero-junction
Ujevic, Sebastian; Gómez, J. A.; Larkin, Ivan A.

Influence of drying on the characteristics of zinc oxide nanoparticles
Rezende, C.P.; Silva, J.B. da; Mohallem, N.D.S.

Effect of non-abrupt doping and interfacial profiles on the carrier sheet density in one-side modulation-doped GaN/AlGaN quantum wells
Enders, B. G.; Lima, F. M. S.; Fonseca, A. L. A.; Nunes, O. A. C.; Silva Jr, E. F. da